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How to grow up oyster mushroom mushrooms?

Long time cultivation of mushrooms were considered difficult of - that in technical literature all truth was not told. And only in isolated cases it turned out to reap the harvest. We will also talk about problems of receiving mushrooms in this article. It - for those who never grew up before mushrooms. I will try to tell everything simply and intelligibly.

So, mushrooms do not grow everywhere. They need a nutritious substratum. “Soil“ on which mushrooms grow means as if. It can be straw, sawdust, that is the organic substances containing cellulose. At the same time for normal growth the substratum has to be thermally processed (is boiled thoroughly). Actually material sterilization is meant by . If not to sterilize a substratum, then most likely you do not receive a harvest as in the nature there are about 60 different types pleseny, bacteria, insects who can parasitize on such substratum.

What there are types of sterilization? The simplest - steam, a provarivaniye, douche by boiled water. That is processing by water with a temperature more than 90 °C. In general, also pasteurization (temperature of 60 - 70 °C), but hold time absolutely another is possible (to wait for 24 hours).

The substratum before processing needs to be placed in transparent plastic bags that it was visible how there is a substratum zamitselivaniye. Zamitselivany is when on a substratum of a mycelium mushrooms begin to grow. It is visible on a white raid at once. The mycelium is “seeds of mushrooms“. It can be a miscellaneous - solution or grains. It is better than grain, they have growth stock. In fact, zamitselenny grains are a mycelium. The mycelium is a dense ball of threads of mushrooms which gives fruit bodies.

So, you have a mycelium. It needs to be placed in a nutritious substratum for receiving a harvest. The substratum is prepared sterilized), now the mycelium needs to be pulled down on pieces approximately in 1 cube. and to place cm in a substratum. If to lump everything together, the zamitselivaniye will occur, but slowly. Therefore it is better to do so: myceliums - filled up a piece with a substratum - the following piece and so on, observing sterility.

Then it is necessary to close all, to pressurize that bacteria did not get to the closed packing. Full sealing is not necessary. Make an opening that to mushrooms fresh air could arrive, and close it a stopper from a synthetic winterizer. It is a sponge which passes air, but does not pass a bacterium.

It should be noted that mushrooms need to humidity . After processing of a substratum water in it is mute a lot of water which cannot evaporate from a plastic bag contains. These are good conditions for a substratum zamitselivaniye. Experiences showed that the zamitselivaniye (coverage by seeds of mushrooms of a substratum) well passes in two stages: at a temperature of 15-18 °C - the initial stage - one week, 18-25 °C - the second week.

Humidity has to be 75-90%. One of decisions - garden sprayers.
In addition are necessary to mushrooms ventilation and lighting. And to raise by 20 cm from a floor. Because during growth of mushrooms carbon dioxide below accumulates. When airing both temperature, and humidity decrease - it is a problem. The decision - selection of time of airing. And lighting for 8-10 hours. In the dark mushrooms turn out white.

What is an indicator of normally occurring zamitselivaniye? On a substratum the white raid has to be formed. Temperature increase provokes fast reproduction of mushrooms on condition of high humidity.
From personal experience. Zamitselenny bags were week in the cellar at a temperature of 17 °C. At such low temperature they could not fructify. But when they were moved in other room with a temperature of 22 °C and above - we received a harvest.

How to receive a harvest? Look at zamitselenny bags. You will see that mushrooms already grow in some places. On half-centimeter is higher than this place in a bag make cut. Try not to damage mushrooms at the same time. Through this opening mushrooms will come to light. Now the problem consists in external humidity . If the necessary level of humidity is not - fruit bodies of mushrooms will dry up.

Mushrooms can grow to the big sizes. We usually reaped the harvest from small mushrooms, young, juicy and beautiful.

What problems exist at cultivation of mushrooms? the Problem number one - a mold . It is visible on spots on a substratum darkly at once - green color. Experts advise at once to throw out these infected blocks. But it is possible to act not this way categorically. Separate the infected blocks from the others and reap from them the harvest. If the block is partially struck, it just cannot be used further, but the harvest still can be reaped. In literature it is said that at decrease in temperature mushrooms develop, and the mold is not. Experiences showed: mushrooms develop quicker than a mold. They take all substratum. Therefore there is nothing to be afraid of emergence of a mold. The infected bags still can yield a harvest. Perhaps, not such as there was a wish, but nevertheless.

Following question: yeast . When there is a lot of water, and the mycelium does not manage to take everything, in the lower part of the block barmy colonies can develop. It is visible on the characteristic yellow raid in the bottom of a package reminding gel. Perforation (piercing of openings) helps, but partially. Liquid does not follow - it is gel. The reason of emergence of yeast - a moisture surplus. It is necessary to treat such blocks the same as to infected with a mold.

Under what conditions the zamitselivaniye occurs slowly ? When low (it is below 22 °C) temperature, low humidity when the substratum is badly stamped.

It is not necessary to finger blocks often. Wait for result, let`s mushrooms grow quietly. If you look, then observe, but you do not finger (from it myceliums move and cannot normally zamitselit the block). Do not wait from miracle mushrooms - they grow in two weeks, but not at once. Cultivation of mushrooms - not fast process.