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Depression among youth: uncertainty in tomorrow leads the reasons, methods of fight

In attempt to avoid problems which the youth faces every day and also to the fact that some people address drugs and crime which are very connected among themselves. These problems are also connected with a depression.

Teenage age - the difficult period. At some young people bad opinions on themselves, they have no feeling of pleasure, have problems at school or at work. Thus, they can be depressed, it can lead to attempts to commit suicide - destructive gesture for their parents and trustees. The understanding of factors and interaction of a depression is extremely important if we want to provide bright future which deserves each young man.

The depression is one of frustration of mood. It influences emotions, thoughts, behavior and biological functions of the person. The depression becomes an illness if the feeling of grief does not pass within several days. If not to treat her, then the depression in youth can lead to problems at school and at home, to problems with drugs, alcohol and can even become the suicide reason. The depression can destroy the identity of the teenager and cause the overwhelming press, despair and bitterness.

What reasons of a depression at young people?

Disturbing events, lack of support from a family, strict discipline and negative attitude to itself, the world, future, - all this can promote a depression.

The most common symptoms at young people include: feeling of grief, lack of interest in daily activity, loss of appetite, problem with a dream, nightmares, difficulties with concentration of attention, problem with memory, sudden social isolation or aggressive behavior, suicide bents.

it concerns

of Whom?

the Depression - an illness of our time. Researches show that a depression, also as to diseases of a digestive tract and it is warm - vascular system, becomes the most often met illness of the 21st century. Millions of people around the world suffer from this frustration.

Indicators of a clinical depression low in the childhood and early youth, but they considerably increase at the end of teenage age (about 17%). Girls are more subject to a depression, than boys. For the last fifty years, suicides among young people aged from 15 to 24 significantly increased.

whether treatment Is possible

Some factors can protect

from a depression among youth: tolerance, self-checking, ability to cope with situations, positive expectations on the future, sense of humour, positive and healthy the relations in a family.

There is also close connection between a depression, motivation and self-confidence... There are several councils that you felt confident and could tell depression ôstopô:

1. You seek for changes.

2. Grant to yourself the right for perfection.

3. Set specific goals for yourself.

4. Try to overcome the weaknesses.

5. Do everything possible for achievement of success.

6. Correspond to your ideals.

7. Exempt the reason from foreign thoughts.

8. Release your body.

9. Change the attitude towards yourself.

10. Be not afraid of others.