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Fish to all head? (the sad comment to V. Baltin`s article in “Aif Kamchatka“)

Many years I am a reader of the « newspaper; Aifkamchatka “. In times when the trust to the printing word at mankind considerably weakened, this edition was a pleasant exception, not only for me personally, but also for my family, colleagues, fellows villager.
Therefore Vlad Baltin`s article “Fish to all the head“, published in No. 7(1632) from 15. 02. 2012 caused a state close to shock.
On my memory, is the first time when so dear newspaper prints such unchecked information.
In article is generally about the settlement of Krutogorovsky and its fish factory.
But and here all Sobolevsky district? In the same material in the reference it is written that 3 thousand people live in the area. And so in their settlement of Krutogorovsky of everything of about 366. How it is possible to judge on the example of life of one settlement all area? The people living in different settlements communicate with each other by phone and on the Internet, and my neigbour who goes to mother to Krutogorovsky quarterly, to put it mildly, was surprised with the phrase “Nevertheless, people with heat, water and the other benefits of a civilization“. Otherwise as a sneer over living in “these benefits“ of people this phrase it is impossible to call.
concerning new workplaces in fish branch. For the period Putin 2011 in Sobolevsky district 22 unemployed who are registered in jobcenter of Sobolevsky district are employed (on Krutogorovsky rybokombint - 4 persons). So, hardly, prospects of fish branch will provide local population with workplaces. One truth: fishermen really participate in
repairs of budgetary institutions and give help to the population.
In Sobolevo on 01. 01. 2012 - 1786 people. Sobolevo - the biggest municipality on number. The phrase of article “A difficult question a communal flat, but it too surprisingly very competently is solved in the area. And it besides that from - for absence of management companies any of settlements was not included in federal programs“.
In our Sobolevsky rural settlement exist 2 managing organizations: UK “Rural House“ and Sobolevchane Condominium. And we are included in federal programs. From Federal Fund of assistance of housing and communal services by administration of the Sobolevsky rural settlement it is received and transferred to management companies to repair of houses: 2009 - 5 million 302 thousand rubles; 2010 - 3 million 783 thousand rubles; 2011 - 1 million 439 thousand rubles.
Is repaired 6 (six) houses. Yes, municipal services - the most difficult question, but rural settlements try to solve them. If laziness to arrive and learn information from administrations of rural settlements - the Regional Ministry of housing and communal services and power is in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The author could take an interest and obtain reliable information there.
the Civilization in Sobolevo actually is absent. There is no centralized water supply, the sewerage. Local handymen carry out water to houses, and do discharge independently. Sobolevchane love the village. Yes, there are no civilization benefits, but the sky blue, snow snow-white, a grass juicy and green, wild ducks live in the village, float in a stream House. Swans fly. Beauty is unusual! And the sky what - eyes glued not to have! Beauty at all seasons of the year and days. Old residents, many of which it is from other villages of the area, or living in the Kirov, Krutogorovsky settlements, at the time of the youth and all Sobolevchane, think of any information on native places in mass media much. Therefore this article so offended all.