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Whether love money the woman? I cannot claim

Ya that money chooses to themselves the owner or the hostess by gender. Though paid attention to several reasons, having got rid of which, women could “attract“ so desired cash flow.

1. I am a good girl.

This reason spoils life to the grown-up girls for a long time. Really, so strong desire it to be pleasant to all, to give pleasure and to take care of all as a result leads to deplorable results. Such woman begins to be exploited just. Realizing its indispensability at work, throw tasks more and more and even more often leave a former level of a salary. However, she still sincerely believes that time here will come and she will be given out not only the certificate of honor for faultless work, but, perhaps, and a cash bonus.

Such women overwork, neglecting the personal time, health and desires.

For them it is more important to be necessary and useful, than highly paid. Whether it is worth being surprised that increases settle in others purses, and not to see a cash flow on the horizon.

2. Building career, you lose feminity.

Yes, the opinion that the woman - the chief - “the man in a skirt“ occurs. Allegedly lose female power, so and feminity. Though today the tendency changes more and more very nice, womanly, bright, well-groomed women occupy chairs of “bosses“. Only thing “but“: such women should give less time to a family, and it can cause self-sabotage if our female instincts wake up. And then, despite reached, the woman can leave, having made a choice for a family, but not money.

3. The woman was accustomed to be “the keeper of the center“...

... but in any way not “breadwinner of a carcass of a mammoth“. Questions of family domination continually emerge in families. Though we speak about equality in marriage, appear, and you should not have talked about domination. Means, we face one inconsistent opinion in society: the power is traditionally assigned to the man though the same tradition for the woman keeps household chores. And here stereotypes of “the obedient wife“ and perception of the woman - persons, identity begin to argue. There is no that partnership which is put in the word - of the spouse .

4. We are raised as trustees, teachers.

It is valid, we are able to give love and care. We it is the is best of all in a family we know needs of relatives also we remember at whom that ended. And in questions of expenditure of money, at the choice to buy or to the child, and even the husband - the woman will give preference to them, to the detriment of herself rather. Perhaps therefore it is possible to call it the trade engine. 80% of purchases are made by women. The cash flow leaves towards trade.

5. Belief in miracles and fairy tales.

women continue to believe

owing to the emotionality that money can just be attracted. It is only enough to execute a certain ritual, and they will appear on the magic channel. Money is a paper with mathematical characters, so they are more subordinated to laws of logic, rationality and accurate formulas for actions. Allocating money with energy, it is difficult to us to see it not in paper, and in activity. Money is filled with energy when we put in them still our thoughts and feelings.