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The householder - who is he?

Brockhaus and Efron`s Dictionary are defined by the term “householder“ as owner (owner) of the house (building) and as the head of separately taken family. Stereotypes are strong.

According to the Vedomosti newspaper of March 27, 2009, 90 percent of the Russian officially married women against their husbands were engaged in a household and did not work anywhere.

The traditional role of the man as getter many women and men is represented the integral man`s part, his fundamental obligation. The man, all free time engaged in a household or, moreover, preferring maintaining the house as the main kind of activity? No, it should not be. It is not normal!

Me, as well as many women, till a certain moment even the thought of the Real Man who the whole day is taken with household chores was strange and perfectly copes with children of any age and a floor. “It not as a real man!“, - I twenty five years ago who yet is not burdened with family and parental responsibilities thought. Those years I differed in special sharpness of statements. And the man was presented to me by the adjusted heap of muscles such romantically, scattering before me petals of roses one hand and showering with diamonds another.

But time heals even maidenly arrogance. Now I precisely know that the man as the householder at all not less muzhestven, than the man - the firefighter or the man - the banker. Practice and occupations by bodybuilding showed that the heap of muscles most often falls into a stupor at the sight of unusual situations, “krasivchik“ require to themselves bigger attention, than they are ready to give, and rich sincerely believe that it is possible to buy all.

The decision to marry never, not bad realized within, at least, ten years was result. Then, having received from destiny as a gift the daughter, I decided to be softened and was defined that the one who is able to do what I am not able will be my husband. And washing life began to flow quietly and measuredly because the candidates suitable by the main criterion were not, and with the daughter I had no problems.

So eight cloudless years lasted until life explained to me that one all - is difficult that very much would even be quite good if someone removed from me at least part of cares of the house, money and the child. The feeling began not to be enough for me that I am a Woman. No, with orientation at me everything is normal. Just those years I felt like not getting enough sleep tired-out horse.

The woman needs the Man, as well as the Man needs the Woman. It is natural regularity.

I am afraid, there is no family woman (married or with the child) who is not wishing participation, any to herself, any help from the man.

The family woman burdened with work, life, children and other cares wants that near it there was a person not indifferent, sharing her cares and seeking to facilitate it life. Then she could give more time to herself and the darlings and relatives.

The tired-out horse not to love, to reach by it a stall. To what woman who came home from work the tasty hot dinner expecting it on a table will be opposite? I do not take in attention possible discrepancies on flavoring preferences now.

It came, and the house is cleaned, children are fed, the dishes are washed, the native husband joyfully meets and honestly smiles, but does not examine the TV screen.

In life there is a miscellaneous. Once successful person loses everything, including self-confidence. And we can lose in this life a lot of things is from work to health. For an exit from this condition of ways there is a lot of. The most welcomed and habitual - upward, back, even higher. The most unsuccessful and at the same time understood - in degradation. The way of finding of under the authority of the house, in acceptance on itself all household, economic, family chores lies away from these roads.

The man who is soberly estimating himself, the opportunities and current situation can step into this way. It will be easy to it to cope with new life if he at least saw how it becomes.

To find meat department in a supermarket, to bring together the child to the doctor, to repair the vacuum cleaner and to tidy up in the apartment, to open the book and to learn where sauerkraut grows, any man can if it is most of all necessary on this front. For it it can be difficult. People around are not obliged to make its decision. But it will be easy for it. It does it for the family. It raises trees, builds the house and raises the children. In this decision he will be supported by the wife who, having reasonably looked at circumstances, will accept such option of development of a family.

The same individuals of a male that on requests of wives to help about the house begin to argue on female and man`s duties, just do not want to do often unpleasant, hard, uninteresting work. It is possible to think that women love it. Entertainment at them it. Hobby. And they just have no place to disappear. To them to have to shoulder everything, and this freight does not allow them to believe that it can be differently...

I come home, and you meet me. One or with the son. We go home. Already at an entrance I catch a tasty smell. I know - it is from us. It you made to me a dinner. While I change clothes, you set the table. We eat and we stir about any news.

Me it is so good that I cannot go to bed in time, and I must get up early. Every day I thank life for the fact that you are. If it went in a different way, we would have nothing.