Rus Articles Journal

Round of 3000

I Open eyes, I rise and … I understand nothing: such feeling that I am by the alien spaceship. However having approached a transparent wall I understand that I in the city - the unclear city. I look afar from the touching cloud of the floor and I wonder: the megalopolis leaves for the horizon. Everything sparkles around, houses are poured in the brightest flowers in sunshine. And the most amazing is the fact that all structures as if live: skyscrapers as if are penetrated by the nature - they a single whole with vegetation and fauna. “It is precisely a dream“ - I thought. Examining the apartment, the only thing more - less familiar subject for eyes, it appeared huge as if falls the mirror which is falling down from a ceiling. Having approached it me threw into a shiver: on that side of reflection there was others body. However the synchronous movements, gestures and an aping proved that on that side of a mirror my reflection … “That with my person that with my hands, a trunk, legs? “ is absolutely other person in whom there is no nothing left similar to me. However the nice attractive face, equal teeth and beefy muscles quickly helped to reconcile, with not giving in to a logical explanation, biomass replacement. Having admired the new appearance, easy hunger in a stomach hinted that it would not be bad to find kitchen. To my deep disappointment that room indoors was not. I will tell even more: the dwelling consisted from one huge not containing uniform corner, the shapeless room. Such feeling that the apartment undertook from is no place and left in anywhere. But borders nevertheless were. Here only going along a wall, I passed all house and without uniform turn, approached again that place from which started. The furniture in the room was not. Proceeding from all what was seen, the fact that a sofa on which I woke up was absent me did not surprise any more. Everything was svetloprozrachnobeskonechny. The only thing that in the hall differed - it is the huge window and the flowing-down mirror located the friend on against the friend. Lack of doors, window leaves and in general any openings guarded me. And though light, beauty and ideality of construction gave feeling of freedom, lack of an exit me guarded. I approached a window again in hope to see there if not people, then though - just reasonable beings. But except a motley variety of birds and strange animals I found nobody. “Roads!!!“ I thought: - “Have to be expensive!“. I dropped the look down, fixedly looking out for routes, streets, avenues. But except it is green - so saw nothing metallikovy plants. Houses as if trees grew from lianas of plantings. Attempt to break a window, naturally was without rezultatny. But also did not hurt extremities. With what force would not bang on a surface of transparent bezramny glass, it as if sprung, softening each my sharp movement. Having clasped the head with both hands, I fell on knees, is hated looking in own blue face. “What is with me where I?“ I shook on a floor facing foreheads the reflection. At last, my mentality handed over and I just rushed on a world behind the looking-glass. During a jump I hoped that collision with a firm subject will awaken me from a dream. Having strong narrowed eyes, flying all case to a barrier, I caught myself on thought that flight dragged on. Having opened eyes … I turned over: my consciousness blew up. I as if hung in “bespotolochno - bespolny“, infinite, not having elevators and ladders an entrance. “Everything is clear - I died and got to Heaven.“ And the feeling of hunger only accruing gave beliefs in reality of the events. Going or flying, I went to seen in the distance transcendental corridors of arches, something reminding wind-driven generators. Having moved to the purpose, on a forehead sweat appeared: before me the teleport towered. Concerning, transparent, wavy - the opening whole world behind a border film. I wanted to take a step, but someone called to me. Having turned back, having again been stupefied with surprise, my look fell on dazzling beauty the girl. Heart stood. I felt each murashka of the elastic skin. The brain was pierced by thought - “The Angel. Predo me Angel!“. Looking on going to anywhere similarity of a floor, to me even it became terrible that my hardened legs will pull down. “Be not afraid“ - gentle as if a fresh streamlet of the fast small river, a voice the child of the nature said. - “You will not fall, a floor is strong“. Really looking at the sweetest as if a sunbeam the being penetrating warmth and a clear smile, all my questions concerning strangeness of the place evaporated. Only one question was at my tip of the tongue: “You are an Angel?“ The girl burst out laughing: “We have all such here! If you want and You will be able to be such.“ “Is not present, I do not want to be such. I want to be with Such!! You are simply ideal. Despite all irreality and unreality of my location - with You under a wreath though now.“ Having looked down the girl told that I am not ready to a jump yet. It is necessary to enter a portal pure hulk and a full stomach. And really it will not prevent to be supported to me. We moved to its apartment. To the fact that its apartment especially did not differ in “interior“ from mine - did not surprise, and here the speed with which we got to it struck. Without having managed to set a question - the girl gave the answer: “Movement speed on buildings is attached to the speed of our thoughts. In general at us everything is interconnected. Surprises you that in the apartment there is no furniture and what furniture You would like to see? “ I presented a situation of the bedroom and. my thought was embodied in reality. The miracle, is simple a miracle. “I want the Greek salad and mashed potatoes with sour cream“. On a table desirable dishes appeared. Eating greedily a tasty dinner, looking at the charming lady, it seemed to me that I in pleasure. Without managing even to finish thinking about thought - the girl gave me all answers. The fact that the computerized building read out thoughts and projected them by means of the tough hologram I vaguely represented that, but how I came to be in others, adult body - haunted me. The girl, laughing, answered: “You will understand, you will understand everything soon.“ Having nourishingly had supper I lay down on a sofa and fell asleep.