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How to deprive of freedom the innocent person?

“Never say never“ - this proverb, think, all know. Also I know, but always treated it, as the beautiful Russian folklore far from real life of the 21st century until this wisdom directly concerned me and my family.

In one of fine winter days I left the house and went to shop to buy nails for apartment renovation. Who could assume what this usual campaign behind building materials will turn into... And it turned into unforgettable three-months excursion on pre-trial detention centers and full reconsideration of such concepts as justice, justice and the law.

Near the house two police officers and the young man who after some doubts pointed to me as on the person who committed a crime approached me. After that took away nails from me, put cuffs and moved under ruchenk in the police car are white. On my question what I am, actually, accused of, police officers told that I am suspected of commission of serious crime.

Brought one more victim, the woman of years of fifty who doubted even more to the car, but under the influence of the young man, much to my astonishment, too identified in me the criminal. What was made by the criminal, I then did not know yet, but as I was firmly convinced of the innocence, vainly I hoped that soon the situation will be resolved, and I will be allowed to go home at last to do repair.

In a police station allowed to read the 162nd article of the Criminal code on the basis of which as if threatened me till ten years of imprisonment, and began to insist on recognition with the purpose to facilitate the fate, but what I had to admit, did not tell.

At last, at half past ten nights brought one more victim, the young lady, and arranged an identification. I was put near two supernumeraries absolutely not similar to me, and issued number. What my amazement when also this girl identified in me the bandit who allegedly in the middle of white day entered the apartment where there were three above described victims (all of them are members of one family) was, it was presented by the police officer and, threatening with a knife with the gun, demanded to give it money. Owners of the apartment courageously refused to pay, then the bandit took away from them two mobile phones for the sum of 12 thousand rubles and disappeared. And I was surprised most of all that this lady even did not hesitate at all unlike the predecessors on an identification. On the contrary, she told that she would recognize me from one thousand.

Now some details. Meanwhile in my apartment where were dumbfounded the wife, the mother-in-law and two minor children, the search was carried out. Naturally, no phones, knives and guns were found there. After a search one of field investigators asked for the wife my photo for carrying out some mysterious investigative actions. Now the destiny of this photo is unknown. On the written statement of my wife with a request to return the photo the investigator answered that none of employees of police saw any photo in eyes. Later I learned that police officers sometimes show the photo to the victims for verification that on an identification all of them made “correctly“.

I will honestly tell, at the moment I do not know that or who stands behind testimonies of the people who slandered me. There are several versions: they were mistaken, they stipulate me, forced them so to speak or paid money.

“Crime“ occurred at three o`clock in the afternoon when on the street of our settlement there were many people, and nobody, except the victims, saw how I came to them into an entrance and the more so to the apartment. But several people saw me approximately in five minutes later when I peacefully swung a wheel of the car near the house in the clothes differing from described in the statement.

The only witness who actually could confirm my alibi, - my twelve-year-old son - interrogated only in three months after my detention.

I have the higher education, I work at one place of work more than 12 years, the wife works too, all that we have, including the apartment, the car, five phones, four computers and other material benefits, we got on the money earned with own work. We never had any problems with the law.

On my question to the investigator whether he believes that I could go in the middle of white day to the neighboring house in the village with the population two thousand people to people whom I do not know and to commit such crime, he answered that he does not trust, but time the victims speak, it means I.

Every other day after detention brought me charge and for three months sent to a pre-trial detention center. The state lawyer told that it is quite enough proofs to get real term.

Now, coming back to a question that is necessary in our country to put the person behind bars, we will give on it the answer. It is necessary, it appears, it is not enough: it is enough to point a finger at somebody and to tell that this person the criminal. Right after it you pass into the category of defendants and have no right even to submit the counterclaim on a slander.

Interests nobody that all life you honestly paid taxes. Your social status, an income level and marital status interests nobody. If the victims show on you as on the criminal, it is quite enough to spoil to you life and to throw for a lattice. Believe, it concerns all! Tomorrow such a grief the victims can come also to you, and you will fully try delights of prison life.

In practice such people do not bear any responsibility as at any time everything can be written off for conscientious delusion. And the consequence and prosecutor`s office in a situation when on scales there are your indications against testimonies of the victims, always stand on the party of the last.

Now in view of “the changed circumstances“ the measure of restraint concerning me is changed to recognizance not to leave. I will not describe what efforts costed to me and my friends to achieve it. Nevertheless, charge is not dismissed. Two times a week I call the investigator and I ask: “What`s next?“ He answers that we will hope for the best.

Well, friends, it is a piece of good advice for all of us. Let`s hope that sometime the infernal machine of our justice will change to the best and to put the person in prison, will be to point a finger at it insufficiently. How many such innocent people hoping for justice are in places of detention now, I do not know. On informal statistics, about 30% of number of all convicts.