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Life is a manifestation of kindness

Kindness - it is courtesy, politeness, sincerity, good the relations to everything that surrounds us. It is characteristic feature of not indifferent person. We often meet this concept of everyday life. Since the childhood parents accustomed us to mercy and desires to help, tolerances in relation to people around. Kindness has to be conscious, go with all the heart, it does not need to be pushed out by force, the main thing to listen and trust the heart.

Insignificant manifestation of attention and friendly “thanks“ to the tired employee of shop can remind him that most of buyers are grateful for its work. Or the sincere smile to the ordinary passerby can lighten him mood for the whole day. Therefore kindness is capable to work real miracles. Whether it is possible to be good, without showing it in affairs in any way? It seems to me that is not present. And it is possible to force the person to be kind? It is impossible! About it British have such proverb: “You can force a horse to approach water, but cannot force it to drink“. People make good deeds on a need of the heart, by order of conscience, but not on coercion.

In the world millions of the people different in appearance, character. Unfortunately, now, in our hard time of changes, such qualities as kindness, desire to help, tolerance mean nothing and of these concepts relative recede into the background, for some. Now it is a little merciful people because ability to get profit, care of itself, a business grasp is more appreciated. Of course, rich people do donations in various funds of the help, but usually it to be lit in the press and television. True volunteers remained, unfortunately, not so much. But there are also those which want to help, but have no means for this purpose. In that case it is possible to support spiritually and morally those who need.

What is the good? Throughout all history the mankind tries to answer this eternal question. It seems to me that the good is connected with ability to feel pity and rejoice, empathize, to hold the soul of rather open and to respond on feelings of others. Sometimes we create to people good the work if to treat her as to creativity, then it fills our hearts and brings great success. And when to work not voluntarily and without pleasure, shifts will almost not be and it will not bring to people of good.

Many great masters of the word devoted the creativity to the people. Many of them died from a cruel hand of executioners, not one wandered in the foreign land in exile, but nobody renounced to create good - to bring to people benefit the work. As hotly they loved the earth, the people, the native language. How many gave them disinterested work. It is necessary to follow an example and to imitate them. Daily, hourly, people because life is short need every second to sow good. In old age we will wonder: what good we made? What memory was left about themselves?

What rules should observe to be kind? For each person they are different. For someone is to give love, sincerity and gratitude, another is to protect friendship and love, to rejoice to meetings, to smile. However, as it is difficult to reach hearts presently to help them to understand eternal and valuable good - noble feelings of the person. Let`s listen to the conscience and souls. Perhaps it to us will help to improve the world.

If to bring good, then at heart it becomes pleasant, easy and warm because you do good serious work. We get pleasure and from gratitude of people. The main thing that everything went from heart, and then happiness will be knocked at our doors. Good business, the sincere relation, the smile, the help at a difficult moment we bring to people joy.

So, we sow good, it is never forgotten by people. Because without it we will never have a love for the neighbor, it is generated not by hostility, not the evil, namely good which for a long time remains in memory and hearts of people. Respect the parents because they give all the work to us. Put all heart and soul in the life that in old age was not what to punish for itself that it was not a shame with the acts before children. Protect those who really need it. Listen to words and feelings of other people. Smile. I trust if there are more kind people, then the world will surely change for the better. Therefore make good affairs!