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How to grow up an early harvest of salad on a loggia? Whether

Are difficult to grow up salad on a loggia by April first?

During a time February glukhozimya to the gardener - the gardener there is a work too. There would be a desire. For example, I decided to try to grow up salad directly on a room loggia. I grow up salad seeds independently therefore at me there is a lot of them, the prepared garden earth for seedling - in prosperity, special boxes - near at hand therefore I did not begin to postpone this business, and crops of salad appointed to February 10.

I chose a salad grade Kucheryavets Odessky because it perfectly proved at cultivation in an open ground. Besides, it very juicy, crackling also possesses magnificent, original taste and does not taste bitter at all.

Filled in a box the ordinary garden earth from the country kitchen garden, carefully loosened it and humidified. Through 15 cm made grooves and seeded in them salad dry seeds on depth of 1 cm. Pass - accurately filled up a bed and watered from a special small leechka for watering of seedling. Put a box on a window sill in the apartment and began to look forward to shoots.

And it was not necessary to wait long, and for the second day the first sprouts appeared. While the main part of seeds ascended, I allowed salad to luxuriate a couple of days more in heat, and then transferred pass - a bed on a window sill, but already on a loggia. More box already to the apartment did not bring as salad not bad transfers cold and there was no wish to potter with carrying once again too.

The loggia in my apartment looks at the South and very solar at the expense of a panoramic glazing therefore temperature there reaches in the afternoon plus of 20 degrees and even above! And it at a frost minus 15 - 20 on the street! Only for the night the box with shoots had to be wrapped up with my old fur coat from above. It appeared quite enough, and, seemingly, to young sprouts such climate had on temper because salatik began to grow actively.

At cultivation on a country kitchen garden I never thin out salad, did not begin to do it and now. In the second half of February hard frosts in our district (in Altai) receded, and night time temperature ceased to fall by loggias below plus 3 - 5 degrees. Since then I did not cover salad at all. Only watered salatik with warm otstoyenny water and carefully loosened, slightly at the same time hilling rows.

In a month after crops very young leaves of salad became almost ready to the use, but I decided so far it not to touch yet, and to allow to grow up till April that salad gathered green material even more! Only, of course, did not keep, and broke a couple of bushes to try. Salad on taste turned out very much and very much even quite good!

And just on the eve of April first, I started harvesting of salad. Accurately cut off bushes at the roots, rinsed with pure water, gave time to be dried a little and at once fresh salad on a table. The juicy, crackling leaves of salad seemed amazingly tasty! One trouble, salad catastrophically quickly reached a limit!

To grow up salad on a loggia it turned out so simply that I decided to seed surely the next year in the winter already a little pass - beds of various greens! Both salad, and parsley, and still something! More!