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Pink tape. When color is far from a glamour?

During different historical eras pink color changed the symbolical loading - from religious to poetic, from scornful to idolized. Today there are resistant associations with pink color: gently - pink - the baby - the girl, it is bright - pink - the glamourous young lady.

But there is an international symbol very far from a glamour - a pink tape. About it and about what is connected with it the speech in article will go.

The pink tape symbolizes itself support of the program of fight against a breast cancer. And pink color in this case says about cheerfulness, happiness and hope, that is that it helps with opposition to oncological diseases.

The program of the Pink Tape implies informing women and men on a breast cancer, tells about ways of diagnosing of this type of cancer, distributes information on various methods of treatment, helps recovering at rehabilitation.

How the Pink Tape has an effect?

by means of the known companies the Pink Tape organizes actions for the purpose of drawing attention in a problem of a breast cancer. The program of the Pink Tape includes annual five-kilometer run for healing in ten countries of the world, three-day pedestrian routes the USA, pedestrian to five - and ten-kilometer routes in sixteen countries of the world. The annual pink illumination of world famous buildings organized to draw attention to importance of early diagnosis of a breast cancer was called global illumination. The raised funds from these actions go to fund of fight against a breast cancer. Why it is important to each woman to know

about a breast cancer?

Because number of the women who died of a breast cancer, hugely. According to the Russian Oncological Scientific Center of N. N. Blochin, about 50 000 women with a cancer disease of a mammary gland annually are registered; annually more than 22 000 women die of this disease. Women in all countries are subject to a disease of a breast cancer, irrespective of their social origin, a way of life and a nationality.

In Russia nearly 20 percent of oncology at women are a breast cancer. At the same time the address to the doctor often happens at late stages of development of an illness; according to different data, from 25 to 40 percent of the women who asked for the help have so heavy stage of an illness that they cannot almost be helped, and, as a result, a half of these women dies in the first year after diagnosing of an illness. And for comparison: in Israel the five-year survival after diagnosing of a breast cancer makes 95 percent, in Russia - less than 50 (according to other data - 57).

Detection of a breast cancer at an initial stage and passing of the corresponding treatment gives the chance to the woman to live up to twenty five years after diagnosing of an illness. For what men need to know

about a breast cancer?

In life of each man close women - the wife, mother, the sister, the daughter are. Knowing about a possibility of a disease, the man can remind of visit to the doctor, help to diagnose in time an illness, to help the woman with fight against this illness. False bashfulness on both sides in this case is inappropriate.

Why to speak about it if everyone knows that he has to take care of the health?

the Pink tape is not intimidation, and only a reminder on this problem. In Russia the television, mass media and public figures, in my opinion, avoid this subject as if there is no this problem at all. Perhaps, it will not be pleasant to someone if posters with pink tapes appear in public places and in beauty shops, but they for some reason cannot be seen neither in clinics, nor in drugstores. From this silence there is a feeling that the person is lonely in the face of an illness and that he should count only on own forces or to the aid relatives. I had not to hear about the charitable organizations working in this sphere in Russia. Possibly, they are, but have a little an effect.

For comparison it is possible to give experience of other countries. In the territory of Great Britain there are five hundred shops from Association of research of cancer (Cancer Research UK). In them it is possible to buy cards, handles, badges, souvenirs - with symbolics or without it. In addition, the shop represents sekond - the hand selling clothes, accessories, household items and books at reduced prices. Things in department sekond - a hand are brought by everyone, works in shop (except for the managing director) - volunteers. Means from sales go to fund of the help to patients with oncological diseases, including - and a breast cancer. For what this article is written to


to remind that timely detection of an illness will help to keep health and the woman`s life, and also - happiness of her relatives.