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Birthday in a bachelor party format. Why I am hated by wives of my friends?

So, my debut here. Small preface. Four days ago I celebrated the birthday - 39 years and was the day before full of inconsistent thoughts: on the one hand for the family reasons I was forced to mark out him in a format of “bachelor party“ - as my wife is on preservation, and she suggested to spend this day thus.
Should tell that this day I wait for almost whole year because it gives the chance to spend time with old friends in easy communication and to remember nice days of youth. Usually we mark out him on air by the principle “a shish kebab - a buffet reception“, but this year weather was not taken obviously. And here my spouse, understanding, as always to me this rare meeting with friends is important suggested to be going at home or to cafe.
As I am not able to potter with cooking and I do not love, and I do not like to wash the dishes morning after even more, the option of cafe seemed to me the most suitable.
If is honest, then purely men`s companies are good, in my opinion, especially on fishing - there the corresponding spirit and color. I emphasize, not only without wives, but in general without women.
Purely men`s companies bothered me in army and in the subsequent officers. Beginning as something brutal, refined and courageous action, becomes usually prompt the usual drunk concourse gaining often even bestial lines. Everything begins with “hussar“ toasts, thin jokes, proceeds a discordant rumble, and at the end maybe to end in a fight.
is shorter, I was not delighted absolutely with such format of action, but also the prospect to sit at a table proud and lonely in an environment of companions with wives also not especially inspired me. And I decided to begin to invite.
Almost all people invited by me my age-mates, friends of youth in a varying degree spiritual approach. I invited 12 people. Twelve friends of Ouchene, so to speak. to All of them I called
the day before and officially apologized for the fact that I call them without spouses.
Ya went to worthy cafe and ordered a lot of things from what it is possible to afford only once in a year on the birthday. Decided to compensate, so to speak, some quantitative moments qualitative.
should be told who my alleged guests: two militia majors (the friend of youth and the colleague from institute), the inspector of customs (the closest friend of the childhood), the head of the security service of bank (the friend from army), my cousin (the manager of other cafe), the colleague on business, the driver of the big chief (too the army companion), well and some more good children. I want to note that I know all these people not one year and I always remember about their birthdays and I congratulate them even when I am not invited. here for me the most unexpected began
I. Several people did not pick up the phone at all though they knew for what reason I call and did not answer SMS. Following joyfully accepted the invitation, but next day called back (probably having talked over with the wife) and, allegedly dejectedly, complained that it is urgently put in order on Sunday in business trip. Action was appointed to Sunday. But he did not call and did not congratulate.
the Following buddy who very much likes to come to me approximately once a month and to take to read new books (which I buy, and he considers them expensive) too referred to service and too did not call and did not congratulate. The colleague on business was rumpled in the beginning, told something about the sick son, but as a result refused openly, having referred to the fact that he and so spends not enough time with a family. Did not call also, the truth sent SMS from five words towards evening.
as a result came three persons: my cousin who does not drink and does not smoke for health reasons the best friend is a customs officer who arrived driving (means too gram) and the militia major in resignation. Well and fourth birthday man, that is I.
Ya if is honest, specifically was upset. Also became angry. And on the best friend of youth. And even almost broke. I told it: we see you once a year. On my birthday. At most two (on Russian Airborne Troops Day). You never invite me because or do not respect, or the henpecked from capital letter. He immediately agreed with the second assumption. And here to this once a year you udak come to me driving. Last time we so nicely communicated to you, on hands fought, laughed loudly, tried an abdominal tension on fortress. did not notice as became very late and you even remained with me to spend the night. By the way, next morning it is sensitive pokhmelivshis (as without it) you called the wife and a low voice asked - you home will let me? Though was at the friend whom she knows 15 years lawfully and apropos He it is guilty looked down and told: after that I also received the instruction to drive to you the car.
as a result of food and binge was a lot of, and it is not enough guests - though distribute to visitors. Nepjyushchy children quickly enough left and there were we together with Oleg. And if was already all the same in the evening, then since morning it became somehow bitter.
I was thought to me: why in cinema and books men by forty years on the contrary try to keep the friendship, to appreciate meetings, holidays and to honor traditions especially as their financial position already quite allows to make by this time it, and in life all not so. I reflected on it and here I had a theory. In brief I state
. I always (without false modesty) was the leader and the ringleader in the companies of the friends both at school, and at institute, and in army. I was a leader, and they conducted. And therefore our friendship very much was pleasant to me. We supplemented each other and practically never quarreled. None of them challenged my leader aspirations. I was also on friendly terms with children at whom character was similar to mine, but always between us the distance remained.
I here when we matured and married, one piece quickly became clear - their wives appeared almost all bitches (I speak almost because education and mind allowed to show some of them not so deliberately it). But in and a toga the fact - wives of my bosom friends slowly but surely cut them from me, and me from them under any plausible excuses. It I understand now that thus they forced out the person who had on their husband from the nest (read - property) the influence which by the way is not connected with any defects. And here it is a result: only three could come to me. But these three, probably cost ten.