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Swallow`s nests: as well as why they need to be eaten?

What is edible swallow`s nests and what they differ from usual in? As far as they are curative? Whether trade of swallow`s nests can make profit and what from them can be prepared?

What is edible swallow`s nests

As everything is known, China is terribly overpopulated. And such situation remained for centuries. Thereof China starved eternally. And starving what only do not eat. Here were also learned in Celestial Empire not to neglect that heaven sends.

In dishes of Chinese cuisine it is possible to find the roast from a snake and a cat called by “Fight of the Dragon with the Tiger“, fins of a shark, the earthworms baked in the salts of hens, ants, mice and rats, snails, dog meat goulash, duck eggs sustained hundred days in a limy plastering. In a word, the ethnic cuisine concentrated skills of preparation of everything that by ran (or crawled).

Besides, in China eat not only animals, but also their dwelling - for example, swallow`s nests. Do not take in head to experiment with preparation in food of our swallow`s nests - mean something by the Chinese swallow`s nests absolutely other.

And what?

We will begin with the fact that it nests not of swallows, and martins - the salangan living on coast of Bay of Bengal and Is southern - the Chinese sea. The well-known nests of the baby of a salangana are molded not from clay, and from seaweed, fastening them with own saliva. As incrustations of a salangana generously add a berry and whitebaits of small fishes there. Here also it turns out that swallow`s nests consist of quite edible products, except for incidentally stuck plumelets.

It agrees one of legends, swallow`s nests in X ˛˛˛ a century the Chinese emperor when the Mongolian troops tired out his army on the rocky island where except swallow`s nests, there was nothing even a little - malsk edible for the first time tried. Nutritious nests not only helped army to survive and battle further, but also were a tasty and useful product.

, As far as swallow`s nests are curative

there was a steady opinion that all oriental dishes are scary curative, directly - panacea from all misfortunes. I do not know how concerning all other dishes, but swallow`s nests, seemingly, meet the expectations attributed by a rumor.

It is natural that the swallow`s nests which are actually seafood contain a large amount of iodine. Besides, they contain phosphorus, calcium, iron and many other useful minerals. But not this main thing. Important the fact that the combination of the components which are a part of swallow`s nests makes surprisingly powerful cumulative impact on a human body increases immunity, strengthens protective forces, makes the rejuvenating impact.

Especially swallow`s nests are useful to children, old men, pregnant women, weak and sick people. Only the list of diseases of which we could get rid, regularly consuming swallow`s nests, occupies several pages. It is enough to tell that they cure asthma, chronic cough, throat diseases, show antineoplastic activity, promote treatment of some oncological diseases.

Swallow`s nests improve quality of spermatozoa, solve problems of man`s infertility, besides, are strong aphrodisiac and raise a potentiality. And it is pleasant to women that they rejuvenate skin and smooth wrinkles. Therefore swallow`s nests not only eat, but also make of them drugs and cosmetics.

What profit can make trade of swallow`s nests

Delicious swallow`s nests - one of the most expensive foodstuff, their price reaches 2000 dollars for kilogram that is comparable with the most expensive grades of beluga caviar.

Not very long ago trade of swallow`s nests was very labor-consuming and dangerous business - salangana nest on steep rocks at the height of 10-15 - the floor house and desperately protect the dwelling.

However now, in our high-technical century, their began to part like hens, quails or ostriches. For salangan build high multi-storey buildings in which instead of windows in walls narrow cracks, like a letka in a beehive are arranged.

Inside under low ceilings numerous concrete beams are arranged. Salangana with pleasure mold nests in secluded corners between beams and a ceiling. From there they are periodically cut off by workers of a salangany farm, trying to withdraw only those nests in which eggs are not laid yet. Sometimes poor salangana should mold nests on three times a year.

Now around the world in a year extract several tons of swallow`s nests. If to consider that the dried-up nest of a salangan weighs about 10 g, it is possible to imagine what this quantity, and what scope was reached by this business. Trade of swallow`s nests continuously develops, and that hour when they become available to any inhabitant of the planet is near.

How to cook notorious soup from swallow`s nests

Swallow`s nests eat not only in China. Soup from swallow`s nests is popular in India, Indonesia, the countries of Indochina. It is possible to try it and at us, but only at expensive restaurants of the large cities.

It is possible to prepare and most if it is possible to get (you never can tell!) this swallow`s nest. How?

At first the swallow`s nest is filled in with boiled water and left to bulk up for five hours, periodically replacing the cooling-down water with boiled water. For an additional softening swallow`s nests drench with solution of baking soda. From the inflated nest tweezers clean the stuck plumelets, down and dirt. Then carefully wash out cold water.

The soaked swallow`s nest is filled in with chicken broth so that it covered a nest, and cook on strong fire of 15 minutes.

Then this chicken broth is merged and fill in a nest with a new portion of strong chicken broth. Add small cut crude light chicken meat, boiled ham and to taste glyutamat sodium, salt, greens. Bring to boiling and cook half an hour on weak fire.

Bon appetit and good health!