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Services the Urals - ROSE on bio-energetics.

* Biopower examination and certification of production;

* Examination and certification of services of psychics, clairvoyants, biopower therapists;

* Measurement and correction of a biofield of the person;

* Consultations on bio-energetics;

* Identification of geopathogenic zones;

* The express - diagnostics of a condition of systems and bodies;

* Development and production of devices, devices and various biopower complexes of correction and increase of a bioenergy potential of the person.

In more detail:

Considering keen interest of a general population in bio-energetics, there were products and devices advertized as possessing positive biopower action. On an interest wave they actively are on sale, and also well extend through the network companies.

But the vast majority of them has no confirmation of their quality. We observe the real domination in our market of a huge number of an import and domestic production of doubtful quality and services of mystical and is frank shamansko - the fraudulent, pseudoscientific direction. In such situation it is often hard for consumer to choose a thing necessary and useful to it among the stream of goods which rushed on us, it is hard to optimize a ratio: price / quality.

The similar situation develops also with the services rendered by psychics and healers. Not many of them have confirmations of efficiency of their work. Many granted desires to help people do not know in what their force and as it is correct to apply it. Not without evil intention, and on ignorance they can make on the person not always positive impact. The person needing the help has to be confident in quality of the received help from the healer.

For the solution of these problems in. Miass Chelyabinsk region the Ural regional body for certification and examination of bioenergy security of production and services (the Urals - ROSE) the Independent international center of radiation and biological safety of consumers (TsRBB, Moscow) which main activities are defined zaregistirirovanny by Gosstandart of Russia system of certification of bioenergy security “Biostandart“ is accredited.

A founder of system is the Independent international center of radiation and biological safety of consumers (TsRBB) - the non-profit organization founded by in common National fund of protection of consumers, Scientifically - “All-Russian Scientifically - Research Institute of the Physicist - Technical and Radio Engineering Measurements“ production association (VNIIFTRI), All-Russian scientifically - research institute of certification (VNIIS). Creation and development of System of certification “Biostandart“ - it is one of the tasks set for TsRBB the target program “Person of the 21st Century“, bio-energetics, safety of the consumer. The program is directed to improvement of the general situation in the country, biopower protection of the person and the environment of his dwelling. The program is urged to promote that the idea of a survival &ndash became a dominant of private and public life; survivals of a family, region, nation, Russian state.

The producers who received the certificate have the right to apply a mark of conformity (Sbio) to marking of the goods. Existence of such sign means that the goods not only are safe, but also is useful.

Now a number of the organizations of Miass, Zlatoust, Penza, Tver, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Ufa, etc. addressed to bodies for biopower certification of the Biostandart System - The Urals - ROSE TsRBB“ with a request for certification of their production. To the Urals - ROSE can address any organizations and business owners for certification “The special devices and devices created for impact on a bioenergy potential of the person“ (proofreaders, the activators, converters, amulets, devices using a combination of color and a form for impact on a bioenergy potential of the person etc.) . “Biostandart“ of production and services is included food, drinks, products from various materials into the list of the voluntary certification of bioenergy security certified in System (fabric, products from metals, glasses, plastic …), devices, electrical, household machines and the equipment, only 57 product names and services. The Urals - ROSE also have the right of certification of services of psychics and healers. After careful check in the center the psychic, the biopower therapist, the clairvoyant can receive the state certificate of conformity on the right of rendering the corresponding services.