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Our dreams of

of Dream. h2 do not have

anything more perfectly, than to close eyes and having relaxed to run forward years so on 5 - 10 to present itself the happy person as in the far childhood, we so long dreamed to have everything about what and to become that whom we wanted to be in far children`s dreams. Perhaps at present these dreams changed and became something to more perfect or on the contrary all dreams turned into sad reminiscence and every time force to sigh and fall apart. Only present to
yourself as that person who already achieved everything in the life.
If you are not afraid to dream it just fine to you I was lucky I consider that each who dreams is happy because our imagination is one of the best gifts of the Universe which we have an opportunity to use at any time, always, everywhere. I will tell
Ya to you about the impressions for certain at you the same feelings arise, feelings of winged sentiments and pleasure, enthusiasm, energy, a positive. Quite so our dreams what they would not be (wild and passionate, fantastic, impudent, romantic and gentle) allow to feel, you will not list all. But it is possible to feel.
If you dream only present as you were lucky because there are people who buried the brightest desires under the doubts and disbelief in happiness and pleasure for a long time.

Why people stop dreaming? Most likely to them it becomes terrible

that their dreams will never come true. From - for it the most natural mechanism of protection of our organism works. At the moment when we cease to trust in something, for example such things as (love, the forces, honesty, justice, any chance), all this very naturally dies over time or fills up with so sound sleep that it is better not to awake not to cause pain and a storm of negative emotions. For example I dreaming asked a courageous question to the person who as seemed to me too dreamed. But when I asked about what you dream, in reply heard nothing. The person left from my question, then I came on the other hand and asked approximately too most and what at you aims lives? And I did not hear anything new typical (the car, the apartment, money, children) and, but I had it in a look, of course it is one of the most banal things and I consider that such things they do not make a reservation has to have everyone, even the attention to it is not paid.
But I meant something else more significant.
I so did not receive the answer. Probably people will tell that this exception also actually dreams everyone, just not everyone can sincerely open to the stranger at once.
Is possible, but when remind the person of his dreams or force to think in eyes at once the spark lights up and it is even visible to the naked eye that when the person thinks of the dreams it it does not become free a little happier and there is a smile, the state mood changes, eyes can even begin to shine. And therefore whether very often having asked the first question to any person he dreams it is possible to define quickly so it, for this purpose who knows the matter on it the answer will not force to reflect long.

Why everyone has to dream? I impose to

Ya to nobody the opinion, but I want that you knew. Why it is very important. At first I will tell the point of view. I do not present to
myself without the dreams without that center of a rainbow of fun in me. What will light in me a spark most strongly what to me will allow to move forces to the purpose? What will help me to give rise to new ideas, to create something and to think up? What also the aspiration to something great will inspire me with passion?
If I knew something else stronger, then would not tell lies therefore the answer will be only one and it is dream.
Ya I will not argue with you and I will not doubt the belief that it quite so. Of course going deep so zealously and uncompromisingly into the word dream, we will surely remember and about such words (a debt, motivation, the purpose, expectation, desire, mission) we will make for them room too, but to me it seems that dream to create something, to make something like that that will remain forever in memory of your friends, the family, what will not allow to forget about you through several generations. Because history does not forget great people, great achievement and feats.
Probably it is also secret dream of everyone to live so to leave behind valuable about what will continue to tell, admire and appreciate long time.
dream - mission, and mission - mission, advanced dream - the purpose, the purpose - motivation, motivation - desire. I can it is not right, but told is higher and higher had to suggest already to you ideas that everything is interconnected. We on this earth for the sake of that to find the mission. To define mission and the purpose, to change and having realized itself all most to leave better that we created. We are given birth to become happy to create and create fine.
Here why we need dream and imagination.

How it is correct to dream?

If still the question as it is correct to dream, then nothing terrible did not arise. Our representations it is our children and it is possible to raise them as you will want. Therefore there are no rules about that as it is correct to dream. On this subject I can tell not as it is correct to dream and as often it needs to be done. At least once a day if you need energy dream if you finished forces, ideas and answers dream again. And you receive all necessary. Together with dreams not only answers, but also understanding, understanding will come that it is important for you and what most of all you wish.
Of course dreams happen different. For example I always wanted to be the super hero Spider-Man or a glutton, and can be the superman, it is a pity that these dreams are almost doomed not to become real, but they can always be in my imagination and associate each achievement each courageous act with image of the superman and to be happy. Super - has an exchange over human abilities such what anybody do not have therefore it the best in everything any more and is unique. Who cancelled the rule to become same unique better than others. In reality of people can develop in itself qualities and abilities are so stronger, than at others that all will consider him as a unique person and perfect, popular and immortal. All remember presidents and speakers, inventors and pioneers, the best of the best.

What unless in our world is not present super - men of course is - it is our idols and people on whom we seek to become similar, to reach their height and to become even better.
be not afraid to dream: you put
The above height the more the resources almost always used time, forces, nerves can be required time and forces, but, energy are directly proportional to the received result. As differently.
Ya very often I give in to fairy tales about luck and accidents. Vezenye is a result of thorough training and persistent work. It is jump to success provoked by the saved-up experience, skills and energy in the right place in due time and the necessary moment!
not to be afraid to dream means not to be afraid of the imagination of what not everyone will be solved on.
to be afraid of the imagination - to refuse happiness and additional energy.
If you have a dream be not only courageous in its representation, write down it has the right to turn into the purpose and at first to become a little more real to paper to what it not real she would not seem and each time is stronger and stronger, and then you will feel it a hand. Your dream will become same real real as well as you you stannit dream for others the real happy person.

Whether dreams die?

Judging by experience and practice in most cases yes. If the dream was not born and did not become the purpose, unfortunately not the best can wait for it to consider, it bilateral and if on the one hand it gives happiness, then with another opposite the misfortune veiled by justifications and logical self-deception.
But is people who can live all life with dream inspired, spiritualized and too not to reach the desirable.
A is people who write down the dream on paper, create desirable result, the accurate action plan in imagination and every day day by day take steps towards it. Happiness and success is result. The dream the purpose will become better let, than this my opinion will never be born.
is better to die in fight for the happiness, than to deceive itself only hopes that everything will occur by itself that all as that will incidentally be put. As speak there would be a head there will be also the rest, then why 95% of people do not reach the dream. Among them there are cleverest, most competent, most educated people, teachers and workers at plants with clever fingers.
Ya I do not argue that if not to reach the dream it is possible to be happy, happiness can be found in a family, in children, in love, in small daily pleasures, but someone just has not enough of it also not everything, having lived usual simple life as there lives the majority in an old age remains unsatisfied with the pension and the residence and seldom looks back for the lived years with a smile.
What I want to tell? Happiness - not wealth not the possession of any property is not present, and the realized dreams and desires, harmony with itself. Happiness - a victory over by itself. that who himself wins every day against
I fight for great dreams and the purposes dies happy and are satisfied, and having looked back for the lived years only smiles and is not sorry because he devoted himself to the worthy purposes.
Ya I want to give advice to everyone be not afraid to dream how many to you years would not be how many failures would not comprehend you know your dreams are live and they are always with you until you move and that you do that!

Most important:

do not forget to turn your dreams into the purposes. If you read this article now and reached this place and it was pleasant to you. Let my article will be always remembered to you and recovers each your dream, hope, self-confidence, gives enthusiasm. If you the reader have dream for you I and wrote this article for the aid to you, then safely right now as soon as you will finish reading, write down the dream on paper. Brightly in detail, colourfully, fabulous. Describe it in all details as soon as the imagination allows. Reprint on paper and do not forget every evening, standing at a mirror to re-read.
Ya dear friends readers I will say goodbye to you)) To a meeting in the following releases!

Yours faithfully, Severyukhin Vyacheslav