Rus Articles Journal

Eighteen days of

the Brown sink of a confessional in a subsoil of a Catholic cathedral. A trellised shadow on a face of the pastor.
- the Father, and I wait I will not wait when these 18 days come to an end.
- Nowadays nobody knows, my son that a sin that is not present.
is declared Yesterday - all news agencies, the majority of TV channels and newspapers - the world needed to exist 18 days. All governments are powerless. Laws are overthrown. You can live these days as you want
the Infinite hellbender - products and alcohol are released by gift. Trains go? Sometimes - yes. The ticket to Switzerland is not necessary - and I always dreamed to visit there.
Whirlwinds of discos, evenings, Vienna balls. the Rich distribute to
wealth - however who and why needs now money.
Fateful patients exult - not they one are doomed.
Whirlwinds. Kaleidoscopes, spinning of everyone and everything.
- How are you?
- More than ever! It seems to me, I can be spat by fire.
Some do not leave a condition of meditation, others - hellbenders.
of Divine service are simplified. However, priests are sometimes so drunk what in general not to serve capable.
As is interesting! - eighteen days.
Ya went to a confession - but it is useless.
Eighteen short days, the blinding spheres, the triumphing chasms

Cut off corners of paths on skis, and the ski track shone as buttered. Snow cast blue, and vacation seemed infinite, infinite Went to the cousin to Kaluga - there, from zalesenny mountains in it is white - pinkish lace, moved down to densely covered Oka, laughed. Went after home, touching the motley moments, waited for tea with jam Flakes of children`s winter settle in the adult`s head, and he goes for a walk in the next forest park, listens attentively to a scratch of smetanny paths, touches memoirs as if beads, seeing in snow-covered bushes not ezhat, not bear cubs, and realizing - it is accurate, to pain - the trifle in comparison with this pacified, snow-covered, such great world - not the person in need in anybody

of Marthe - winter month, and together - month of delivery of winter - porous, is red - black snowdrifts are awful, but the streamlets piercing an armor armor give hope. Then April will blow in the pipe - and everything will recover: people and thoughts. However, it is optional: there are winter adherents pining in April for something not clear for them, not uttered.
A May - actually the summer already given in density and volume.

From a snag - chyorno - greenish, a crocodile nicknamed - yes to the lake - bulty, under the applause of splashes penetrated by a sunlight. Then in gold dust izvalyatsya to remember sea of which once in the childhood built fluid, unsteady locks. And at bushes on lakes fully nimble, Xing - the green, casting gold lizards. Not to compare formidability of children`s summer to anything - the country world, whose greens variously - it is dense, trips to the sea, and time, time - infinite, impregnated with happiness, deprived of any expectations of the future.

He was a poet. It was forced to work in library. Quietly? It is not dusty? Yes, but it was weighed upon this service, did not take out it
He wanted to leave for half an hour earlier, but east student - not the Tatar, not the Bashkir - literally stuck to the monitor, watched something, giggled. It was poured by poison. - Girl, - he told, - it is the hall for occupations, but not for entertainments. - Yes I know, I know, - she as as if it was not waved away.
He was a poet - with fragmentary soul, izdyorganny. In two minutes prior to closing he told - Switch off, you leave. - There is still time, - she waved away. He got up, choking hit it, terribly and strongly, it fell
That you invent - the unfortunate poet, the fosterling of a vault that you invent, you and that will not manage to row - will wait when this Bashkir leaves, to be angry about itself, then will write verses to

PLASMA of the
BEACH - Again I in fools! All right, I will go I will bathe
the Equal setup of tender waves, foam letters, the hot, embracing stops, sand.
Noise over water; baby`s cries are penetrated by happiness as water - beams. The anchor buoy becomes closer and closer and if to dive, then under the acquired stone holding it it is possible to find a crab whose claws threaten fingers.
is motley, noisy ashore, cheerfully. Sweet cherry, apricots, beer, lemonade. On colorful laying different food - and krugloboky tomatoes embrace terry fennel and branches of parsley; newspapers rustle, splash cards.
the Full kiss of a ball - the company plays in volleyball.
Umbrellas, trestle beds. - Listen to
, and we will go to cinema today?
- And that? Wonderful thought. - She smiles in reply; then sharply jumps and runs to water.
People rock on air mattresses; divers in masks get sea horses and fishes - needles.
Everything is overflowed with the sun, happiness, rest; the life lump which is stuck together by cares is rolled away aside, and the huge sea laughs, laughs

Shcherbitsky inserts the cartridge into the videorecorder - almost inaccessible for the Soviet citizens, and - heatedly, with protruding eyes - says: No, you listen, Kostya that this hlopchik drills! And where I will not understand
Whistling, choking with Chernenko`s breath looks at the screen from which Gorbachev broadcasts about unclear - blasphemously, surely, impudently.
is hto in general, Volod? - Chernenko asks.
- Da Mishka Gorbachev!
- And what it bears? What reorganization? What acceleration? To cause it yes to posproshat
I here Gorbachev - young, loyal - standing on a red carpet, looks the cartridge with own ridiculous - at the Soviet firmness - performance. He stares, he shrugs shoulders, he does not know who and as flew to the future and wrote down its performance - because future - it is already is not present because will knock out it from party because

FOCUS - the Focus GROUP
- group. A subject - vodka Well, thought that there - to approach, fill in the questionnaire, to receive one thousand in an envelope. He liked to drink In a day the invited woman called, spoke is noisy, energetically, cheerfully; said how it is necessary to answer, and he is a poor poet - thought: what Beluga vodka? I such and on birthday will not be able to buy It was necessary to lie - to lie in the questionnaire to pass for discussion and to receive any more not one thousand, and two He did not want to lie. From lie always remained it is poisonous - a muddy deposit in consciousness, and can in soul. He thought - what perhaps sociological research if at the heart of his lie? The world okrest flew, was poured by lie, its fires burned, its temptations flickered
It went, looked for office; in the center was - in cozy, darling, where in the lane, in the gorge between houses the huge, gold, powerful dome of unknown church burned the Office was located with
in the building of gray color; the third floor, a beautiful ladder, motley pictures on walls, tall palm trees in tubs...
Sat, filled in the questionnaire, looked at other men - strong, gloomy, too drinking. The last column in the questionnaire was such: If you became the participant of cinema whom you would see yourself? He wrote: The tramp who is looking for sense of life. It probably also played a crucial role - for discussion he was not called. Having received one thousand, he went to wander about a labyrinth of lanes, passed the house where lived the child, and, being confused in memoirs, set to the subway