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In what importance of planning for the businessman?

It is impossible to imagine the professional who is not knowing that such planning of sales, and especially neglecting this method. Any more - less “advanced“ businessman distinctly understands that competently planned expenses and the income are a first step to successful development of the business.

The concept “planning of sales“ includes concrete figures of that profit on which the businessman for a certain period counts.

For simplicity experts usually allocate three main ways of creation of such plan.

The first way is rather simple. The businessman, having counted the profit, for example, in a quarter, puts the same figure in the plan. If you use this method, then, of course, it is possible to throw percent 30, but it is important to remember that it will be justified only at very stable situation. This method has several reefs: all calculations will be powerless before crisis or a swagger - a major situation. Also the method will not be suitable for the beginning businessmen: how it is possible to speak about prospects when the general tendency of development is not clear with confidence?

The second way does not differ in special cunning too. You well represent how many means are necessary for you on maintenance of your business “afloat“, in the plan the figure covering all your expenses is put. It is very good if it turns out to earn more, but not to gather additionally death to certain “threshold“ it will be similar. Here it will be necessary to consider as planned, and contingencies.

Third way several aventurine. What your favourite figure? With six zero? Or, maybe, about a family? Safely put it in the plan if you, of course, differ in enviable optimism. In general, such approach is not repaid, especially if you were too ambitious in drawing up plans. Remember a bitter experience of China with its policy of big jump when after war the party set the task for 3 years to reach the level of the developed countries. By the end of term the country appeared in a bigger crisis, than before reforms. Those rates which were set just destroyed already weak economy. Generally, if you do not want to be disappointed by the end of the period in the income, it is better to avoid such careless actions.

In planning it is important to estimate the opportunities adequately. How to define whether you made everything correctly?

If following the results of your work figures of the income and the plan differ at an insignificant size, it is unimportant in what party - means, everything is made truly. And here if your income considerably blocks the plan that is over what to think. Perhaps, you irresponsibly underestimated expectations.

Guarantee of successful planning - its brevity. Do not take big terms, one year will be just right. More than for a year it is inexpedient to plan and it is too difficult. For smaller term it is possible to plan, but especially to be fond, breaking the period on weeks, too is not necessary.

So, decided on term - we plan for a year . What`s next?

There are two main approaches further.

The first is known under the name “from below-up“ . Expectations in receiving profit proceed from the resources which are available at the moment. The current capital, the number of employees is considered, the range etc. of

the Second way is opposite. In the beginning we decide on the volume of desirable profit and, respectively, we estimate that for this purpose it is necessary to make what resources to attract how to expand the range or the range of services how many it will be required personnel, etc.

depends On competently made plan the future of your business. Of course, it is worth to remember about care, but also you should not refuse ambitions. It is necessary to begin with stabilization of the turn and further to set tasks of its increase.