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Why the biochemistry is necessary?

Live organisms essence chemical reactors. Exactly here to us the biochemistry which studies the chemicals which are a part of organisms, their structure, distribution, transformations and functions is also necessary for .

The first data on biochemistry are connected with economic activity of the person (processing of vegetable and animal raw materials, use of various types of fermentation, etc.) and medicine. For development of biochemistry the first synthesis of organic substance - urea (F. Voeller, 1828), undermined confidence in participation in synthesis of various substances an organism of certain of vital force had basic value .

Introduction in biology of ideas and methods of physics and chemistry and aspiration to explain such biological phenomena as heredity, variability, muscular contraction, etc., a structure and properties of biopolymers brought in the middle of the 20th century to allocation from biochemistry of molecular biology .

Needs of a national economy for receiving, storage and processing of different types of raw materials led to development of technical biochemistry . Who is engaged in conservation of country products and their storage and “Homeland granaries“ - cellars, that spontaneous biochemist. Incorrectly preserved - banks will blow up as a result of chemical reactions, and even will die from botulism! If at you the crackling cucumbers with an estragonchik well turn out, be sure - you buried the talent of the biochemist on the seasonal dacha!

In Russia the Institute of biochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), Institute of biochemistry and physiology of microorganisms of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Pushchino), Institute of biochemistry and physiology of plants and microorganisms of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Saratov), Institute of applied biochemistry and mechanical engineering work (Moscow). There are Biokhimiya and Zhurnal evolyutsionnoy biokhimii i fiziologii magazines, the textbook of Beryozovo of T. T. “Biological chemistry“ (M., Medicine, 2004).

Now about her daughter, of bioinorganic chemistry which studies complexes of biopolymers or low-molecular natural substances with ions of the metals which are present at live organisms (Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+, Fe2+). Investigates a role of these ions in performance of biological functions of enzymes. It was created to the independent area in 1950 - x years.

If to you for forty, be looked in a mirror. Wrinkles! Why? Why so early? And in order that turgor weakened.

Tu ́ rgor (late lat. turgor - swelling, filling). Tu ́ a rgor of fabrics - a tension of covers of living cells. Tourist`s mountain pressure - the internal pressure which develops in a plant cell when it as a result of osmosis includes water and cytoplasm nestles on a cellular wall; this pressure interferes with further penetration of water into a cage. Turgor - an indicator of an ovodnennost and a normal state of the water mode of live organisms. Processes of an avtoliz (disintegration), withering and cell aging are followed by decrease in turgor. The bioinorganic chemistry , of course, will not rescue you from an old age, but will help to die with a fresh complexion.

One more fabric (body) at us sometimes velm strains (without turgur). And if is not present? In total! Human race under the threat!

But the biochemistry has one more daughter - bioorganic chemistry which studies communication between a structure of organic substances and their biological functions. Objects of researches: biopolymers, vitamins, hormones, antibiotics, etc. Hormone testosterone participates in development of male genitals, secondary sexual characteristics; regulates a spermatogenesis and sexual behavior.

If the body does not strain, for afrodiziaky forward (the substances stimulating sexual desire)! On kitchen where there is whole a bioorganokhimichesky laboratory with honey, nuts, bananas, dates and almonds. It is not enough? Then the biochemistry recommends chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, a celery, seafood. But do not go too far. Otherwise your darling will lose your society as a result of of a myocardial infarction - too result of biochemical reactions.

But data of all work of live organisms only to the level of biochemistry are not fruitful. The secret of difference of live substance from lifeless is still not opened. to

Young everywhere at us it is expensive. Perhaps, they, having put heart and soul in such researches, this secret will be opened!