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How I mastered the Internet? Story about a monkey and points...

In our century, a century of new technologies and mass of information, all of us begin to be interested in the Internet sooner or later. And I. Hands itched, so there was a wish “to get acquainted“ with it. And here connection is adjusted! Hurrah, hurrah! “I go online“

the first time and as that ram that stared at gate, I look at all these badges, letters, figures. Oh - la - la that is only not present! And with what it is eaten? What a button to press? Especially as I master itself, without courses. Eh! Nazhimalka went! Both there I will come, and here I will glance! From these a nazhimalok such mental jam was formed, well pure allsorts.

In couple of days of allsorts resolved. Undertook textbooks. Well just like the first grader, page by page studied and at once in a computer, on practice.

Where we get at once? Of course, on Mail! Such enthusiasm was from creation of the page, it is a pity only that you will not adjust a background, and that and with a background was played! And there so much - both a photo, and the appendix, and games! Also began - one toy, another, one appendix, another, a heap of communities.

And how without photos? It is necessary that the world recognized me! In view of that the digital camera was fast bought. Earlier, during an era it is black - white photos, I was engaged in this business, and not without pleasure. And now - yes with the computer and with a chamber!. Removed everything. To a step could not step without it. Well as? For history it is necessary to imprint! Quicker to lay out on the page quicker!

Accession to various communities! Okh, akh concerning the exposed materials! Downloading of mass of various schemes. There will not be enough life that to make all this - to connect, embroider, and “homyachitsya“ all the same. Then it became boring in communities. It was pleasant to examine someone else`s pictures, to press button ““, to insert a couple of words concerning the seen material and to download, download... So much it was pumped up that mother do not grieve!

And here OS, and together with it and all my “accumulation“ departed. At first directly - was upset. Well as! Such “work“, so much “nakhomyachil“! Received a computer in pure form, but to save already the desire disappeared. One stage was passed. Toys became the following stage of development of the Internet. What only did not try! What only a farm did not build and in what quantity! How many touched browser games! Bothered, went further.

And further is where? On “Schoolmates“. And what? Well, schoolmates were which - which of relatives. Well, poperepisyvatsya. What “to speak“ about if practically all life lived in a separation from each other?

And there they are toys, someone else`s statuses. Invitations in toys and appendices pour from all directions. Well it is uninteresting! It is uninteresting to click “the Class!“, it is uninteresting in games someone to invite infinitely. It is uninteresting to kill for nothing time.

Just there came the moment when it was necessary to think and decide for what I need the Internet. In the course of razmyshlizm I came to a conclusion that I do not need to earn a money. Many years being engaged in knitting and embroidery, I suddenly understood that I do not want to knit more on anybody, I do not want to stand on a frost with “vyazalka“, trying to sell. In our small city demand for such products not really big. So why my grace needs it? But whether not to curtail to me on other path?

And here, “having shouldered“ a backpack, having abandoned handles, notebooks there, I curtailed on other track - a training track. Oh, cheerful occupation! Information - the sea, one may say, the ocean - big, boundless. And I in this ocean one, by the boat without oars, row at once in different directions. Well, directly - holds apart desire to embrace immensity! On a mailbox the incredible number of various mailings pours. Almost in each of them: “Buy a course, buy a course - and everything, you will become successful!“; “Play and you will win - here, surely!“.

No, my dear! I do not want to play and I do not want to buy your courses which very much on each website. The mental jam from all these “supertempting“ offers was again formed. It was necessary to purge boxes, mailings. To beat off various offers - too interesting and fruitful occupation.

On the “clever“ websites in 3 months received 2,5 million virus records, 5 programs of breaking from these “travel“. The computer departed again and went to repair, this time long and heavy. After capital repairs all saved-up information thawed as a smoke... My “toiler“ came back home is pure as a sheet of paper. The deposit unpleasant, of course, remained, but the similar swagger - a major forced to analyse a situation and to draw the corresponding conclusions.

My frivolous travel on the Internet ended. “Monkey“ rejected experiments with points and was engaged in the fact that she is pleasant to her. Created blogs, began to write articles. My blogs live that very much pleases. And the special pleasure is given by addition of new material in them.

Money it is not earned yet. But progress is available. Advance is all the same felt. And so at heart it is good! And such pride holds apart! From each new article, from each visitor on blogs. From the fact that someone liked my material! Victory, it, though small, and all the same victory!

In the head various thoughts constantly turn, here only to reach a notebook and I manage to write down them not always. Now to my person - well in any way without dictophone!

My “travel“ continue, but already with care and with secure...

And at you as there took place development of the Internet?