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Fear of success. What the animal and as to fight against him is?

are difficult to imagine the person who would not want to be successful. Of course, criteria of success at all the, but wish to achieve goals everything, at least, people speak about it. And in practice - it is good if the person of 5-10 of 100 consider themselves successful.

For anybody not a secret that people can be afraid of a failure and therefore often the dreams do not even try to realize. For me was big surprise that along with fear of a mistake there is also a fear of success. Yes, you did not mishear. The reasons of such state can be different. Let`s understand that stops us on the way to achievement of the objectives. It turns out that behind a mask of fear of success several fears are covered.

Fear of the unknown

to us can be afraid of all new and unfamiliar. There is a concept - a comfort zone, it is the sphere of things, situations, actions familiar to us. There we already understood everything, mastered and we feel confident and is quiet. If our criteria of success lie in this zone, then it is possible to congratulate himself. And if something is missing, so an exit for borders of comfortable stay is necessary to us.

And here we will surely face the unknown, we should study new, we for certain will do mistakes, and it is absolutely unknown whether we will reach the purpose. It also frightens. Present, the success came - you entered to the prestigious university, passed a huge competition for highly paid work, got acquainted with the girl / man of the dream. And whether what`s next? you will be able to correspond to a new situation? And can then better and not try to arrive, participate, get acquainted?

How to encourage itself to take the first step?

1. In each of us there lives natural curiosity. New - it not only is terrible, but also it is devilishly interesting, curious, healthy.

2. If you are konkurentna, try to throw down yourself a challenge - really I will not be able. Just dare yourself.

3. Draw in imagination of a picture of existence in success that the desire to reach it did not die away.

Fear not to justify opinion on itself successful

Is frequent

when we show excellent results, begins to seem to us that now we are always simply obliged to be on the ball. We as if lose the right for a mistake. People around know that the person is successful, and will wait from him only for successful actions now. At the same time often people do not know how many forces you applied, and think that you got everything easily or you have some special talents. Means, it is necessary to correspond, meet trust and expectations. Or it is not necessary?

How to adjust something on an opportunity not to be repaid?

1. You just the person, and in life of each person are take-off and falling, actually they have no relation to success at all. If you achieved the objectives once, so at you it will turn out to make it again.

2. People can think about you anything. By and large not in your forces it is cardinal to change opinion on itself. Is it worth paying attention to it. Aim the energy at the development and advance of better.

Watching Fear to become the workaholic

successful people, we understand how they work hard: meetings, meetings, negotiations, technical questions, conflicts, checks, reporting... Trying on it on itself, apparently, that quiet and measured life will never be. Friends, fun, rest, a hobby remained in the past.

What to do?

1. To understand, and whether really the purpose to which you aspire, yours? Perhaps, you are quite happy and are in own way successful already now?

2. Still nobody cancelled reasonable management of time. You will be able to learn to plan both the working moments, and rest.

Fear that someone will not like your success


In general, is not excluded that someone will envy you and even “to put a spoke in the wheel“. You can catch yourself on sense of guilt from the fact that you managed to achieve success, and to your friend, relative - no. You can even become suddenly a stranger for the acquaintances. All these situations are perfectly described by words: “It is necessary to pay for everything“.

Whether stands up from - for this fear to refuse an opportunity to achieve success?

1. Not always the attitude of people towards you depends on your success - failure. Envy - it is rather a reflection of internal complexes of the person, and the rage speaks about powerlessness.

2. Reflect, what is better: to remain ““ and to regret about unfulfilled or a personal example to inspire friends on the movement to the purpose. Besides, being successful and strong, you will be able to support them by council and business.

3. Moving to the purpose, you will meet many interesting people on the way and will gain invaluable experience.

Look for the star, believe in yourself, do not stop on the way, and the success will surely come to you!