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Who loves Goa? And who is loved by Goa in reply...

of Goa love everything. All conceiving people. People to whom it is important what occurs here and now. There are no troubles concerning fashion and style. Here another is important. Feeling of happiness and love. Love to everything and to all. All-consuming love. And adoration. Here only to understand a world order essence, it is necessary that Goa fell in love with you in reply. And for this purpose it is impossible to be afraid. You are given to Goa without fears. To it you are not important rich or is poor., it is healthy or sick, young or old. If you gave it the soul, the reason, the body, Goa will protect you as the most valuable treasure. As soon as you are given to Goa, mosquitoes will cease to bite you, to swell lips from drying, to burst skin. You will not get solar burn. Because you are important for Goa. And Goa is also important for you. You will begin to feel his mood. Also you do not oppose because it is your only man now. Your love. Goa will acquaint you with the necessary people himself. Without jealousy because you presented the heart to it long ago. These people will be kind to you, they will love you, and to you it will be good in Goa all together. there is no
of Stiffness the place here. There is no place of rage. There are no pluses and minuses. Here positive, pleasure, tranquility, pacification. You sit on the beach waiting for dawn, under protection of the reliable security guard whom you were presented by Goa, you freeze a little, but you know that nobody will offend you. Here in the sky month still sparkles. From palms you give to drink to the security guard milk, he licks your hands - cups. And suddenly you see how the East became sirenevo - pink. Then orange is added. New day. Also you did not sleep all night long. And the dog does not depart as feels that tomorrow you leave. You spent the whole days without dream with the Goa, it embraced you for shoulders air, heated yours of a foot sand, and here, you already meet together dawn. As in the novel, but all this your life. Your personal novel. even you do not represent
I how you could manage without a thing it earlier. Also you promise Goa that never you will stop loving it. That it is the most important love in your life. Also you hear reciprocity in reply