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And whether Gagarin the first was?

“The person in space!“, “The world claps to Yury Gagarin!“, “The Soviet person in space!“, “the USSR - the spaceport in the Universe“, - with such headings the Soviet newspapers in the spring of 1961 dazzled, the Soviet Union exulted.
I, however, Yury Alekseevich Gagarin became an embodiment of the whole era, apogee of the Soviet socialism. Having made the first flight in space, the son of collective farmers and the exemplary family man gained the world fame and proved that it is necessary to reckon with the USSR. “Undoubtedly“ - you will answer. But at many other opinion. On this subject disputes are still conducted.

In December, 1959 the cable Italian agency “Kontinental“ declared that to the USSR people in space are sent since 1957. Later the Reuters agency spread rumor that in May, 1960 from - for failure in system the Soviet spacecraft onboard which there was a pilot Zavodovsky broke. Then there was information that on September 27, 1960 on Baikonur during start Ivan Kachur broke. In the USSR nobody denied that it is real characters. People who, allegedly, flew to space are already dead. However their relatives quash all rumors. That is it is possible to draw a conclusion that Yury Alekseevich Gagarin was an astronaut, the first in the history of mankind, nevertheless.
But then why all these assumptions of foreign mass media? There is no definite answer. Or in the West the belief in achievements of the Soviet science and equipment was big, or it was the next attempt to hostility incite the world community against the USSR. However, such situation could be avoided if in the USSR in due time told about all trial starts and tests of spacecrafts.
March, 1968, a new shock in the Soviet Union. Periodicals dazzle with headings again, but they, to a great regret of the people, tragic. “Feats - live!“, “Bereavement“, “The first astronaut died!“, - all newspapers shouted. The sad message flew about all planet as once Gagarin flew about it. Again series of secrets, riddles and assumptions.
For clarification of the causes of accident was created the government commission. Later the report of the commission on Gagarin`s death was coded. And time the report was secret, people considered that there is some terrible secret. From here also the set of conjectures and guesses appeared. Still versions of causes of death of Yury Gagarin move forward. On March 27, 1968 during flight on uchebno - the training fighter “MiG - 15“ the pioneer of space Yury Gagarin and the most experienced pilot Vladimir Seryogin died.
According to conclusions of the commission which were presented in the report, the most probable cause of accident - performance of sharp maneuver. Until recently the report on causes of death of Gagarin was secret. In honor of 50 - the anniversaries of its flight in space the Kremlin Department on ensuring activity of archive of production published these documents.
Yury Alekseevich Gagarin is the first-ever astronaut, the Hero of the Soviet Union, the character of the Soviet posters. Thanks to it the USSR won space race; thanks to it in 1960 - e years “the spirit of romanticism“ reigned in the country. And some citizens even suggested to make on April 12 forever in the day off and to begin with it new chronology.