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Who whom? People and bears (part 1) of

Read news on February 7 this year that in Kronotsky Biosphere Reserve bears - “Last week residents of the settlement of Sosnovka of Elizovsky district vacationers in Paratunkinskaya sanatorno ahead of time woke up - to the resort area seriously were frightened of emergence in this district of a bear - a rod. According to the okhotinspektor which found a predator, the animal is very aggressive“ - and the mood deteriorated.
Here also ended calendar winter. In spite of the fact that snow brings down almost every day - air already spring, and on a calendar the last days of March.
Till June, month when bears the first time came to our village last year, remained not enough time.
of the Event of last year even does not want to be remembered. But also to forget them hardly anyone - that will be able.
They came in June. The first they were met by inhabitants of Komsomolskaya Street.
in private enterprises of inhabitants of this street the first were destroyed all hens, pigs. Bears went to one yard daily, yet there is no chicken left. Inhabitants - pensioners could not resist to wild animals. In July bears went to trade on Sovkhoznaya Street: broke a fence in one of farms and pulled down a bucket with products. On the street the Key bear chose the cellar, made a manhole from the outer side, ate all stocks of jam, tore apart the greenhouse.
On Sovetskaya Street bears put up a fight between hotel and an apartment house. Residents of the house, and guests of the village who observed a wild scene from windows became witnesses of a show. On Zarechnaya Street the bear pulled down bags with the fish prepared for a forage of dogs buried it under the greenhouse and several days visited the hiding place, keeping in suspense and fear of inhabitants of the house. All described events took place not at night, and in broad daylight. In broad daylight bears walked about on streets of the village. They went on roads near shops, near houses, settled to sleep under the teeter in the yard private at home.
the Bear walked about on a runway, once it happened, at plane landing, at times the she-bear with bear cubs left to a porch of the building of cash desk and a waiting room of the airport. Describing the horror at collision with an animal face to face the employee of the airport, says that never tested such feeling of vulnerability especially as from passengers that day there were one children from needy families sent for rest and improvement in summer camp, two women and any man! Though what the man at a meeting with a predator can make?
For reference: The Kamchatka brown bear - the fisher (Ursus arctos piscator) - subspecies of a brown bear, a predatory mammal of family bear, the largest land predator on the peninsula. In the territory of Kronotsky Biosphere Reserve more than 700 individuals live, in It is southern - the Kamchatka federal wildlife area about 1000. The predator has no natural enemies. (5 - 6 months a year) bears carry out half-lives in a dream. During the berlozhny period the she-bear brings posterity.
the Weight of such predator reaches 600 kg., and length of a body of two and a half meters. The average weight of the bears living on Kamchatka makes 350 - 400 kilograms.
Last year victims of bears of steel 44 summer man and 19th summer girl. The tragedy happened in the valley of the river of Paratunk on August 13. On September 23 near the village of Sobolevo the meeting of the 55th summer man with a predator ended with the tragedy. The man died.
a predator made the way on October 1 on the territory of military unit near the settlement Koryaks and bit the serviceman. In the same day the predator pursued the resident of the village of Sobolevo which left in the evening in shop, the person by miracle “flew up“ on a roof of shop, the bear pursuing it peeled to it a hip and a side. The authorities recommend to create task force to which citizens should address. The action plan is fulfilled: the inhabitant who saw a bear phones to the dispatcher of regional service of rescue about the fact, the dispatcher will organize collecting task force and its departure on the scene on transport of local police. Task force … etc. This scheme works and today. It seems the tick is put, and as if the commission is also EDDS in the area is created.
A if, I`m sorry, the person half asleep went to a toilet in the yard in the morning (for reference: in our area there is no centralized sewerage)? And phone with itself did not take? Or it has no phone? Or charging came to an end? The bear last year watched at a public toilet every morning! And if the child or the grandmother who will not manage to get phone faces a bear? I Will continue by
the facts of last year: Practically all kitchen gardens are trampled by bears. Inhabitants are afraid to graze cows, people are forced to hammer cattle, the livestock of cattle decreased almost twice, and “with the help“ bears private enterprises of settlements suffered huge losses.
Workers of a meteorological station, bakers, cooks, citizens whose working day begins, actually at night, are afraid to go to work. The facts of an exit of bears to the village in “light“ time - and can be listed in the morning indefinitely in the afternoon. After the bear interfered with the electrician of DES in July to pass on a workplace - the head of the organization disposed to bring employees to work on the official car. Unfortunately, not in each organization in the territory of sat down to eat the car! Especially each family does not have it in municipality. Children go to school, parents conduct kids in kindergarten early in the morning on roads along a stream House along which, bears daily went. In September the citizens wishing to pay receipts for the electric power observed imposingly the roaming bears at the house where there is a cash desk. Predators did not react to signals of cars which drivers tried to drive away them. According to informal data around the village 280 - 300 individuals were concentrated. Read out from the helicopter.
Here also came Spring. Bears wake up. We are afraid. What does the future summer prepare for us?