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How to bake in an oven fish on salt?

Fish happen different, and it is possible to prepare her differently - to fry on a frying pan with onions, to make aspic or to contrive and stuff according to the Jewish recipe. Then at you at you it will turn out to a gefilta - Phish. However, for this purpose at first it is necessary to contrive and catch a pike, at least a kilogram on one and a half.

For our option - the fish baked in an oven on salt - thoroughbred, the truth a foreign individual like gilthead, a seabass or a grouper is desirable too. At the same time our recipe differs in simplicity of preparation and lack of rare ingredients. For 4 portions you need 1 kg of sea fish from a supermarket, to 1 kg of mix from sea and table salt, 1 egg white, water and 2 - 3 branches of some fresh greens. Well, and it is enough.

How to prepare the fish baked in an oven on salt (it would be generally more correct to call this dish “fish in an armor from salt“)?

At first, as usual at preparation of fish dishes, we clean a carcass and we delete interiors with fins. And here scales, speak, it is possible not to delete. I, however, in such option did not try to prepare fish on salt.

By the way, in passing I give advice how to clean fish, not zalyapyvy a tile and a floor in kitchen its scales. It is convenient to do it in a big plastic bag. But we will not distract and we will return to our rams, I`m sorry, to fish.

Properly we wash out the drawn fish carcasses outside and inside cold water, and then we dry a paper towel. In everyone we put on some branches of greens. Parsley, cilantro, a lyubistok, to whom that is pleasant.

Now it is necessary to prepare for fish an armor from salt. For this purpose we fill mix from cooking and sea in a deep bowl and it is gradually added to it water, stirring slowly with weight. It is necessary to achieve that it became similar to a sleet consistence. Usually for this purpose happens enough 3 - 4 - x water tablespoons on 1 kg of salt. If in this mix to add egg white, then a salt armor for our fish baked in an oven on salt it will turn out stronger (1 protein and 2 tablespoons of water on 1 kg of salt undertakes).

Advice to the beginning culinary specialists: be not afraid to put too much salt fish. It will take salts exactly so much how many for it it is necessary.

When all preparations are made, we spread salt weight a thick layer on a baking sheet for roasting of fish. We trample down it hands and from above we put fish carcasses. We cover them with the remained salt - so that fish was densely closed from all directions as a blanket. To strengthen thermoeffect during its roasting, the salt armor can be turned in a foil. Well, and in order that this dish looked on a holiday table Bol effectively, it is possible to leave the head and a tail of fish barefaced.

It is necessary to bake a dish in previously warmed oven of 30 minutes at a temperature of 220 °.

Then we allow a dish “to have a rest“ minutes 10-15, and the salt armor is accurately broken then and we delete its remains. The fish baked on salt in an oven keeps the fine aroma and always it turns out juicy and gentle.

Here such recipe of preparation of the gilthead, a seabass or grouper is good both for daily, and for a holiday table. I hope that it is useful, first of all, to men, and it is not obligatory for fishermen. Here you surprise the wife when you prepare this tasty dish on the next Sunday!