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15 ways of improvement of a metabolism

Often girls who tried a heap of different diets and methods of weight loss, but not achieved anything sensible begin to think of the metabolism. And often the growing thin people have it slowed down.

Plus besides a metabolism is slowed down with increase in age that inevitably leads to excess body weight. Nevertheless, you can control it and even to improve.

What image? - you ask.

Let`s understand for a start the concept that such a metabolism (metabolism).

the Metabolism is a processing of the arrived food in energy which then is spent and burned.

The greatest metabolism is carried out in muscles.

Thus if the food which you ate quickly turns into energy and it is easily spent - completeness does not threaten you. Otherwise, if there is a lot of food, it high-calorific, and you do not spend the made energy - you undoubtedly will begin to recover.

What factors slow down a metabolism?

First of all it is sweets and flour products.

Also negatively the metabolism is influenced by a sedentary life, low level of consumption of protein, excess body weight, small quantity of a water consumption.

15 ways of improvement of a metabolism

1. Physical. loading. does not need to go every day to a gym, to behave rather simply actively during the day. Move more, you go on foot, walk with children on the street, clean up more often the house, have sex.

2. Obligatory breakfast. Without breakfast the organism sounds alarm and slows down a metabolism.

3. Competent dinner. After a lunch the metabolism is lower, therefore it is necessary to have supper in 2 - 3 hours prior to a dream, and useful products. Completely exclude fruit and juice for dinner.

4. Use of spices. Addition of spices in food not only diversifies flavoring feelings, but also will accelerate a metabolism from - for blood circulation improvements.

5. Drink a lot of water. In days needs to drink 2 - 3 pure liters. It intensively clears an organism and accelerates a metabolism.

6. There are more proteins. When the organism digests proteinaceous food, it spends more energy and more calories, than for digestion of carbohydrates are respectively spent. Therefore increase in a diet of proteinaceous products leads to acceleration of a metabolism.

7. Reception of polyvitamins. Vitamins and minerals not only are useful to all organism in general, but also promote weight loss.

8. Dream time. the Dream favorably affects weight loss process (it is necessary to sleep on average 7 hours a day), but it should be noted that the metabolism is most active from 6 in the morning to 12 in the day, respectively during this period of time more active lifestyle is necessary.

9. Massage. At massage blood circulation improves, the metabolism respectively increases.

10. Fractional food. Eat often (5 - 6 times a day) and small portions. It well influences a metabolism.

11. Sauna / bath. Visit of a sauna / bath of times a week very favorably affects a metabolism and health in general.

12. Grapefruit and lemon. This citrus has to become your frequent “friends“ in the house since they very well stimulate digestion.

13. Coffee and tea. Coffee lifts body temperature, the metabolism respectively accelerates. And tea contains many useful substances which also favorably influence a metabolism in an organism.

14. There is less stress. you never turned attention what during stressful situations, even practically without eating anything, you, nevertheless, begin to gain weight? Everything is simple. At a stressful situation the organism begins to accumulate more fatty weight.

15. Iodine . At the use of a large number of iodinated products in food (sea cabbage, sunflower seeds in apples) the metabolism from - for activation of a thyroid gland accelerates.

If you think that the metabolism is guilty of your extra kilos - try to follow the rules given by me above. They are not really burdensome

, but are actually rather effective, believe me!!!