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What is photogenicy covered behind the word?

“Photogenicy“ - the term which appeared for the first time in the actor`s environment. It was applied to people who looked on a picture much better, than in real life.

Beauty, regular features and expressiveness are the important, but not main factors of photogenicy. People with very big “Ego“, that is superlove to themselves, the negative settled habits, thirst for spirits and free sex are not photogenic usually, they badly turn out in photos how tried to present themselves in a shot.

Let`s say before you the photo where two persons are represented. Let`s try to find out who what qualities possesses. So, we choose the one who turned out not really, that is it is not photogenic. By the way, the photographers aspiring to skill tops prefer to work with not photogenic objects. What can we tell about it?

It is the person having low intelligence and primitive level of culture, lives simply, perhaps, it is biased to alcohol, is indifferent to children and relatives, stale, rough. The first and second course puts in one plate - not because there is no hot water to wash up a plate after first course but because considers it inexpedient. In such person there is a lot of negative energy. It is inclined to hysteria, suspiciousness, disorder, loss of a sense of responsibility.

Now we will allocate the person who was pleasant to us for a photo, - photogenic. The portrait transfers beauty of his soul. Such person is deeply decent, sensitive, emotional, charming, loves the family and children. Loves himself and by the principle “love the neighbor as himself“ treats people around. In it there is a lot of positive energy, it radiates good and happiness.

The photo is a small reproduction on the plane of a part of reality with a little distorted contrast and brightness. The picture taken out of a context of smells, sounds and the previous events is only imperfect similarity of the real world. There`s nothing to be done, so the human brain is arranged that objectively it perceives any image only in an environment of other objects.

By the way if all people were photogenic, then photographers could not show the skill. It is pleasant to work with less photogenic. The photographer tries to find reflection of an internal brainwork, experiences and emotions of the person in each features. To make the personality perfect, at least on a photo, to allow an inner world to seem on a surface.

Gathering to the photographer, reflect what category you treat. Are photogenic or not really? And if your version of the answer of the second, surely work over yourself. Improve the personal qualities. Be kind, successful, successful, smiling, joyful, lovely.

The photo has to be excellent. That it transferred beauty of your inner world, try to reach a unification of soul and reason.

All the rest - work of the photographer - the professional who will help means of the photo to reflect a charm of your soul.