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How it is correct to choose an angular sofa?

What home decoration it is possible to stand in the room corner? The whatnot with books or flowerpots, a decorative vase, rods, well, maybe, the playful child occurs. However the sofa, you see, would be the most convenient option. And if you, having weighed everything pros and cons, decided on such purchase, read this article.

The sizes of angular sofas force to think that these magnificent pieces of furniture are created only for spacious rooms. You judge, the standard length of an angular sofa of 230 - 280 cm, width - from 150 to 180 cm. How such large object will go in in the small apartment? This question should be asked itself before visit of furniture salon. It will be correct to measure carefully previously the place which you intend to allocate to an angular sofa. Just in case measure also the sizes of doorways to make sure that purchase can be carried by freely to the apartment.

And now we will talk about advantages of angular sofas. In what their difference from a standard set: sofa + chair? And that the angular sofa has convenient geometry which helps to use better free space of the room (whether it be a drawing room, an office or kitchen) and to zone the available space. The choice of an angular sofa is good the fact that to attach other furniture in a corner not always it turns out and the quantity of seats increases.

As it was already noted, the convenient angular sofa can be chosen for any room, it is only necessary to make it correctly. For example, with its help it is possible to save free space on kitchen and even to receive one more berth if you get the displayed kitchen corner. And in the spacious room it is possible to put in general two angular sofas opposite to each other and to receive convenient, from the point of view of design, the decision for meetings with numerous guests behind a cup of tea.

How to choose an angular sofa, there is a lot of their models? They can be P - figurative, in the form of corners with the identical or different parties, and even in the form of figures with more difficult geometry. Many models let out compound, i.e. separate elements of an angular sofa can be used as independent furniture. The universal angular sofa in general can be collected on both parties. It when its “tail“ part is mounted by owners as on the right, and to the left of the main sitting to stand it in the necessary corner of the room.

The mobile soft corner is very convenient for small-sized apartments. At the same time each its element is supplied with roller wheels therefore it is easy to move such angular sofa on the room in parts or entirely. In the afternoon it can be parted on different rooms, and for the night to build the spacious and soft place for a dream.

Designs of angular sofas, as well as usual, are equipped with the same mechanisms of transformation: folding bed, “accordion“, vykatny system, eurobook, etc. So-called angular hyper transformers in which there is everything that is only possible move. For example, it is easy to transfer a back of such sofa to situation reclining.

One more difference of angular sofas from usual is an existence in lateral section of a capacious linen box. It will not be necessary to think, where to store in the afternoon of a pillow and blanket. Well and soft corners can be equipped with various extras like the built-in bar or a folding little table.

In conclusion of several useful tips on a right choice of an angular sofa:

decide on a corner, left or right In advance. Not all angular sofas can be remounted.
If the angular sofa at you is used as a berth, attentively check operation of the folding mechanism.
Take an interest what the framework of the angular sofa chosen by you is made of. If it from the massif, then serves longer, than executed from a chipboard.
the Important point - a support design. It is desirable that it was from tselnolistovy steel. The metal gauze - very unreliable way of fastening.

the Angular sofa - a convenient subject of an interior for our city apartments and country houses.