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Where to look for valuable thoughts? In the head!

of Thought are answers to our questions or an exit from a difficult situation. Thoughts - as conductors on life. Where specify - there and you go. By force of thought it is possible to achieve the objectives, desires, intentions. Therefore the most necessary and important product of thinking - the. Others, this others what good it would not be.

And only personal - always and permanently close to heart, clear to soul. Even if thoughts incidentally walked “on others heads“, as a result the excellent point of view all the same turned out.

In life there are cases in which “will rescue“ only the thoughts:

self-improvement Process. The reasons of the failures, this or that behavior, reactions, etc. always lie in ourselves.

Process of self-determination in life. Here search of, definition of the desires, life priorities belongs, is more whole, etc.

Creative process. Personal creations should not and cannot be repetition something. Each certain person is the whole Universe, a gold mine of information, experience, personal qualities, etc. What created is always unique because reflects a unique inner world.

Any searches - for example, definition of the answer to the tormenting question. At all this each of us knows

: the more at the person of knowledge, the product is better and more valuable than reflections.

Methods of search of thoughts can be divided into two components.

the First is a search of valuable, important data among all that confusion which occurs in the head. Here it is possible to refer logic of mind.

Logical ways of identification of important thoughts

of Metodkognitivny cards . Is suitable for systematization of data, definition of the main and minor factors, their interrelations.

I use this method so: in a free form (as it will be pleasant more) I draw several main components of the task on paper. Further I carry all minor to any main block. I add new main components in the form of separate blocks. Further between all factors I draw interrelations (in a look strelochek). As a result of receiving interrelations I draw the new optimum scheme. Such way steadily helped me with writing of books: all chapters and subchapters easily “were displayed on shelves“.

In collectives brainstorming is often used “by “. But this option is effective with several participants.

In logical ways it is useful on paper “classify everything“. And the apportion is more detailed, the more precisely there will be a result. Here the analysis and synthesis of own knowledge, the available data on a situation is good. The accurate formulation of a question or statement of the problem is very important. Sometimes it is enough before the interlocutor (or in front of the mirror) to formulate a clear question as right there itself you understand the answer.

More exhaustively all logical techniques are stated in theory of the solution of inventive tasks.

the Second component is in pure form identification among “unknown“. In this case it is about work with subconsciousness, intuition and all what is connected with the right hemisphere. Ways which are considered here are universal. Are suitable for successful permission of all questions. But here it is important to seize techniques. It can be made in the way of many the practician. It is necessary to learn to listen and hear himself. Such ability allows to find nontrivial solutions, way out where they are not visible. Successful people successfully use property to feel a situation. Methods of “the right hemisphere“

Are based by

on absence of thoughts. Here feelings, internal not properly executed knowledge run the show. And thoughts are the end result of “product“.

Meditation and relaxation . Meditation is a condition of “not mind“, emptiness, total absence of thoughts. “Emptiness is a state in which internal sincere pressure is completely dissolved“ (Sekida Katsuki of “Practician Dzen“).

“Meditation is a contemplation.

The perfect condition of mind is considered when “mind is similar to a mirror“. If the object in front of the mirror appears, it reflects it completely and up to the end. When the object disappears, the mirror becomes empty again. Reflections in a mirror are not late, otherwise it would stop being a mirror.

Crystal-clear and clear your mind and your consciousness will become such if you give yourself chance regularly to sit not movably, it is simple to sit, without doing anything, allowing thoughts to proceed freely through itself“ (V. Zhikarentsev “Meditation and concentration“).

In meditative practicians relaxation naturally comes.

All other methods of the right hemisphere are derivative of meditation and relaxation.

Way of the choice (acceptance) of successful decisions. Approaches when doubts torment.

1. It is necessary to reach a condition of full tranquility.

2. To present feeling from the successful decision. To remember it and to release.

3. To remember all options of actions which are. In each of options to catch feeling of result (not representation, not the imagination, but feeling).

4. To choose that option in which the feeling of result coincides with feeling of the successful decision (which remembered in 2 - m a step). Further the arranging results can be transferred to thoughts, to words.

Solution of creative tasks . To creative it is possible to carry all tasks or questions with implicit statement of a condition or with a large number of unknown. “It seems there - I do not know where, bring that is I do not know that“ - a typical creative task (from the Russian national fairy tales).

I apply this way in work on myself, by search of the reasons, interrelations and opportunities of release from the reactions, behavior models, painful feelings.

In creative tasks search of the answer is possible only at shutdown of consciousness. You put in yourself knowledge, you do not analyze them in any way, you relax, you forget about a problem. Then you put knowledge again, you meditate (without the purpose to find the answer here and now!) . It can long proceed. Sometimes very long. But once, at due persistence, the answer comes. It comes when comes. It is impossible to plan, calculate, the nobility when it occurs. Just once you receive knowledge . Also you understand, is what looked for, you accept the knowledge and you rejoice to it.

Good luck to you in knowledge of!