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How to look after houseplants? The flower grower`s calendar, April of

is More and more sunlight and heat bears with itself April, intensifying activity of houseplants and fairly adding works to flower growers. Now it is important to lose sight of nothing and to disregard nobody, to pave the way for landing or change and to buy suitable fertilizers.

Gradually zimnetsvetushchy plants therefore their watering is gradually reduced fade and retire. To replace them spring and summer flowers waken and blossom. They are fed up once in 10 days complex fertilizers.

In the spring the Hippeastrum becomes the undoubted king of window sills . Its huge bright flowers of very few people leave indifferent. That and in the next season the Hippeastrum presented magnificent blossoming, it is necessary to take care about is mute already now. The main thing - weekly top dressing, use special fertilizers, trying not to exceed concentration. To water only via the pallet, during blossoming - it is plentiful, during rest - it is very rare, and even not to water at all if the pot costs in a cool. After an ottsvetaniye it is necessary to cut off tsvetonos and to replace a bulb to new, very nutritious and friable soil, having buried only half. The pot has to be small, on diameter bulbs are literally couple centimeters more.

Pay attention: often from - for a lack of the sun at the end of winter the appeared young escapes and leaves at many houseplants happen faintly - green color. Such plants for uniform development first of all need top dressing by the corresponding fertilizers.

Top dressing - in general one of the most important operations in cultivation of pottery plants because the area of food is limited to the ware sizes. And fertilizers trade offers so many that eyes run up! It is very important to define correctly need of this or that top dressing for each inhabitant of a window sill.

Nitrogen is necessary for for growth of foliage , but the main thing - not to overfeed because in the beginning it will cause rapid growth, but gentle weak leaves and the extended stalks as a result will turn out. Potassium promotes ripening of stalks and saturated coloring of flowers. Phosphorus is necessary for magnificent long blossoming. But surplus of these elements leads to the accelerated ripening of plants and poor blossoming. Therefore it is always better for to underfeed, than to overfeed . If appearance of plants does not cause concern, then buy the balanced fertilizers for the blossoming or dekorativnolistvenny plants and feed up in half concentration.

In April continue change and division of plants, a cherenkovaniye and reproduction by seeds. In warm days it is possible to expose flowers at several o`clock on fresh air for acceptance of air bathtubs, surely having covered from direct sunshine.

At establishment of rather constant high temperature and lack of strong frosts approximately by the end of month it is already possible to transfer cactuses to summer detention regime, moving them till fall on the glazed balcony. At the same time pay attention to the watering mode: if in the apartment at this time cactuses can be watered more plentifully and more often, then on a balcony in it there is no need yet, here the soil will dry out longer and differences between daytime and night time temperature are still essential. Therefore it is desirable to take out them from the apartment on a balcony with the dry soil that there was less stress to root system. And days through ten it is possible to begin to water gradually with warm water in sunny serene days, it is more preferable since morning.

At the end of the month it is possible to nacherenkovat geraniums, fuchsias, balsams, koleusa and other plants for their summer cultivation in a garden. Shanks okorenyat in water or in separate glasses with the easy soil, placing them in the warm place at a light window.

Now suitable time for crops of seeds of houseplants. Prepare easy pochvosmes from the sheet earth and sand, without humus and fertilizers, and sow seeds in suitable capacities, previously having spilled the soil very warm water - it will promote the fastest germination. Surely cover crops with a film or glass and place in the warm place with a temperature of 20 - 25 degrees. You watch closely emergence of shoots in time to slightly open shelter and to transfer to a light window. At an early stage of development the main thing - to find and support the correct balance between optimum humidity, illumination and temperature that gentle seedlings gained enough strength for further development.

Deflowered vygonochny bulbous (tulips, narcissuses, hyacinths etc.) it is necessary to feed up and take out on an open balcony or to replace to the street. Before yellowing of leaves they still need waterings, and then retire till the next season.

I intentionally did not begin to stop in detail on separate species of plants since each flower grower has so various range in a house greenhouse today that it is simply impossible to paint care of each flower in one article - all the same information will turn out incomplete.

And here to fans to grow up cultivated flowers on a balcony I hurry to remind that at warm weather at the end of April it is a high time to begin crops in boxes of suitable ingates (alissum, a calendula, a godetion, barkhatets, a nasturtium, a sweet pea and many others). It is already possible to land seedling of cold-resistant flowers in balcony flower boxes: pansies, daisies, forget-me-nots. With pleasure fans of a cool - the tiny roses, chrysanthemums, primroses, azaleas presented by careful men for March 8 will apprehend resettlement on fresh air.

The spring came, the flower grower strives, but also the enemy does not doze - do not forget to examine more often the growing escapes with a magnifying glass in time to notice the wreckers adoring regaling on gentle young leaflets and to give them timely repulse. Arrange to plants a warm shower of times a week and just you watch their purity - it a peculiar prevention will help to avoid many problems.