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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on March 31 - on April 1? “The anger of titans“, etc.

Phenomenal success of “Hungry games“ does not leave chances to competitors to break on the top line of a box office, but to try nobody forbade. This week attempt to challenge leadership of the youth blockbuster will be made by the sequel of a fenteziyny action “Fight of titans“ - “Anger of titans“.

Will partially distract the viewer from opposition of Hollywood “monsters“ and new dramas, including “Dear friend“ with Robert Pattinson`s participation, “Fish of my dream“ with Euan McGregor and a director`s debut of Angelina Jolie “In the edge of blood and honey“. And it is only a third of total number of the novelties which came to hire of Russia on March 29. And now is more detailed:

1. “The anger of titans“ (Wrath of the Titans, 2012)

Hearing about start of the sequel passed

at once after an exit in 2010 of the first part, “Fight of titans“. In spite of the fact that Louis Leterye`s picture caused squall of discontent from admirers of a genre of a fantasy. First of all, for confusion and stupidity of dialogues and a plot, and also for krivoruky converting in a 3D format. But, using that to present generation of Greeks now not to cinema, Hollywood continues to reinterpret antiquity history after the own fashion.

Having kept in an invariable look the most part of a cast, the director on a crossing changed. Johnathan Libesman, the author of a muffled fantastic kroshilov “Fight for Los - Andzheles“ became him. Also plates with names of the operator and composer were replaced. Understanding that second mistake the viewer will not forgive them (and in 2014 an exit of the third part is already planned), creators of “Anger of titans“ were to the maximum enclosed in staginess. The picture strikes high-quality 3D, various monsters (titans again for some reason forgot) and large-scale fights. Generally, the same, is only larger and more vigorous. Popkornovy cinema in pure form.

2. “Dear friend“ (Bel Ami, 2012)

Unlike the colleague Daniel Radcliff (“Harry Potter“), to Robert Pattinson was much simpler to abstract from the franchize “Twilight“ and to pass into the category of saloon handsome men. And though the twilight saga did not end yet, the actor actively tries to diversify the last two years the image. However, so far all in the same genre of the sentimental melodrama.

“Dear friend“ - a repeated exit of the performer in the historical drama after “Water to elephants! “. Now Pattinson is surrounded at once by three smart women - Christine Scott Thomas, Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci. In such company and against stylized under the Parisian small streets 19 - go centuries of views of London and Budapest, Pattinson looks a little differently. But it is still not strong in drama game and obviously does not pull power of the novel of Guy de Maupassant. Both in Paris wives govern, and in the tape “Dear friend“ the weaker sex looks more effective, than the main romantic character.

3. “Fish of my dream“ (Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, 2011)

Literally Lasse Hallstryom`s tape is translated to

“Catching of a salmon in Yemen“ and, actually, and tells about it. The glorified director of “Chocolate“, “Casanova“ and “Hachiko“ saddled the favourite fad again and tells a love story under very strange circumstances. To office “jacket“ which is going down a tide of life suggest “to impregnate“ droughty landscapes of Yemen plantations on cultivation of a salmon. The foolish invention turns for the prudish Englishman into the real adventure on which course it finds new meaning of life and true love. The trio of great actors (Euan McGregor, Emily Blant, Christine Scott Thomas) feels as “fish in water“ in a habitual genre, in one of the most romantic and beautiful British melodramas of last year.

4. “In the edge of blood and honey“ (In the Land of Blood and Honey, 2011)

Angelina Jolie decided to try direction, and, remembering its screen images, many took a jaundiced view to this fact. And in vain. From - under a feather permanent sex - a symbol of modern Hollywood came the movie absolutely not similar to its actor`s work. It also is correct, beauty is not eternal, and Angelina everything is the native daughter of John Voight to whom precisely you will not refuse talent.

“In the edge of blood and honey“ represents the military drama telling about the relations of two lovers against civil civil strife on the Balkans. So left that Ayla and Daniel appeared on different side of barricades. He is a soldier, she is a captive. Their love remained in the past, but whether ethnic hostility and the social conflict can destroy former feelings? Or the passion will give way to a survival instinct?

The half-forgotten genre of horror films in hire will unexpectedly halloo twice. “Secrets of old hotel“ - new work of the beginning Ti Uest`s horrormeyker. The young cinematographer since 2005 regularly treats audience to primitive zhutika. Accumulates experience. For now - the next story about the ghosts storming in old hotel.

The English movie “Will become the second horror film of a present film week play to death“ . Five students liking to play “spin the bottle“ after the scheduled party did not get the companion who committed suicide. His elder brother, suspecting one of participants of game, gathers a kompashka and arranges the option of an entertainment. Only instead of laughter and free sex the death will become an award to the winner.

Film distributors arranged a peculiar holiday to admirers of the European cinema, distributing three tapes from France and Italy at once. In - the first, the smart documentary “The sphere of sorcery“ about the invented world within separately taken pond. In - the second, the joint statement of French and Italians “Continent“ Emanuel Kriales narrating about modern realities of Sicily where traditions resist to trend from the continent, and local fishermen and inhabitants are forced to fight against globalization consequences in own way. And, at last, magnificent Nanni Moretti`s tragicomedy, the numerous winner of Cannes and Venice, under the name “At us is the Father“ with Michel Piccoli`s participation. Not about the father, and about the Father. Roman. Which it is unexpected for all … ran away from Vatican.

The nonconventional cinema this week in general fills all emptiness. For example, the frank Norwegian youth drama “What gets it“ about the little girl Alma from remote small towns dreaming to direct the hormonal teenage explosion to the necessary course. Or the melodrama “Nuclear Ivan“ shot on money of “Rosatom“ with Grigory Dobrygin`s participation (“As I carried out this summer“) and to Yulia Snigir (“Inhabited Island“). Not to mention the new work of Pavel Lungin which is coming out in limited hire “Conductor“ . All these pictures, certainly, will find the viewer, but hardly it happens on the big screen.

Here such week sated with film novelties. Film experts do not hurry to stake on a victory of “Anger of titans“, believing that the potential of “Hungry games“ will allow the youth thriller to remain on the first place a hit - parade. However, at the beginning of April the situation can exchange to unrecognizability. Russia starts the domestic military fighter “Spy“, the last chord in the teenage comedy “The American pie: In total assembled“ and, certainly, three-dimensional option of legendary “Titanic“ of James Cameron.