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How celebrate on April 1 in the USA? About favor of the goddess Zita and not only...

With the USA of the first of April - traditional day of fun, jokes and a bantering one above another. In the country not the states designate day of the April fool (April Fool`s Day) a heart holiday, but.

From where the tradition went

Exists two theories why on the American continent celebrate this day.

Indigenous people of America - Indians - noted on the first of April the beginning of new year. The same day birthday of the goddess Zita whom Indians very much esteemed had. Unlike other serious gods, was considered that Zita was very cheerful and had excellent sense of humour. On annual holidays in her honor Indians arranged comic representations where various cheerful scenes were played. The main objective is actings consisted in that the kind and cheerful goddess honored them with the attention and did not leave without the favor during the whole year.

In several centuries chronology in the world changed. New year began to be celebrated on January 1. Indians had to accept a new calendar too, but the tradition in honor of the goddess Zita and the year which came “old new“ remained to have fun and joke on April 1.

On other legend it is considered that April Fools` Day was introduced on the American continent from Europe. British and French “brought“ this holiday with themselves to the American colonies. All very much liked to play and fool this day each other absolutely with impunity.

That - the truth and that - an invention, history does not know it …

As is noted the first of April in the USA

we Will begin from far away. On April 1, 1835 the popular newspaper issued in New - York, published the following message: “The telescope which allows to see strange inhabitants of the Moon is invented. They look as monkeys with wings“. And what you think? Many readers believed in this “fairy tale“.

A few years ago one April Fools` joke allowed to increase the owner of tobacco shops sale of cigarettes to the unknown sizes. The people bought favourite goods by boxes. The roller which the antismoking company let out in air the American fund of heritage (American Legacy Foundation) was the cause for such agiotage. In this advertizing it was reported that from tobacco trade all products will be urgently withdrawn until the companies begin to let out the safe cigarettes which are not causing any dangerous consequences for health.

After a small pause the announcer added: “The first April - trust nobody!“ It is probable, heavy smokers or did not listen to the end until the end of advertizing and rushed in the next tobacco benches to buy a favourite potion, or did not know that the American fund of heritage is engaged in antismoking promotion. Draw was successful wonderfully well!

It is known that the USA - the country of law-abiding citizens. If April Fools` jokes go through mass media, then, according to the American laws, they have to warn citizens that they joke. For example, on radio and television on April 1 it is accepted to declare the list of the silliest people of year. Before it the announcer is obliged to warn the audience and listeners that the April Fools` joke will be announced. The three of leaders for many years constantly includes the former American president George Bush.

And how simple Americans play each other? Still in the course such simple draws as the attached wallet lying on the road or the message attached on a back “I expect a kick“!“

Americans do not shine with a variety of jokes in Day of the April Fools` fool. It is still possible to deceive the trustful American remarks: “Your sole came unstuck!“ or “At you the lace was untied!“ 80% of percent of citizens peck on this simple trick.

The American school students do not shine with a variety of draws of the companions too. They try to flog to trustful schoolmates that today occupations will not be because the teacher got sick, or we will write test work now. If someone came across this rod, then exclamation is distributed: “April little fool!“

Students of colleges do not lag behind the younger brothers. Among them the innocent joke is very popular: to put clock of the roommate for an hour or two forward. Half asleep the companion will not notice a dirty trick, will begin to hurry and … will be trapped, having come not to that lecture or a seminar. To find such setup in the beginning happens very difficult. This draw works hard years.

Parents do not lag behind the children. For example, when children come home from occupations, mother tells them what she prepared tremendous cake. Outside it looks very appetizing, but inside as a stuffing there can be a cotton wool or a piece of fabric. After detection of a specific stuffing all family amicably laughs.

And one more simple joke ““ works with a beard in the USA for many years. In big cities where there are zoos, often in some families it is possible to hear it: “You were just called by Ms. Manki (monkey) or Mr. Tiger (tiger) and asked to call back“. At the same time the zoo phone number is reported. The trustful person calls and asks to call either Ms., or Mr. to phone. The worker of a zoo, having decided that it is played, answers by phone, straining all the humour. On the return end of a wire of people does not understand humour and begins “to carry on hummocks“ the witty man. Conversation can continue indefinitely until both understand what today day!

Americans are very trustful people, and they can be played easily in “Day of the April fool“ old simple jokes. Well here to do? It is good that such day only once in a year.