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How made an air rifle of the service submachine gun of the Kalashnikov?

From the automatic machine a rifle? And here so just took and made! Called “Cadet“. However, the design turned out very nontrivial.

The Kalashnikov as the weapon, most popular in the world, will be bought still very long. And how to buy the service submachine gun if there lives a person in Russia where he even shooting at one shot gladkostvol is on sale not all. And where to shoot with “submachine gun“ 12 - go caliber, almost small gun?

And here by the Russian legislation any Russian citizen who reached 18 years can buy an air rifle. Such weapon is not registered anywhere, is not licensed in any way, for its storage the safe is not necessary. And it is much more places for postrelushka, than at firearms.

So, the idea soared in air. Izhmekh`s designers where in warehouses the huge number of service submachine guns of the Kalashnikov accumulated undertook to embody it. And now attention! Structurally pneumatic “Kalashnikov“ is made very nontrivially! Having taken the service submachine gun, there inserted an air gun of MR - 561K. The trunk of the gun was increased a tubule which was put instead of the ramrod which is located below a trunk. And in order that it was impossible to remake the pneumatic weapon back in fighting, the trunk not only was drilled through in three places, but also deafly hammered from state part. Today (beginning of 2012) on sale two modifications of the rifle “Cadet“ - analog of joint stock company - 74 and more modern Russian automatic machine of joint stock company - 105.

Taktiko - technical characteristics an air rifle “Cadet“:
Calibre: 4,5 mm (. 177);
Speed of a bullet, m/s: at most 120;
of Dulnaya energy, J: 3;
Quantity of the loaded bullets: 25;
Length of a trunk, mm: Joint stock company - 105 - 327, joint stock company - 74M - 415;
Weight, kg: 3,2 (joint stock company - 105), 3, 4 (joint stock company - 74M).

Power source: SO gas of 2 . In a rifle can be used 8 - and 12 - gram barrels with carbonic acid. It is only important to pay attention on the basis of what gun the rifle is made. The matter is that mouths of cylinders have different diameter, at 8 - gram it is significantly wider. If as a basis MP 561K (most of “Cadets“) is used - that laying is made under 12 - gram cylinders if KS - under 8 - and at installation 12 - a gram barrel gas just flows out. This “illness“ just by installation of laying under 12 - gram, more powerful barrel “is treated“. In modern modification, “the Cadet 4“, on start are used 12 - ti gram barrels.

of Advantage

the Weapon has all attributes of the military weapon. All brands are kept. A trunk, shop, all plastic slips (except the pistol handle) - from original, fighting joint stock company. The barrier frame and the translator of fire move, the possibility of incomplete dismantling is kept. Also to do some shooting the good model of the service submachine gun with an opportunity.

As it is already told above, on purchase of the weapon no permissions are required, just come to shop and buy.

Shortcomings it is much bigger.

First of all, inconvenient charging. To load with balls the internal gun MR - 561, it is necessary to remove the top cover and barrier group. Then to put in horizontal shop of 17 balls. Further to turn a revolving drum into which 8 balls are loaded. To add 8 more balls to horizontal shop.

Further we untwist the screw, we remove a plastic slip from the handle. We turn off one more screw and we insert a barrel with gas, we twist in the return sequence. Everything, it is possible to shoot. And that charging occurred quicker, the cover with a lock can just be not put and not to twist an overlay for the handle. It will not be reflected in quality and shooting accuracy in any way. Only appearance will be a little non-standard …

the Small speed of a bullet and a bad grouping. The matter is that the trunk of “Cadet“ is made compound: about 140 mm - a trunk of the gun MR - 651, go further 370 mm of a smooth trunk of a tube - the extender. This tube in the place of fastening, under an automatic machine front sight, is slightly flattened, and a ball, passing freely all tube - a trunk, at the exit “is knocked“ about this narrowing. Speed is as a result lost, and it is not necessary to speak about any grouping in general.

Big weight and inconvenient ergonomics. Not only that the Kalashnikov - not the most convenient weapon in the world, and the huge handle of the gun MR - 561 is still added here. To shoot from such weapon to the person with small hands very inconveniently. And the rifle is advertized as “tool“ for training in methods of firing and incomplete dismantling of the Kalashnikov, that is for younger generation. Besides, the safety lock on “Cadet“ is located at all not where it is located on the Kalashnikov.

So by means of the gun in the case the rifles “The Cadet - 1“, “Cadet - 2“, “Cadet - 3“ were created. The design thought does not stand still. Further the rifle “The Cadet - 4“ at which the barrel with gas is hidden not in the pistol handle, and in rozhkovy shop was created. The weapon became similar to the Kalashnikov just one in one! But from - for abundances of the plastic details which replaced original steel the rifle is felt in hands not as the military weapon, and as a toy.

Well and price. About 450 US dollars. For such money it is possible to buy the real weapon, and having slightly added, it is possible to buy also “Saiga“, smooth-bore version of the Kalashnikov.

Generally, the idea was quite good, and here realization, as always, pumped up. Of course, such weapon found the niche in the market, for example, among collectors. Well and fans of original design developments were not translated in Russia. And here fans of a plinking (entertaining firing) can advise to pay attention to other weapon.