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From where there was a boomerang?

When, at meetings, speak to me about the problems and, allegedly unsoluble life situations, in this case I suggest to address what preceded this case.
About the actions, the taken steps in the present of people can tell very in detail. But, when you ask to remember, it is concrete with whom and as communicated before there was something bad … unnecessary, here - that the interlocutor also begins to reflect and look at the actions perfect other eyes, as if from outside.

It would be very useful - not to blame others, and to see that it seemed in a different way earlier. As if your any fault, an oversight was not. And in practice that turns out? Here precipitately arrived, here trusted though you were warned, it was charged there though you were brought, brought someone, changed someone, betrayed someone, somewhere deceived ….

It is not obligatory that you had all this “bouquet“. Even if something one, then and it will cause an unattractive situation. Happens that programmed itself on failure by own language - negative words. Pootkrovennichal with someone, then to you bones “washed“, look - ached from where this infection undertook? From there …

So the interlocutor begins to understand the reason of emergence of the question, so to speak, to penetrate into problem depth, to look for its root.
A where to take the answer? Of course, in, and only in. We are so arranged that on each question which appeared in our life in our nature there is an answer, and it is not a utopia, but the facts checked by my experience.

So when we analysed all previous events, found a root of all evils, a root and if recognized the wrongfulness even if small, everything falls into place and problems will leave there from where came. And in order that problem situations were not created, does not prevent to listen to intuition and to try to motivate the acts.

So, the daughter when she about something asked, I did not refuse, and said that she has to convince me of need of this or that that it is very necessary for it, it is necessary. There passed time, and often she agreed that it is really not necessary either to go somewhere or to do something. It was pleasant to observe when she reasoned the desires, and then had satisfaction from result.

And here still example. All of us know
about property of a boomerang - obligatory to come back. And in this family case. Once I witnessed an unattractive picture. Quarrel with jealousy of two young people living together and expecting the child took place. There was a real fight. Later, having a little calmed down, the woman told me about herself.

They together worked at the market. According to her, they suddenly understood that they are simply necessary each other, it came understanding in all questions, it is a lot of general … It leaves a family, the husband and two children, similarly and he leaves a family and two children. And here she, from big love, decided to give birth to the general child.

What occurs after a while? Long before the birth of their child it begins the relations with the new secretary, and there is what happens with jealousy. Shadowings, scenes, threats, tears …
When I asked why you so made, took away the husband from the wife? Threw the children and the husband? And suddenly at it unexpectedly escaped, it seems even with pride: and my grandmother beat off to herself the husband too. It, probably was on the ball in own eyes.

But to it there was the same, as to that, the left woman. They dispersed till the child`s birth. Here it is regularity, here it is a boomerang, I thought, and bible history was remembered at once with we Ache also his son Ham from where and the name “rudeness“ went that means an unseemly act. Or from the same Bible: do not dig to another a hole - itself you will get to it. Or: what you will seed (and the evil was seeded), you will reap. Many Bible truth is given for proverbs - the speech from the people.

It appears, here from where “boomerang“ - from the law of shine and a harvest appeared. We, sometimes, not really ponder upon an essence of this law. Just we know - what is seeded, it also will surely grow. But we sow certain seeds not only to the soil of the earth. The seeds planted to the soil of heart, souls can become both words, and acts, and relationship and even to thought. Everything that is seeded, will yield shoots and fruits and will return to the sower of kind - good, to the sower of evil seeds - the evil.

So before to ask questions and to be surprised: “What it at me is not got on with work, and at the neighbor everything is good? Why children do not obey and the wife is eternally dissatisfied? Why the friend brought, and I so counted …“ it is necessary to remember a boomerang always.