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Why the audience leaves the hall?

Sometimes you make acts, absolutely unexpected for yourself. Well, just once it is still normal. It is possible poudivlyatsya for itself and to stamp further. When you do the same for the second time - it is not terrible any more. Just funny. But when in the third - it becomes similar to system. And therefore there is a wish to understand: that, as, why and why.

Never would think earlier that it is possible to leave a concert or a performance. Indecently it somehow - to leave in the middle of a packed house. Between offices or actions more decently, but too it is somehow not really good.

Tickets not for three kopeks are bought. You are not omnivorous and go only to what very much you want to see. You wait, all such in a holiday anticipation. Again you want to endure this miracle when after a performance it seems that everyone and everything are fine around, and you first of all. And people near you leave theater with the same dazed expression on a face and light in eyes. And smiles upon the face. Everything, is possible further in life - with its difficulties, the daily ordinary and patience.

Also there is a wish to repeat it again. Therefore after thoughts and suppression of an internal financial toad you stamp in cash desk again and buy a treasured ticket. Also you wait for a holiday. And then you sit down in the auditorium, you are mentally fenced off from neighbors. Action begins.

And further all differently.

The great actor is visible and heard at once. But sometimes it does not coincide with you. The simplest and ridiculous option. It is a pity, but it is fine. You give respect to work of the Master. Not a reason for flight.

It is worse. The most awful - frank platitude . In the word, in direction, in scenography. Also no reviews, others praise, a priznannost and ranks of actors, the director, a name of theater will help … After “the Hare of Love Story“ of Nikolay Kolyada (the tour of “Contemporary“ in Yekaterinburg) wanted to wash or at least to wash out ears.

Most often do not coincide expected and seen . After Snuffbox tours in April of last year had a desire “to descend on Bezrukov“ because in Figaro his work very much was pleasant. Long - long waited for “Pushkin“. In advance bought tickets. Anticipated. The performance went two days, the full notice, an applause after a performance. We left after the first office. Were shocked, did not expect from themselves.

There is a lot of music, words. It is even more cinema and jumping and rushing on a scene and Sergey Bezrukov`s hall. And again cinema. He is a good son that I could tell then. Brilliantly owns the word and reads Alexander Sergeyevich`s verses. But direction “ate“ everything and even more. The woman in a locker room made round eyes and reported that “there was such applause yesterday!“ Well were and it is fine. Not one we faded.

Sometimes, that is not pleasant to you how this or that performance is put. But one business “is not pleasant“, and another matter - it is impossible to bear what is not pleasant up to the end. At the Ekaterinburg drama theater there is a performance “Mary Poppins, Good-bye“. He is tightened, - e office simply there is a wish to sleep 1. Poor scenery, a plot it is changed, music turns are not always qualitatively made. But 2 - e action and the final are magnificent! Music, light, children`s delights, the flying balls - an enchanting spectacle of color, the sun, pleasure, emotions. Remarkable suits, actor`s works are magnificent. In soul there is a pleasure and light.

In Opera theater there is “Figaro`s Wedding“ of Mozart. Here I “was also “lucky“ recently. The remarkable musical part was completely blocked by a scenic disgrace at which it was necessary to look. The actors singing a back to the hall falling on a floor (a bed - a mattress from “IKEA“) and the main characters kissing there. Especially suits and scenery cut an eye. And everything was followed by the chewing, rustling and continuously moving hall. Brr! The performance allows the hall to feel, be dismissed so before the place and music?

Generally, I ran away.

Though most often it “is lucky“. And the impression remains strong, fine, doing you it is better. And then can again “not carry“. And when you buy the ticket, there is no guarantee that you are not waited next “by a fiasco - with“.

Yesterday here again suffered from run indignantly. Escaped from Yury Antonov`s concert. I understand that on taste and color - but what is, that is. What it a riddle, what at it the technician, a sound, an orchestra. Perhaps at concerts there are new songs? With such spirit also went.

As a result saw an orchestra from six musicians - idols in black (one of them echoed) on a black background with sparks, - bekvokat two women (not to look, and they as began to move that the lower part of, it became somehow inconvenient). Though the singer lovely talked to the hall, sang alive. But it is visible that it is an ordinary concert that it was already started singing - “this song is popular...“.

To listen there were no forces. Physical. Loudness is such that if it is strong - strongly to close ears, then it is all the same very loud. By the end 1 - go me shook offices, the left ear almost did not hear and terribly the head hurt. Oh, effect, and? One man so also showed to the cloakroom attendant leaving “reason“ - a peculiar gesture near ears.

And on the hall security guards ran and periodically pointed a finger at ranks: “Here you! Switch off! Not to remove! The big brother sees everything!“ And it is impossible to read urgent SMS from the child? Did not leave thought “And what here to remove?“. Songs famous for all, idols in black, a son of lumiere?

The mood is spoiled. And ears hurt.

Though if it is honest, there is always something that will disturb or irritate. For example, neighbors in the hall . The actor can bear foreign spirits and smells, talk, drunk shouts both the girls waving hands and jumping before you. But it is sometimes difficult.

And not everything is connected with the audience. A concert delay for 40 minutes (Irina Allegrova), appearance of actors (Igor Sarukhanov`s musicians), flaws of direction, circuity of action . Evening of Sergey Makovetsky lasted nearly three hours. It was interesting, but it is too much video fragments which were almost not commented by the actor. And people to 10 - ti began to leave evenings. Though the impression remained strong and kind.

A special counter - inconvenient chairs . For example, the Snuffbox in Yekaterinburg always gives performances in Theatre of the Young viewer. And there chairs children`s, are not designed for adults. By the end of a performance the hall reminds the grasshoppers jumping on places. But nobody left. Silence, attention, a laughter and an applause since the first minutes, a neotryvnost from action. Persons are tremendous!

There is something that does not allow you to leave. Something that outweighs your personal discontent and inconvenience. Something great and fine that serves one of sources of internal light for the person. On that it and art.

But sometimes nothing is capable to stop you. Something that does not coincide with you that intolerably for you at all. And you run away from it away. With the spoiled impression and mood. Or as I yesterday, with sore ears.

It is a pity that it is not always possible to assume similar before purchase of the ticket. But in life there are always time and the place for risk. The risk as a hobby is sometimes so justified that there is a wish to repeat it again and again. It is possible therefore our halls are almost always filled by the audience?