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Whether it is possible to live life ideally? Yes if to listen to parents.

Who agrees with such reasoning? For certain there will be people who will assure of the return. But let`s remember the youth for certain many made mistakes having disobeyed parents. Our parents always warn us about danger, speak as correctly it is necessary to arrive that to make a mistake. But we never nislushay them. We want never to show the independence and them we listen. Very much often such acts bring us into the deadlock or it is worse than that in not a remediable mistake. I personally nasvoy example understood that mother is always right and it is better to listen to her. But unfortunately it appeared too late. During this time I made much reparable mistakes. Which me will pursue all life, and never allowed to forget about itself. At school I was an honors pupil. But then the age began transitional and I decided that for me this main. Rolled down on the three and failed examination. As a result arrived but a grant. Though mother warned that this beginning of my adulthood and depends on it my future. Then I came to college., It seems, everything began not bad. I was a head and the activist. But then again there were girlfriends, parties began, and study faded into the background. Mother always spoke as it will important be disaccustomed in this life and to be the diplomaed person. She told as it is important and that she wants that I reached that what she could Izz of absence of parents. She supported me and executed all whims, wanted that I was disaccustomed as at me all disposed to it. Having graduated from college I after all arrived on a tower. But having contacted the bad company, I got to prison. Mother of course pulled out me in half a year. And of course it was a shame to me chtonibud to speak, she warned that bad children. At mother`s insistance I arrived on a tower again. But besides married and gave birth to the child. Also it was necessary to forget about study for some time. Now I stay at home with two finished higher educations, and I understand to a kakzha my mother was right vovsy. But alas already late nothing can be changed. Eh, if it was possible to turn back the clock. I would always listen to mother, and any mistakes a sovershshal. But much to my regret nothing can be corrected, and time back reflect to turn
A over heading now. Unless I am right? I hope convinced you a personal example. At the beginning of life we are always supported by our parents. They us learn to do right thing and to make mistakes. We as little chickabiddies in nests. And our parents teach us to fly. And until we fly up highly it is impossible to disobey them. It is possible to fall in the abyss and never an ottuda to get out.
I Hope to you it was interesting to reflect on life, and on the importance in them our parents. Many probably scrolled the life before eyes reading article, and in many respects agreed with me. Some can became interesting as life seemingly long, but it is possible to make so many mistakes for short time. There now my such life. Now to me only 24 and vrodeba I am such young. But already made mistakes very much. I wish you to make
Ya as little as possible mistakes. And better even studies as strangers, and always to listen to adults.