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How to lighten itself mood and it is better to make life? Several easy ways of

As were told once by Evelina Hromchenko, “the age is only lack of the movement and curiosity“. At their absence, “how many to you was years, 19 or 75, the old age begins“.

I agree. Absolutely, for 100%. Having rummaged in itself and having verified the internal feelings now and during earlier periods (so to speak, in young summer), understood that this is true. “Here in my youth...“ really it was interesting to me by to live!

Having rummaged a little more, I made such spisochek “causes and effects“: why to us it is uncomfortable, boringly and wearily is and also what it needs to be made to feel all completeness and a charm of the life.

So, to mine and (I am almost sure) your fatigue and apathy to life serve as the reasons:

1) boring monotonous “sedentary“ work;
2) the sad evenings which are smoothly flowing in feeding - cleaning - sitting at the computer (the TV, long = “female“ telephone conversations …) - and night thoughts about meaning of life, “about eternal“, that is about the problems and cares;
3) quickly flying by days off in turmoil, at desire all to get on well at the house and to leave forces for which - that... but all - to be tired and be given to the second point in paws;
4) and still bad weather, usually gloomy and gray when there now you overcome, you overcome yourself, and all - except desire to muffle in a plaid, having nestled on a cat, the husband and a heater, more no desires arise.

As a result from all this dullness and gloominess appear:
- apathy;
- drowsiness;
- desire is - to sleep and to do nothing at the same time;
- an excess fat in a body and laziness in the head.

Usually as practice shows, laziness, a flat bottom and a drowsiness it is more inherent in office workers who are closely communicating with “clever cars“ - computers. However I do not exclude that a general illness of the 21st century.

And now about “ antidotes “. It is a little of them, and they are banal to a disgrace, but help, help !

1. the Detailed plan of the day (with all meals, a dream, cleaning, relaxations, so-called “5 - minute“, and actually two-hour seats at the computer etc.). Why plan? Because you here woke up, for example, for half an hour earlier (well, it was not fallen down, well the sun in a window, and birds mentally ill people a trill woke!) and became puzzled of abundance of time. And so far it was lost and thought, than to be engaged in it, it is a high time left or spent for some unnecessary nonsense. From - behind which you in a result and were late for work, and managed to be upset.

And still the plan is necessary that there was an order not only in actions, but also in the head and - as a result - in all life. On orientation in “a creative disorder“ always time should kill more, than just like that from a shelf to get the necessary thing.

2. the List of necessary actions (courses, occupations and just charging and toothbrushing for the night!) on the next … we will tell, month. And it is possible both year, and week or even for the rest of life to whom as it is more convenient. That precisely know what to you it is necessary for ideal itself to make.

And then it is possible to hang up all this on the refrigerator and to fill up slowly, without forgetting to realize each point!

3. Physical exercises. My word upon it! Especially for people with “sedentary work and in general a way of life“ it is simply vital. Felt on herself. The to move less, the less it will be wanted to make it. And here the same daily charging, at least for lazy, or few times in a week fitness / dances will tighten not only mood, but also muscles, and the general health. And, really, it will want to live!

4. Fresh air. It is absolutely a trifle and a trifle, but it is sure, many even did not remember it, and it is also effective! Only it is also necessary that before going to bed to air the room, and an office before the working day. And still to walk after work as a peshochok, and during week-end all family “on mushrooms“ in the nearest park or even to the grandmother to the village, there in general such miracle not gas-polluted can be inhaled that is simple … very much, very much I recommend !

5. Pleasant “ochucheniye“! It is absolutely easy. It is only necessary to be attentive and inquisitive. A melodious bird behind a window, good mood of the chief or “the neighbor“, the coffee (well, or something another favourite and tasty) which met on the road the smiling child, the running dogs began to smell (these yazykasty optimists, apparently, at all never despond!) and the asphalt (the first sign of the beginning of spring) which is making the way through snow will raise mood and will help to be born to a smile on your face! And further … develop this talent “to see in all simple and everyday positive and fine“. And it will become more pleasant to live!

6. Communication with relatives and joint rest with them. Do not forget to wish the aunt happy birthday, to help the grandmother to plant onions in a pot on a window sill, to help “to the younger“ to draw drawing in school or just to read the fairy tale for the night.

To the husband … well, here on a personal discretion of everyone: from a lunch to a romantic trip by an electric train “on the world`s end“. (What for? Yes though for joint walk on open spaces of Russia or for a photoshoot. When you last time had it?. Exactly! And photos are the most pleasant memories, and the most available besides today!)

7. Well, and education. Any! (Because as Renata Litvinova correctly speaks, “the person is inclined to degradation“!)

Read interesting books, you go to exhibitions, travel on if not to the different countries and the cities then on settlements and villages of the area. Learn what is in 2 km from your city. Think up to yourself new hobbies and occupations - from trifling to global, overturning your life. And just I booze, I booze still all for a raising of your education level and the fifth point it is possible to make!

And, above all that it will bring pleasure and a variety in your life which at observance of these absolutely simple methods and exercises will play more brightly and mnogogranny!

And yes, by the way! Wash up windows! Purity in the house and a sunlight just work wonders!