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Comedy “Such Different Twins“. Who will get all “Gold raspberry“ of 2012?

They say that if it is well-aimed to one twin to chpoknut in an eye, then the second will have a conjunctivitis. Nuances of extra uterine telepathic communication. The science on this subject bashfully is silent, but the belief in allegedly mystical origin of twins is present. And the reflection finds in art.

The comedian Adam Sandler who seriously became skilled in Hollywood on any komedka with morals and without it, decided to bring the contribution in twin subject too. But not as Pierre Richard who thought up an original love quadrangle for a screen (it, his invented twin brother and two charming twins in the comedy “Twin“). And not as Ayven Raytman who crossed in 80 - x vital bonds of the Austrian body builder and one-and-a-half-meter Danny De Vito in the hilarious tape “Twins“. In the way. Recognizable and sickening.

… In the advertiser Jack`s life only one trouble. His portly sister Jill having to it the twin. At Jack all in the way - a family, work, respectable friends. The house - a full bowl, including the charming wife, two children and Escalade Cadillac. His little sister has all, respectively, on the contrary. The barchelor dwelling which got from recently rested mother, routine work, total absence of sex life and the best friend - a parrot.

You want - you do not want, but once a year, for Thanksgiving Day, Jill comes on a visit to the brother. For what he fiercely hates it and counts up hours to departure. However this time it will not manage to get rid of the annoying relative in time. Relying on support of other members of family of Jack, Jill it will be necessary to stay for a while to the Hanukkah. And then about New year. And then before their joint birthday. And there and the planned cruise not far off which Jack well did not plan to carry out together with the sister in any way.

Therefore the brother decides to find Jill of the man. And found Al Pacino. Conveniently, considering, as for work it is useful. Give to the girl love to a coffin, Pacino will manage moral manual, and our hero will catch in advertizing of donuts of “Donkachino“ real, conformable a name, a star …

Is remembered, still by Eddie Murphy in the middle of 90 - x when his popularity sharply declined, tried to squeeze out quantity in quality. In the picture “Cranky Professor“ of 1996 it otplyasat for seven at once for what was content with 17 million dollars. Sandler on mass meeting did not pull though of talent of transformation it is not deprived. But at least in a women`s dress changed clothes for spirit. The woman left it it is expected ugly, but rich: the actor`s fee for participation in the project made 20 million dollars, that is nearly a third of the budget. Taking into account scenario and producer attempts.

That “do not leave darlings all blood sprout morals of the movie of Dennis Dougan in them“, by a thin layer it is smeared on a plot. So thin that to the final, in truly Hollywood manner, all total power of sentimental nonsense falls out on audience at once, destroying and crippling even the most tolerant souls. Many audience does not even manage to notice how the main character takes that tiny step with hatred to love and begins to behave as the same blockhead, but already with kind heart. And a petrel of family happiness and a unification of related persons made not anyone, and Al Pacino who played himself Osama bin Laden loved with a beard and manners “Don Michael“.

When the only ridiculous moment for all movie is a cockatoo in a roll (“He flew in my bread!“), all questions disappear by itself. Looking at Sandler`s aping in two forms, it becomes vastly sad. For disgracefully fucked up (forgive, differently here you will not tell) Adam`s talent which critics in a beginning of the career dared to compare to Jim Carrey. For grieving in Johnny Depp and Al Pacino`s shot to which the friendship does not allow Sandler to state in a face all truth about his nonsense. Even Tom Cruise`s wife which got a role whether bedside tables, whether other furniture, causes pity to the imperceptible person because deserves bigger at least the model invoice of the person and a figure.

It is surprising how similar flat, colourless, frankly poor projects manage to earn millions. Where it, the notorious gossip hotline urged to warn the viewer about the future danger in the form of lost time and money? Really only one name of Al Pacino on a trailer renders the brainwashing effect on public? Thanks to such movies the confidence in the progressing poverty of intellect of Hollywood in the ranks of opponents will only get stronger. And that to object them when all humour of team of Sandler is reduced to a poperdyvaniye in a toilet and to trite hokhma of the man in a skirt. It to you not “Some Like It Hot“, and concrete “Sodom and Gomorrah“. And on a wave of a unification of Bratsk - sisterly bonds we see only one intrigue - whether it will manage to the cynical pusher to spread the relative under the perspective client? A graceful idea, you will tell nothing.

It is necessary only to be glad for the old man Al Pacino who already and everything proved all long ago and now can freely and freely play the fool to the full extent. Up to participation in such doubtful tapes as the invited star with a big ego. To the actor even on a hand to stebatsya over in person. It is so easy to give nonsense for eccentricity.

As for Sandler, to him in this situation especially to hope there is nothing. The actor and the producer this year has chance to become the champion of “Gold raspberry“ which delivery is appointed to April 1, 2012, in the so-called April Fools` Day. In the nominations not only its were lit “Such different twins“, but this tape received 12 of the possible 10 nominations.

It is not still bad while Sandler is supported by his friends and partners from a TV show of Saturday Night Live (David Speyd, Nick Svardson, Allen Kovert), continuing to accept invitations on kameo in its cheap buffooneries. However, the permanent participant and Adam`s colleague, Rob Schneider, something is not eager to support the friend in trouble any more. Let`s hope, as the Hollywood comedian, sooner or later, will outgrow the image of the rural little fool and will cease to indulge unpretentious part of the American audience. It would be desirable to trust.