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Whether you know that bell-ringing treats people?

are A lot of on light of everyone unknown and inexplicable. The facts when bells inexplicably began to hoot are known, foretelling any events. Once the bell was even cut birches, and then banished to Siberia for the fact that it without participation of the person announced an indecent event. Let`s understand that occurs when the bell calls.

In old times the bell was called “a God`s voice“, that is it was supposed what by means of a bell with people was told by god. The person who rang a bell was called “ìèðîí“, “the convoking world“. Initially mission of a bell - creative. In general, the bell makes quite material sound which is pleasant to an ear of the person. Well, it is pleasant to itself and is pleasant, and and here treats?

Clairvoyants claim that when the bell calls, there is a radiation of very strong energy. Vibrations on a phase of the heard sound coincide with the vibrations of matter of the thin world which are well perceived by the person and are salutary. Practice shows that these power information signals - messages - are favorable for people.

By researchers of bell-ringing it is proved that in space of a bell positive energy is generated. According to legends, thanks to bell-ringing in Russia people escaped from epidemics, from their black negative energy.

The most important among bells is the Tsar - a bell in the Moscow Kremlin. In general, the bell is the only musical instrument in an Orthodox church. In Russia bells for the first time appeared with adoption of Christianity. In the people said that if the icon is a prayer in paints, and the temple - a prayer in a stone, then the bell is a prayer in a sound, an icon sounding or the zvonny ikonnitsa.

Bell-ringing awakens soul, brings light, joyful mood and the pacified state. He helps to change to soul of the person to the best, sets thinking on meaning of life. And, as we know, a physical body again therefore with improvement of soul also the body is improved. Favorable impact is made by sound therapy, the bell therapy and so-called “bell“ water loaded with power of bells.

In bell-ringing the marvelous force which is deeply getting into human hearts is put. One of its main functions is convocation and association of people. “Contact“ with bells even of the closed person turns into sociable. Different types of bell-ringing differently influence an emotional condition of the person, causing sometimes grief, sometimes thoughtfulness, but most often a positive spirit - pleasure and a solemn elation.

Bell-ringing promotes fast neutralization of negative energy and does it safe for the person. It helps to cure heavy types of depressions and mental disorders, headaches, dizziness, relieves of sleeplessness and promotes restoration of a dream.

In end it is necessary to wish with a positive spirit to listen to bell-ringing and to be absolutely healthy person.