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Difficult choice of

… I do not know whom I would like to be, but I know well whom I would not want to be. Not at any price I will not be the president of Russia as, however, and the U.S. President, France, Georgia, Belarus etc. Responsibility is huge, around enemies, intrigues, toadies, protection - one in a toilet you do not descend, about to drink beer already I am silent and what as a result? One insults and heap of dissatisfied. And this dissatisfied constantly gather and hold a meeting, disturbing happy. I do not know how there in the USA or in France, but our, Russian dissatisfied, on days off and holidays hold a meeting in the center of big cities. Also begins - “The thief has to be imprisoned!“, “Wons from the Kremlin!“, “Down with the power of security officers!“, “Shame!“ and one for the road “Sold the country!“. Well, sold, to you - the fact that? He sold not your apartment. The person is already a lot of years as the slave Izaura by galleys, sticks on you, on Bandar-logs, and instead of gratitude it hears … I on its place would take offense long ago and left, but here on its place I just do not want to appear. And it will not give anybody the place, he is a tsar that renunciation to sign. And dissatisfied, most likely, will gather in strictly certain time and in strictly certain places soon, as well as it is necessary under the Law “About Carrying Out Meetings“. On morning muster, for example, and under the strengthened protection of the armed happy. Will have something in common, will be counted, and back, to the barrack of Obama. Which - where, by hearsay, so already also occurs. In brotherly Belarus, in brotherly Turkmenistan, in brotherly Syria …

Can become, of course, the president of some small island with soft climate and what there, on this island, there was everything, except the intertribal conflicts, but … If it is honest, just laziness. For some reason there is no wish to become the president of bank or oil company. Era of contract murders and a magnificent funeral, of course, passed, but prisons - that remained. And there isn`t much choice - Vagankovo or Lefortovo. On Vagankovo though you will go with comfort, in the import car and all in flowers, and to Lefortovo … “Paddywagon“, a gloomy escort, an uncomfortable chamber with the neighbor - the idiot. It if to pay, but you will not pay, the neighbor not just the idiot will appear, and sexual and at all not the idiot.

I will not become for anything Nemtsov - Navalny - Kasparov - Yavlinsky. They are, maybe, children good, clever, are able to play chess, go online, and suits at them expensive, and words identical, but to carry so many surnames! I on one will not respond, only on all at once and in a certain order, depending on a political environment. And it at them is changed every day on some secret signs. Though what there secrets - signs they and in America signs, only monetary and American … Ksyushey Sobchak`s

can become though it is dangerous, it has a stormy private life, I will not sustain. From women it is better to become or Mikhail Prokhorov`s wife, it is already time for him, or the football player`s wife from “Anzhi“. And if still to combine it … Not in sense of two husbands, and in sense what Prokhorov in “Anzhi“ would play soccer. Though too it is dangerous - the owner of “Anzhi“ can take and sell the football player Prokhorov where - nibud to Syzran, and sit there, erase a form twelve years, before the following elections … Here Alla Pugacheva I will never become, I do not want to kiss in public Galkin, it to a bad end can be come … Then it is necessary to kiss Bilan, then with Borya Moiseyev … Perhaps to become the wife and with itself to kiss? It, of course, is safe, but also it is not enough pleasure, with mine - that … the Great Russian writer I cannot become

love to garlic from - for surnames, great Jewish - from - for nationalities, great Buryat or Tatar - from - for ignorances of languages and customs. I will not be the companion Masyukevich from - for his addictions to cheap alcohol, he after it by phone communicates with hares. And speaks - “Hi, a hare! Where are you?“ I already hundred times explained to him where hares live - is useless … The Minister of Finance I will not be able to become from - for congenital to honesty, the Minister of Health from - for sense of shame, the Minister of Internal Affairs - from - for honesty and sense of shame. Here the Minister of Education … “Not to a lozhta of Kofu with yogurt on the contract, a lozhta at once in a portfolio!“ - it I could, at me so one acquaintance always spoke. It is strange that it not from St. Petersburg and the father at it - not the academician … She is a teacher, graduated from the pedagogical university, paid faculty.

It is possible to become still the former boxer Valuyev - you sit in the State Duma, money same how in boxing, but nobody, except cognac, beats kidneys and a liver, does not even try, and on the parties you zyrkat - nobody party offends? And president? Yes who will offend him when you nearby sit! Only Zhirinovsky, and that not from rage, and with permission and according to the approved scenario. By the way, there is no wish to be Zhirinovsky at all - the elderly harlequin in a yellow jacket, with a strange middle name and tired eyes … Here if only entirely all State Duma to become! Or Mariana hollow? Essence - that at them identical - both there, and there something occurs, some organisms move somewhere, do something, eat, drink, breed, and sense … Probably, it is, but is not subject to me therefore I am not the Duma and even not a hollow, and I sit as the fool, in the chamber and I think, though the head from thoughts strongly hurts …

Hello, the doctor! At last! On ukolchik? With pleasure! How you called me? Well you, doctor, I for a long time not Napoleon. I since morning the budget of construction of Olympic venues in Sochi! To saw me? That you, sawed me, even before acceptance and before your round for a long time. So it is better ukolchik, a tabletochka from the head and to sleep. No, Borodino does not dream any more … Palm trees in snow dream, dolphins on skates, churchkhela on skis. Still biathlon on the beach and figure skating in a sea penalty fee … And as the ballerina Volochkova plays curling. I wake up - the nurse a floor rubs … And chamber-pots on a floor slide … Tell, the doctor and where Volochkova disappears in the morning? And what with me after the Olympic Games will be? I will settle in the English banks? Then, the sir, prick, prick magnesia to the queen! If I in England, so I am Queen Victoria! Carefully, do not touch a crown, I it not on the head carry …

Ilya Krishtul