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Whether science of the mathematician?

of the Mathematician - not science. It is science language . I will refer only to one statement though it is possible to give them a set: Niels Bohr said that mathematics - it something is considerable bigger, than science as it is science language. Lev Landau carried it even to supernatural sciences . And why?

We will allocate four signs sciences.

The first - existence cognizable of object .
Second - the validity judgments of it checked by experience .
Third - generality (universality) and obligation of the determined consistent patterns.
Fourth - systemacity , sequence of the concepts following the friend from the friend.

Only simultaneous realization of all these signs also defines scientific character of the known result of knowledge.

The word “mathematics“ - from the Greek mathema - “science“. However we will consider mathematics from a position of four signs of science.

This sort of human activity does not correspond to the first criterion - there is no object of research. Does not correspond also to the second - its conclusions are not checked by experience.

Mathematicians at an assessment of the works defers to “taste“, speaks: “Beautiful decision!“ And it already art.

Do not misunderstand me. I do not belittle value of mathematics as science language at all. What more science is formalized by, that it is more productive in heuristic sense.

There are no doctors and candidates of mathematical sciences - there is a physics - mathematical. Objects for its appendices deliver the physicist (as the most formalized), geophysics, architecture, some sections of theoretical chemistry (for example, quantum, molecular design), mathematical biology and economy. Within already these sciences also experience as criterion of truth works.

The majority of sections of chemistry, geology and practically all humanities are least formalized. Though in them mathematical methods are widely applied: in the linguistic analysis, sociology, demography, etc. For example, the mathematician A. N. Kolmogorov possesses the first scientific definition of linguistic concept of a case as class of equivalent semantic states.

The mathematics contribution to merging natural sciences with humanitarian by use in them deductive methods and mathematical modeling with application of many sections of mathematics - from elementary algebra to topology is huge.

Also unformalized natural laws are open (The periodic law of D. I. Mendeleyev in the form of the table, 230 groups of symmetry of crystals E. S. Fedorov in the form of spatial models, the law of homological ranks in hereditary variability of organisms of N. I. Vavilov). Fundamental properties of matter are their cornerstone - in Periodic system it is an atomic nucleus charge. For difficult systems of the laws which do not have mathematical expression has to be significantly more. the Science begins

where there is a measurement. But it is not necessary to confuse measurement and mathematics. The mathematics is a strict language, but it is possible to communicate also mild sign languages, images (painting, music). In any cards - geographical, geological and other - a minimum of mathematics and a maximum of the curtailed information in the form of images.

So you learn languages including mathematical.

Personal vital supervision : the experts owning mathematics easily independently learn foreign languages.