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Whether the civil marriage is necessary?

Many people consider that it is necessary to live at first at least year with the person, to check the relations, and then to marry. I agree with opinion that of course it is necessary to recognize the person and that from what he is better than a family before issuing the relations. But the civil marriage, unless is the only way to know the person better?

About nine years ago I did not see other options too, but having begun to study a subject of the relations understood more deeply that it far not so. From the point of view of any Scripture, namely in them there is all fundamental knowledge which gave fortunately many generations of people, similar cohabitation is considered not lawful or even sinful. And not for nothing.

Of course, it is better to live about a year together before marriage, than to suffer for years, to doom to sufferings of, and it is possible also the children. But how many time you should make it, following a similar way. It is possible to recognize the person and in a different way, about a year for this purpose is not obligatory to sleep with him. The majority of civil marriages are based on desire, and love and passion on the contrary prevent to see qualities of character of the person really. Just within the first year, so-called honey, can do everything and it will be good. Though, many things can and be not noticed from - for emotions during this period. Term can be and about three years if one or both lovers are married. So too happens, people desert families, and then, after a while are sorry about it and as a result are left with nothing.

I think, you agree what more often just like that to live together, the men doubting the choice or just not persons interested to take the responsibility offer. Women, are generally inclined, to hope in the future for more serious offer. At the same time, having seized the woman, the man often loses to her interest, and the woman after proximity on the contrary becomes attached to it.

Idea of emancipation, as well as a civil marriage, desired men thought up! Men and women, in fact, cannot be equal, in emancipation there is no justice. Unless it is fair that after a rupture of the relations it is always more difficult for the woman. It is more difficult to find the man as it is more senior now than was, to marry the second time, especially if from first marriage there are children. It is simple to raise children, one, is more often after divorce children remain with mother.

Each woman respecting herself, will not be against a stamp in the passport and even weddings. With the worthy man, of course! The lawful union is some kind of protection of a family by society and state, but not just a stamp in the passport. Wedding is a protection of a family by God! Though today, for many it will also seem ridiculous and naive.

About that how to choose the partner in life and to build the relations there is a huge number of the correct knowledge, for example the Veda. Perhaps, many do not wish to study this subject and to be happy in a family, to have obedient children. Then costs, choosing the half, to try to construct at first friendship. Friendship the best way to check, on how many person will suit you. If you are able to be on friendly terms and respect each other, it will become pledge of a happy family.

If you did not meet yet the person with whom you could develop the relations, develop in yourself positive traits of character. What more perfect personality you will become, will attract the best partner with that to yourself, that your relations will be happier!