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Samkheyn, Sangeym and how to remain the woman.

Or what can be made for himself if the husband was fond of on - line of game and turned into the gamer? In the shortest day of year Celts note Samkheyn`s arrival. Night when the border between the worlds is erased also live are capable to talk to the dead, and the dead to sit at one table with live.

It if they are the decent dead. As you understand, not any evil spirits behave decently! And that climbs where do not ask, cold gets into soul, and continually promises troubles.

Sangeym is the your faithful companion of life brought to the level of Saint martyrs - gamers. Because the destiny of the player is heavy! The sword will break, the clan will bring, the wife with a dinner will stick, and even dityo small and unreasonable with nonsense what will address. “play a pier with me the daddy“ or “Fathers, and my snowboard broke“.

Hard to it to the martyr sacred! What snowboards when in on - line cattle not a kormlena and muzzles not of a bat, and the companion on clan already far outrode on level!

It is possible for a long time, it is cheerful and with taste to state delights of existence of a family in which the gamer was formed. But to us it, to anything, as:

1. We love the husband.


3 should live with it all the same. You want to be favourite and desired, but not wicked creatures and the bitch with turbulences on all reason and heart.

Hair on a golovushka Kudryavitsya let, and heart with reason stay at rest and a pacification!

It is not as difficult to come to such state as it seems at first sight.

The first and the most important, we take a time - the miss on “to think“. For this purpose we send children to grandmothers - grandfathers, uncles - aunts, friends - girlfriends and another, close and favourite. Believe, in 3 - 4 hours to that and others nothing terrible happens, and tell own conscience that you solve strategically important problem - “rescue of a family“.

Too postpone kitchen for later. In a half a day nobody will die of hunger. On a case of Famine-Genocide leave sausage, cheese, oil in the refrigerator; bread on a table; tea in a teapot and the 5th liter tub with water directly on a table. That questions to you did not arise soon.

Now we leave there where you quietly, comfortably and do not have excess sounds.

A fragrant bathtub, walk on a forest park, a visit of cozy cafe, and even an empty swing at a playground in the yard.

Point second. We sit and breathe exactly. In the most literal sense of the word. We need a quiet state therefore we take a deep, quiet breath a nose, inflating a stomach. And we exhale slowly a mouth, having put lips a pipe.

We breathe minutes 10 - 15. If the head, nothing terrible a little begins to spin! The brain was saturated with oxygen and relaxed. Your movements will become slightly slowed down and impressive.

Point third. Once again, it is thoughtful and with sense it is repeated 3 postulates from the beginning of article, that we love the husband and so on.

Following item. Having remembered that you are a woman, and with life experience and a charm, tell yourself the strengths!

You - wise, gentle, patient, loving, favourite, charming, inventive and indulgent.

You are faced by a complex challenge, but solvable. Only it is also necessary that to attract attention that handsome man who very much loves toys.

Venerable experts of the NLP say that the main thing for interaction - to establish a rapport. Or, speaking more simply, to appear on one wave with the person. The easiest way - to begin to repeat its actions, without hint on irony.

In our case, it means the beginning of manifestation of interest and questions of game to the beloved spouse. Think what questions it is pleasant to person to hear about his activity, testifying - “he is interesting!“

Gradually, you will be able to talk about game not less fascinatingly, than about the watched movie.

Here thought “Nonsense and spillikins!“ thrust far away. Our purpose - to capture attention of the spouse, but not to become angry once again.

Point fifth, penultimate. Having received enough information on the enemy, that is on - line to game, draw parallels. The husband is delighted with some ability? Organize to yourself at least analog of this ability in life. Your beloved says that it has an important arrangement? Nod agreeing. Having sounded that you too very much have very important occupation and calmly, be engaged in ice tranquility and pleasure in this business. Previously chastely having given smacking kiss blessed in a cheek.

The interest in game is almost an illness. It should just be had, and it is necessary to wait, perhaps, very long.

But, thanks to your efforts, the world and rest will reign in a family, through some time of spouses will be nervous without your kisses in a cheek, to be proud and brag of the companion of life to companions on game, to look for your attention to share events in on - line, and not to lose finally touch with reality.

And generally, we just pressed on all weak man`s points, using female wisdom, patience and charm!

Point sixth, the last. Sadly, but fact. Leaving in on - line - flight from reality. Even if to us it is not simple, we will not forget that the woman - the keeper of the center! Let`s smile to the reflection in a mirror, we will embrace children and the played spouse. And then we will make the list of the trifles capable to make reality on 2 grams and 3 millimeters lighter and desired!

Game is worth the candle!