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How much 100 grams of communication? Small, but useful devices for big phones

of Boxes of matches 7 grams, a men`s watch - about 40 weigh, the chocolate weighs 100 grams, ordinary phone - approximately as much. The thick glass tumbler weighs slightly more than 200 grams. And some modern phones have decent weight too.

For example, HTC Sensation - near of 150 g , Motorola Milestone XT720 - is slightly more - 160 , Samsung Galaxy Note - 180 , and old HTC X7500 - in general for 300 . Never thought of it until one acquaintance, the owner of Galaxy Note, complained that hands supposedly are tired to hold phone at long conversation.

It would seem: choose a font and there are no problems! But the problem is that wire fonts he does not transfer from - for wires, and with wireless Bluetooth a font on an ear to it, you see it is inconvenient to go.

Short search on the Internet prompted devices which solve similar problems, but the most interesting is in what I about them did not hear earlier therefore I hope that readers also learn which - that new of this small review.

Third place. A font - hours. The device is interesting, but useless.

the First gadget does not differ in rich functionality and does not carry out the main function - implementation of calls. In fact, it is hours which are connected to the smartphone or the tablet computer through Bluetooth. The interesting, but quite useless device developed by the Fossil company (can, there are also other producers, but this got to me). They are intended for a conclusion of the additional information transferred from the main device.

On a small screen, depending on settings, data on weather, a condition of an electronic box (it is natural provided that the smartphone has an exit in Worldwide network for obtaining such data), quantity of the missed calls received text messages and a reminder on events in a calendar are displayed.

Perhaps, one of the most necessary functions - ability of the notification at a call, the entering SMS or the new letter on e-mail. Though too it is doubtful, range of action of Bluetooth is not so big.

Second place. A wireless font in the form of small phone.

the Quite good decision for talk. An example - of Handset TK2 . Most likely, legs at a gadget grow from China. This device reminds small phone in a form. The main function - conducting talk. It is connected to primary device classically - on Bluetooth. A set of buttons and options - minimum. Result: the plain wireless font almost not different from the “scientific“ fellows except that it is executed in forms - a factor “monoblock“.

Deserved first place. Minifon is something brand new!

This gadget resembles the previous device superficially and it is called minifon. And it is not phone. It is a font. Though it is equipped with the small screen, the digital keyboard, has the built-in memory for storage of contacts from the telephone directory and I will corrode standard 3,5 mm for earphones. An example of a minibackground - BB - mobile micrON.

The principle of work is simple to a disgrace. Minifon is connected to the main device through Bluetooth. If necessary synchronization of contacts of phone with a minibackground is carried out - they register in memory, and the gadget is ready to work.

By means of a minibackground it is possible to receive calls and most to call subscribers from the telephone directory or to dial number from the digital keyboard, without getting phone from a pocket / diplomat / folder / cover. Thus, in a hand at the fan to talk is only small minifon which weight does not exceed 20 grams.

Conveniently, simply. And in public transport and other places it is not necessary to show expensive phone.

Such devices with all it is possible to be connected on Bluetooth to are used and that has the module of mobile communication of any standard. It can be the smartphone, the tablet computer, or even the laptop with the built-in GSM or 3G the module (the same ThinkPad X100e).

It is one more example of how many different gadgets are thought already up - just you wonder!