Rus Articles Journal

The power of a pot

the City shabby, in the city balance
of Life and everyone has a chance
Is full is and is soft - to sleep softly.
the City - burgher grace.
Once scientific - seeking to learn
of Life an essence - tore communication of
With life for the sake of food here, at us,
A is the most important such communication.
Once poets drank
juice From national subjects, national lines.
I were solved by inhabitants - start up
the pot will suit Us nourishing paradise.
That is - we will build it to a throne.
Proved: scientific he
Enjoined to weld - their not a reason
to Listen, and poets, etc. of
Under a pot comfortably to live to you?
to me and all. And staff it is big -
Vsyak the dignitary understood the
language of the Gloomy, heavy pot.
its Power - as full melancholy.
to eat, cook and sleep - a pot the law,
Everyone is in love with a body of satiety.
Satiety - as the goddess is given us -
Thick and sleepy it.
Is allocated to a pot the big palace.
There parquets everywhere of color grets -
of ky nuts, rooms weight, other
As from luxury happens use?
At a pot of Gentlemen of the Bedchamber five pieces -
B ten take care hands.
the Personal doctor - it uses a pot,
That this prince did not get sick.
the Prince - a pot, both the count, and our father -
from wisdom relieved Us at last,
Of poets, musicians, other
Evil spirits of thought! - You would give the daughter
For well though philosopher? - About is not present,
Forgets often about a lunch.

Suddenly - not that, not so - our
the Prince, the father, &ndash also burst; and the doctor has a nervous trembling,
Is dead a pot (and was, answer, it is live?)
But at it branching of prospects
was Known by us as a breakfast and a lunch.
From the palace tell us nonsense -
Died our father, rested a pot.
of the Registrar there will be enough shock.
the Numismatist sobs, and in beer
of Potryasenye. And hostesses howl -
As we? And how without you? the Beard the uncle fingering
Speaks to the nephew: Kayuk.
I the milk seller took specially a detour,
to hear the announcement from
of Windows - our father died! The eaves
Shudder Grief. Continuous grief.
As the course of life is impossible is fast.
What - again poets to us will trample,
of Composers with themselves will be given?
I philosophers will get to us
Mother has a presentiment of surplus of dramas,
the Daughter - also the pastozna - in crying is fat.
A of the boy, look, drive a ball.
Life itself does not believe in nonsense of pots,
In our nonsense, in our set of sins.