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Everything that you will read, is written down according to our favourite God - the Father of

Everything that you will read, written down according to our favourite God - the Father


Before creation of the Universe there was a chasm. In it there was our favourite God the Father, beloved our God`s Mother Maria,
Saint Michael the Archangel (the Archangel Arkhistratig Mikhail subsequently) and Angela, them surrounding are children of favourite our
of God - the Father and God`s Mother of Maria, children of the Archangel Arkhistratiga Mikhail and God`s Materi of Maria.
our Favourite God the Father decided to create the Universe.
In the first five heavenly days * It created heaven, the earth, the seas and oceans, the first solar system, with the planet Earth,
separated light of night - 5,5 billion years BC of
In the second five heavenly days God the Father created vegetation, the woods, fruit-trees, animals, animals, birds,
of fishes, reptiles. Also decided to occupy Earth similar. God the Father constantly watched
For 11 - 15 heavenly days development of the creation.
For the sixteenth heavenly day God the Father decided to have a rest. But he constantly monitored development of the creation.

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*- 1 heavenly year is equal to 25 terrestrial years.


Is the huge ball of fire in a space having similarity of the person, having the huge force and
energy, huge mind. From it beams in the form of the Holy Spirit proceed.
the Father - God and the Holy Spirit is one and too.


the Holy Spirit is in each person.
God the Father through the Holy Spirit gives to people life and death. Through the Holy Spirit of people receives force and energy. If
the Holy Spirit abandons the person, there occurs the death. light and force we directly receive
A from God - the Father.
If good luck - the Father we enter communication through the Holy Spirit, then with the beloved son of our God - the Father - the God`s Son
Jesus Christ - directly.
God the Father addresses our soul through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit carries out the God`s purpose. Works in us and for us,
to finish our rescue.
the Holy Spirit leads us to obedience to the God`s word. He remembers all sins, sodeyanny the person, and writes down them in
the special heavenly magazine. Prepares our soul for representation to God - to the Father, learns to obey God`s law on the way to God - to the Father.
the Holy Spirit stays in souls of all people, but, despite it, all of them sin. As a result in hearts and souls of people
the evil ghost is installed.


SYSTEM After creation of the Universe our favourite God the Father for the second day created the Sun.
the Sun is in a condition of plasma. It turns round its pivot-center very slowly. The sun consists of plasma
rings which rotate diversely very slowly. As a result of friction on rings positive and negative
charges are formed.
At accumulation of a certain quantity of charges, once in several years, on the Sun occur explosions which influence brightness
of the Sun. Sun brightness is restored over time.
In the middle of the Sun of any reaction does not occur. The Sun does not throw out any particles of plasma.
All planets are created by God - the Father.
the Moon was created as the satellite of Earth which has to light Earth at night and influence climatic changes on Earth.
Each created planet God the Father tried to occupy people, similar. But people could not breathe air which surrounded the planet given
, and died.
Only on the planet Earth people could live and breathe the air consisting of oxygen and carbon dioxide. They could not only live on
Earth, but also breed, occupy all planet. Now there is very strong change of weather conditions on Earth. It is
is explained by the fact that the Sun very slowly turns towards the North Pole. Magnetic poles of Earth are constantly on one
place, no changes happen to them.
In 580 years the Sun will kindle the most part of glaciers on the North Pole that will cause partial flooding of the terrestrial land. On the South Pole
there will come very hard frosts, on Northern - a heat.
Destruction of a civilization and return of people to position of savages will not occur. Transition of heat to cold and vice versa will take place
very slowly and people, gradually, will adapt. Such change of weather conditions is provided by our favourite God - the Father for
of rejuvenation of the Universe of the first solar system.
the First such change occurred 2 billion 5 million years BC of


Through 150 million years after creation of the first solar God the Father Began system to create the second solar system. At first he created
the Sun, but several times there is less Sun of the first solar system. The device and a role the same sun that in the first solar system: to warm with
solar system.
In the second solar system was created two planets on which there live people: the planet the Oreanda in constellation Orion and planet Sirius
in constellation Sirius.
On these planets people live artificial, they are created from those gases which are on these planets.
the People living on the planet the Oreanda are similar to various animals. They are very friendly.
the People living on the planet Sirius are similar to people of Earth. Their growth to 1,2 m. They are very aggressive.
Life expectancy of people on these planets of 25 years. They very clever and strong. They have own starprobe vehicles which
they use as people on Earth cars.
I is that, and others often fly to Earth on UFO. The people living on the Oreanda arrive to Earth and monitor development of a civilization.
A people of Sirius arrive to Earth and steal people. They make over people from Earth experiments, take blood for the analysis. For them it is unclear,
as on Earth live and breed people. They do not know what is love. Therefore in 2012 they intend to attack Earth, to destroy
of people on the globe and to move on the earth. But our favourite God the Father will not assume that his creation on the globe was destroyed. They will be destroyed by
. And on the planet Sirius life will stop the existence in August, 2012.
the People living on the planet the Oreanda will come into contact with Earth in 2025. They are afraid to catch now a virus which exists
on Earth. By 2025 they will have an adaptation to this virus.


When God the Father created the Universe, Earth had no satellite. In order that on the globe there were climatic changes,
God the Father decided to give to the globe the satellite of Earth. It took the planet which were in the second solar system, and, having moved it,
made the satellite of Earth - the Moon. It occurred in the fifth civilization.
On this planet lived people. They moved on other planet - Sirius which was nearby.
On the Moon is many underground constructions.
during flights to Earth, and people from Sirius make them very often, they constantly do stops on the Moon. Therefore they let
to the American astronauts know that on the Moon they have nothing to do. Since then the American astronauts One Moon bigger do not fly.
On the Moon people will not be able to live. There are no conditions for life of people.


Demons - it is angels who after an exit to a surface refused to ask forgiveness from God - the Father, and were turned by God - the Father
into demons.
Now demons try not to do to people the harm. Try to come into friendly contacts with people. They are afraid that “*“ gift of God - the Father - to be able to do to
after receiving by the Son Bozhyim everything that God the Father can do, the Son Bozhy will destroy them.
Demons are those people who remained on the earth. They did not get neither to Heaven, nor to Hell. These are the people who died and are not buried, torn to pieces by
animals etc. They are very dangerous to people. They revenge people for the fact that they were not buried.
are diabolized people, force them to break God`s commandments - the Father, force to become alcoholics, addicts, to kill people,
push them on suicide. Arrange various intrigues, push on quarrels in families and violations of relationship between people etc. of
Demons and Demons are under protection of the Satan.


In heaven angels from our favourite God - the Father and God`s Mother of Maria, the Archangel Arkhistratiga Mikhail and God`s Materi of Maria were born.
Angels were born even before creation of the Universe.
Angels among themselves were at enmity: everyone wanted to occupy the place near God - the Father. The earth began to be visited after the Universe, only on permission of God - the Father was created by
In heaven were born tens of thousands of angels (spirits), with the purpose to occupy the globe.
Angels (spirits) had to on permission of God - the Father to come to Earth. God the Father would give them a physical body and a physical brain.
For the sixth day after creation of the Universe God the Father decided to occupy the earth people, similar. It sent to Earth of angels (spirits),
having given them a physical body and a physical brain.
In the first civilization, it was about 5,5 billion years BC, people were growth to 50 m
at the command of God - the Father the Egyptian pyramids were constructed. God the Father told what form pyramids have to have.
the Complex of the Egyptian pyramids of Giza copies a picture of the star sky of constellation Orion and constellations Sirius.
In time when from the territory of the constructed pyramids the constellation Orion and Sirius is visible, the people who came to pyramids receive force, energy
and courage. Pyramids have no curative force. They are constructed by
for burial of Pharaohs, notable persons, brave soldiers.
is In pyramids very big force and energy which punishes all who will dare to enter here. The people who entered a pyramid of
begin to be ill and die very strongly.
Buried in pyramids remained up to now. than
If to make the copy of pyramids and to place there the patient, then to it it will become even worse as pyramids are made for burial, but not for treatment.
With arrival of a new civilization human height decreases. Life expectancy of people in the first civilization was 5000 years. People not of
knew what is love.
We live in the sixth civilization, human height about 2 m
now In the seventh civilization which will come in 580 years, human height will be about 1 m
With each civilization human height will decrease. It is easier for little person to adapt to climatic and living conditions. God the Father constantly watches
development of a civilization and life of people on the globe. People did not love God - the Father. Admired to idols,
very strongly sinned. God the Father could not look at it and decided to destroy people on all globe.
It caused the shift of continents. From - behind cutting of change of climate almost all live on the globe died.
So occurred also in the second, third and fourth civilization. In the fifth civilization God the Father made a Flood.
Adam and Eve, the beloved son and the beloved daughter Boga - the Father and God`s Mother of Maria, were sent to the earth in the fifth civilization. Eve was 15 years old,
to Adam - 17.
For the sixth day God the Father allowed Adam and Eve a perfect physical body and perfect physical mind and gift to give birth to children on love.
Adam and Eve had to live forever, breed and occupy the globe.
Human race would breed and expanded Paradise borders until Paradise captures all globe. The human race would be a close-knit family,
all members of which would be in perfect health, would not grow old on the paradise earth.
But Adam and Eve`s children, their grandsons and great-grandsons would live already not forever, and so much how many God the Father would give to each of them.
But that everything was as God the Father conceived, Adam and Eve had to recognize the right of the creator to direct them. God the Father
had the right to exercise control over the creation. Adam and Eve had to recognize control and the guide of God - the Father. They were created by
with a free will, but this freedom should use within laws of God - the Father.
Adam and Eve fell in love with each other and decided to get married. God the Father forbade them to marry until Eve is 21 years old. At this age
the organism of the woman ripened for the birth of strong, healthy children.
Adam and Eve broke God`s ban - the Father. Adam impregnated Eve for what God the Father very strongly took offense at them.
In 9 months Eve gave birth to twins: Cain and Abel. After that God the Father decided not to send to the earth of angels for the purpose of settling of a terrestrial
sphere. God the Father solved: let people on Earth breed on love.
Cain very strongly was jealous Abel of God - to the Father and did not want that Abel used the same privileges, as Cain. Cain killed Abel.
God the Father punished it For it very dreadful diseases. Cain died in very terrible torments. God the Father deprived Adam and Eve of a perfect physical
body and a brain.
on the earth appeared Since then a sin.
Adam and Eve preferred to abuse the gift freedoms. They decided that they will be able to decide for themselves what is correct and it is not correct.
As they ceased to live according to the Scripture, were provided to themselves. Having decided to be independent of God - the father, Adam and Eve lost
the perfection then they began to be ill, suffer, grow old and to die. Adam lived 938 years, Eve lived 839 years. After death God the Father
forgave them sins.
Children to whom they gave birth were not perfect too. They continued to inherit diseases, sufferings, an old age and death. Children began
to be born tormently. Therefore also we are born with an imperfect body and a brain. The brain of animals and animals is more perfect, than at people. We inherit defects
in the form of diseases, aging and death. Therefore life of people is sated with sufferings, a grief, diseases and death.
Creating the Universe, our favourite God the Father decided to create people who would live on the land and in water. And he created dolphins at whom the brain
is created more perfectly, than at people. But instead of hands and legs they had flippers, and instead of lungs - gills. They it is cleverer than people, but people do not understand them.
Dolphins very much love people and try to give at a difficult moment on water to them help. They very well influence people. At communication with
dolphins people recover from many diseases. Dolphins have very good health, very big force, energy and courage, who receive
from the Holy Spirit. The dolphin is not the person, but it surpasses it in all respects: to health, mind, force, energy and man`s
the Birth of children at dolphins, as well as at people, occurs on love.
After death of “shower“ of a dolphin leaves on heaven on the fifth level of Paradise.
Origin of a fruit occurs as well as at people, only at the cub birth in it “soul“ is installed - it is children of darling
of our God - the Father and God`s Mother of Maria.
People in Paradise on permission of God - the Father establish families and give birth to children.


It gives a lot of strength, energy and courage, both the man, and the woman. Sex needs to have constantly, but on love, from favourite
the woman.
Having sex, you keep the health, energy and man`s force.


At the Archangel Arkhistratiga Mikhail and God`s Materi of Maria was born the beloved son who was named “Lucifer“ that means “radiant“,
“a morning dawn“. He was born very beautiful, clever and strong.
When to Lucifer 15 years were executed, God the Father gave it a rank the Archangel, but the high post did not offer. The army was subordinate Lucifer
, it is Angela, children of the Archangel Arkhistratiga Mikhail and God`s Materi of Maria.
Nothing broke heavenly harmony until Lucifer did not allow pride and jealousy to take the heart. Seeds of contention
were seeded among Angels. The Lucifer said to Angels that he has to stand above God - the Father and tried to take his place.
After strong battles Lucifer together with devoted Angels was thrown off to Earth by faithful soldiers of God - the Father, under the direction of
of the Archangel Arkhistratiga Mikhail.
God the Father ground Lucifer and Angels in a vault which was called “Hell“ subsequently. “Hell“ is at a depth of 15 thousand m
underground. In “Hell“ it is dark, hot, chilly. People never come to the Earth`s surface. The entrance to “Hell“ is at the bottom of the Arctic
ocean through locks, at a depth of 15 thousand m
After emergence on Adam and Eve`s Earth, God the Father allowed Lucifer and Angels to leave a vault on a surface. Lucifer asked for
of God - the Father forgiveness. He was forgiven and God the Father suggested Lucifer to return on heaven, but Lucifer refused. Then God the Father appointed Lucifer
the chief of “Hell“. Knowing
about danger of fall of people, God the Father released Lucifer that it tempted people, that is, checked them for fidelity and devotion
to God - to the Father. As people betrayed God - the Father, he wanted that they experienced the fall. To intimidate people the clergy
called Lucifer Satanoy, Antichrist.
Jesus Christ with 12 - summer to 30 - summer age of veins in the desert. All 18 years the Satan checked Jesus Christ for fidelity to God - to the Father.
Jesus Christ did not give in to a temptation though knew that he will be executed a crucifixion on a cross. On execution of the 30th summer age God the Father
allowed Jesus Christ to return to Israel.
the Satan is not guilty of Jesus Christ`s death. It did not direct the efforts to destruction of those people which in Jesus Christ`s execution did not accept participation
the Satan did not aspire and does not seek to revenge God - to the Father and his Son. It never pursued and does not pursue church. He tries to please in all
to God - to the Father. The Satan knows what is love. He loves and wants that loved it. He does not force people to suffer torment physical,
intellectual, sincere. People sin also with it help the Satan. God the Father forgave to
Lucifer and does not harbor against it malice.
Lucifer forgave to the father, the Archangel Arkhistratigu Mikhail who together with faithful soldiers of God - the Father dumped it on the earth.
the Satan is a patron of all powers of darkness: demons, demons, witches, etc. All of them are under its protection and receive from it energy
and force.
happen On the globe wars, drug addiction, alcoholism, debauchery, suicides, murders. The Satan does not take any part in it. the Satan never of any prophecies and predictions did
. All the time, in all years it had one purpose: in the world there has to be an order.
he pursues This aim constantly. In the world there should not be wars and hostility between the states.
Jesus Christ after rise on the earth never came to heaven and will not come. And nobody will rescue people.
our favourite God - the Father has a plan - eradication of a sin on all Globe. Also the Son Bozhy “*“ which
lives on the earth will embody this plan. He was born not for rescue of people, and for their punishment for sins.
a Consultant for eradication of a sin at the Son Bozhyego “*“ will be Lucifer (Satan), the beloved son Arkhangela of Arkhistratiga Mikhail and Bozhyey Materi
of Maria.
B will begin 2028 the embodiment of plans of God - the Father - eradication of a sin on the Globe.
People will die of severe diseases families, settlements, the cities. It will proceed until on the Globe remain
one just: loving God - the Father, God`s Mother Maria, Blessed Virgin Mary and all Saints.
Since 2032 people will begin to live on the Globe one close-knit family. Will love each other. On the Globe there will be a world and rest. And then
God the Father will give to people gift: they will live 200 - 500, not to know diseases, sufferings, will die young people. People will make love
as well as now, but will give birth to children only on permission of God - the Father, instead of the died people, for restoration of population
on the Globe.
our Favourite God the Father very strongly loves people therefore he itself cannot eradicate a sin on the Globe.
On the Globe will live three billion population, including in Ukraine - 11 million.
will live In Russia 58 million people.
In India - 450 million people.
In China - 570 million people.
In the USA - 78 million people.
In the USA will remain 12 states, the others will leave under water.


People propagated, settled on all globe. They began to forget God - the Father, began to admire other gods, idols. Then God the Father began to send to
to people very severe diseases. People died families, the whole settlements. But still did not love our
of God - the Father, the creator of the Universe. Then through one million years God the Father sent to
a Flood. After the Flood origin of life on the earth was started over again.
From the beloved great-grandson Boga - the Father Noya (he was 923 years old), who escaped on Noah`s Ark and its wives, wives of his children began new
reproduction of people on Earth. God the Father gave to
Noa youth, beauty and man`s force. Noya had 500 wives. Each of them gave birth annually to the son or the daughter.
Began new origin of people on Earth from daughters and Noya`s sons. But people forgot over time God again - the Father, began to be engaged in
in alcoholism, debauchery, children ceased to respect parents.
God the Father saw that our world which wallowed in a sin goes to final fracture. He knew: to save people from death, it is necessary to sacrifice
of the beloved Son.
I as envisioned by God - the Father on the earth from the Holy Spirit and Virgin Mary was born the beloved Son of our God - the Father the son Bozhy Jesus Christ, 33 years
prior to the New Testament.
We pray to God`s Mother of Maria who gave birth to Adam and Eve.
We see on icons an image of the beloved Son Boga - the Father Syn of Bozhyego Jesus Christ and we pray to our favourite Syn of our favourite God - the Father.
At Jesus Christ`s baptism on it the Holy Spirit descended. Jesus Christ received blessing of God - the Father the Holy Spirit.
God the Father gave the favourite Syn to the world. Jesus Christ was born on Earth to suffer with us and to rescue us. Jesus Christ`s
betrayed clergy, priests. Judas did not betray it. Judas was the most faithful and devoted Apostle of Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ knew that he was born to be crucified and executed on a cross.
Jesus Christ for the third day rose on heaven to ask God - the Father about remission of sins to people. Also sat down near God - the Father. It is
our high priest - God, Jehovah is an owner of the globe.
After rise on heaven Jesus Christ connected good luck - the Father and never came to the earth, nobody talked to It, nobody it saw
and will see ever.

12. The BIRTH of the BELOVED SON of our FAVOURITE GOD - the FATHER “*“ On Earth Syn Bozhy “*“ was born

He was born not for rescue expecting, and for punishment of sinners.
In May, 2008 Syn Bozhy “*“ was accepted in a family of Saints and God the Father gave it the name Saint. It has to finish with
the embodiment of all plans of God - the Father in life on all globe.
All impious, not repentant all sins will burn down on fire which will burn in each of them.
will be possible to avoid to Nobody it. Souls of the sinners who died from fire will go to space, and there God the Father will solve whom to send to Paradise and whom to Hell. Nothing new God the Father on Earth will create
After destruction of a sin our body will remain the same. We will be to be ill, grow old and die as before. Immortality will not be.
But all will love God - the Father, to pray and glorify Jesus Christ.
will Proceed it until in a fit of temper and souls of people the love for God - to the Father, Jesus Christ does not appear, the Mother of God of Maria
and All Saints.
I when the person will return to the God`s word, to execution of its precepts, humility before God - the Father and to obedience to It, then God the Father will make
to himself the temple in heart of his (person).
Around everything will change: families will be restored, children will begin to respect the parents, husbands will begin to love the wives. Everything around us will improve,
and God the Father will bless our earth in 2075.
Will pass years. The world will be restored in the original state. There will be a laughter and pleasure on the new earth.
God the Father will give to people youth, beauty, man`s force.
People will not be ill, grow old and will die young people.
Life expectancy of each person will be at the discretion of God - the Father of 200 - 500.
Death will be instant.


People are under continuous feed of God - the Father, through the Holy Spirit. If the Holy Spirit ceases to give to
feed, then the person will die. God the Father very much loves people, but they God - the Father for some reason do not love. People
have to go to church to a confession, regret the sins, accept a participle.
After acceptance of a participle God the Father gives people strength, energy, courage and health. The person continues to lead normal life. If
people do not go to church and to accept a participle, then the Holy Spirit will give less feed or will leave them, and they will begin to die
before the put term.
our Favourite God the Father very much loves people and does not want their death.


People on the globe very vain, greedy and angry. They very envious also hate each other though they hide it. People very much of
strongly love that they flattered them. They praise highly each other in eyes, and for eyes say at each other scurrilous things.
our Favourite God the Father cannot suffer it and will ask favourite our Syn “*“ to punish them very severe diseases and to give
to them very strong damage and mania of prosecution.


When we come to the temple Bozhy and we put candles, we show these the love to that, we put a coma, and light of a candle gives strength. there is no
If in a candlestick an empty seat, then we have to extinguish the burning-down candle and on its place to put the. It is impossible to lay down or transmit
through someone candles. These candles will give nothing to nobody.
If you cannot go to church and ask someone to put candles, then putting has to tell for whom it puts candles, having told
a surname, puts the name and a middle name and a coma, or a name of the Saint, to God - to the Father etc.
of the Candle is put where there is an empty seat in candlesticks and it is optional before images of those to whom put candles.

16. WHY we DIE?

All: both just, and sinners who were 21 years old irrespective of a veroispovedovaniye, register in the Big Heavenly book of Life,
where is written down how many years of people have to live and how to die - quietly or tormently. And nobody can already change it, except God - the Father.
Since 21 when the person reaches a maturity and completely has to be responsible for the acts, all his sins begin to register in
the special heavenly magazine the Holy Spirit. In order that God the Father forgave to
sins, the person has to come to church, regret them and receive a participle: God the Father forgives sins
and gives blessing on further life
only those sins which the person regretted Say goodbye. Those sins which the person concealed and did not regret remain in the heavenly magazine.
Is sins pardonable and inexcusable, heavy.
Heavy sins: murders, suicides, abortions. But they say goodbye.
Inexcusable sins: an insult of the Holy Spirit, God - the Father, Jesus Christ, Saints of the Mother of God, Arkhangela of Arkhistratiga Mikhail,
participation in destruction of church or if the person was present at destruction, but undertook nothing to prevent it.
the People having heavy sins and who received forgiveness go to the first - the fifth level of Paradise, depending on weight of sins.
the People having inexcusable sins go to hell. They get very serious illnesses, strongly suffer, suffer, are ill. Are
there until the end of the days.
God the Father gives them the life term on which expiration the person receives the second death. The Holy Spirit leaves soul and the soul falls into oblivion.
the People having inexcusable sins die in terrible torments. Their successors to the fourth knee are responsible for their not forgiven sins.
Responsibility is that their children, grandsons, great-grandsons can be born with physical or intellectual defects. And
will proceed until they do not atone for the sins of the ancestors.


the Children born in heaven independently come to the earth and are installed in the newborn relatives. At the request of the Holy Spirit
can be installed in souls of newborn other people.
This child (soul) is installed in a fruit already with Charisma: wisdom, belief, knowledge, languages etc. But all children who came from heaven receive
different bents.
the Holy Spirit gives the child (soul) command in what fruit of the woman on the earth it has to be installed. The child (soul) constantly is near future
of mother. On the fourth month of pregnancy the Holy Spirit is installed in a fruit. The child (fruit) gives the first signs of life.
the Child (soul) allocated with all human qualities is installed in the newborn child who only after installation of soul lets out
Smothering the person goes the Holy Spirit. Transfers all teams, councils of a shower to a brain. And carries out these teams, councils of people.
Conscience and soul have no interrelation. the Holy Spirit tells
with them through a soul and does not influence heart. Soul of people thinks, feels, loves, rejoices, worries, worries,
hates, is afraid, dreams of the future, has dreams.
Smothering operates a body as the person operates the computer. The brain is as if the control panel a human body. Thoughts are born in the soul
and come to a brain in finished form. We should not forget simple truth: the spirit, soul and a body - are uniform.
God the Father cannot give to the been born children life expectancy at once. Children have to pass natural selection: to have different
diseases, to transfer different weights. Children are under the patronage of God - the Father, but receive weak feed by the Holy Spirit.
After the person is 21 years old, it registers in the Big Heavenly Book of Life where life expectancy
of the person and how he has to die registers: instantly or tormently. The person receives the strengthened feed by the Holy Spirit: the strengthened force, energy and
At children whose parents had an inexcusable sin children will be born with physical and intellectual defects.
At parents whose ancestors had very heavy sins and did not expiate them, children will be born normal, the Holy Spirit in the period of
of development of a fruit gives them shortcomings.
the Children who were born from parents with physical defects are born healthy if parents prayed for forgiveness of sins of the ancestors.
People all the time hostages of the ancestors. our Favourite God the Father will forgive to
people after the sin is eradicated on all globe. People will be born without defects, will cease to be ill, suffer, grow old
and will die young people in the terms established by God - the Father.


Clairvoyance is when the person sees the world surrounding us on other, not as his all people see. The person who possesses clairvoyance of
sees all human organs what diseases he has. He can talk to the Guardian angel, predict to the person about some
unforeseen circumstances in human life, can tell about a past, but about the future cannot predict.
Gift of clairvoyance are received by children in mother`s womb. God the Father cannot deprive of the person of this gift. The people having the gift of clairvoyance gift
to treat do not get an illness. They do not possess a net energy, radiate, as well as all people in all Universe, dark energy.


of People possessing an omniscience predicts future, is able to do everything that our favourite God the Father can do. This is the person possessing
a net energy. There are no such people in the Universe now.
of People can see, voluntarily, everything that becomes in every spot on the globe and to predict future on hundreds of the years ahead.
will possess Vsevideny the Son “*“ our favourite God - the Father who will embody all plans of God - the Father on the globe. Ability of clairvoyance and an omniscience each person has
. They open only at will of God - the Father.


The people who after death left on Heaven and who got to Heaven on permission of God - the Father establish families.
the Woman in Heaven is pregnant three years. Some children till the birth, in mother`s womb, receive gift of God - the Father: wisdom, belief, languages,
of bent to different sciences. These are exceptional children. All children born in Heaven are capable to carry out any instructions I will strike after the birth.
It is also the souls which came to Earth
In two years the child (soul of the person) independently goes to Earth and according to instructions of the Holy Spirit constantly is near the pregnant
On the fourth month of pregnancy in a fruit is installed the Holy Spirit and the fruit gives the first signs of life.
With the Holy Spirit of people lives until the end of the life. Through the Holy Spirit of people receives health, energy, force and courage of God - the Father.
to the Holy Spirit should abandon the person - he will die.
At the child Dush`s birth, come from Heaven, is installed in the newborn. And only after installation the child lets out cry.
Happens that the soul refuses to be installed in the newborn, and the child dies.
Once a week, in the period of a deep sleep, the soul of the person leaves his body and leaves on a confession to our favourite God - to the Father. After a confession
smothering receives energy, health, courage and strength of favourite our God - the Father.
After death of a shower together with the Holy Spirit leaves a body of the person with all human qualities. Dush`s
of the person does not die. It is eight days near a body or in the favourite place, and for the ninth day the Guardian angel takes away it on heaven and
presents to God - to the Father. There are cases when God the Father allows to leave Dush Earth for the third day. everything sees Dush`s
, everything hears, everything understands, but cannot report about it to people around in any way. For the ninth day it with all human
qualities leaves on heaven.
A power spirit of the dead remains on Earth and comes to relatives during a dream. Also it will leave on heaven only after memorial service for the dead is sent to
minutes of the introduction of Soul to the astral world it especially needs the help. This help is given by the relatives who remained on Earth and
friends. Their prayers and different church ceremonies considerably help Dush, bringing it necessary spiritual power. Crying, in tears lose
spiritual power which the soul of the dead uses.
to facilitate to the dead a way to God - to the Father celebrate the ninth day.
For the fortieth day to Dush of the dead Angels present to God - to the Father. God the Father passes the decision where to send to Dush the dead: to Hell, or Paradise.
to alleviate suffering Dush celebrate forty days.
the Dead know everything that happens on Earth: about children, native, close. All of them see, hear, understand. And here to influence life of the people,
who remained on Earth they cannot help them. Dush`s
together with the Holy Spirit possesses ability of reasonable existence separately from a body. Having gone to Space, the soul any more never than
comes back to Earth.
In Dush`s Heaven receives the second life. God the Father gives Dush life expectancy. Then the person receives the second death. The Holy Spirit
leaves to Dush and falls Dush into oblivion.
As get to Heaven people who had sins, depending on weight and quantity of sins, people get on various levels of Paradise,
from the first to the fifth. On the sixth and seventh level of Paradise they can get only according to the petition of the Archangel who is responsible for an order on certain
the People who got on 1 - 5 levels of Paradise have the same diseases of which they died. Suffer, grow old and live so much how many lived on Earth.
the People who got on 6 - 7 levels of Paradise do not know any diseases, an old age, live 300 - 500 and die young people in those terms which to each
were determined by God the Father. the Holy Spirit leaves
to Dush and it falls into oblivion. The person stopped the existence.


God the Father gives the Guardian angel to the elected children in the first day after the birth. And in general, the Guardian angel is given to all people during a baptism.
Non-Christian - on execution of 21 years, when entering in the Big Heavenly Book of Life, irrespective of a nationality and a veroispovedovaniye.
the Guardian angel constantly is in heaven and from there constantly watches the ward, gives useful tips. The ward does not hear a voice of the Guardian angel
, but it is shown in the form of intuition. Without the permission of God - the Father the Guardian angel of the ward cannot leave. God the Father can replace with
the Guardian angel only if it does not carry out the duties.
Guardian angels are appointed only spirits. Never can be Guardian angels of soul of the died people. the Guardian angel the person can have
only one. here the destiny the person builds
A to himself in spite of the fact that it is given by God - the Father. Everything depends on how the person understands
of the Guardian angel. Several options are provided in destiny of the person. From the situation the Guardian angel will prompt to the person in
of this or that situation.
the Guardian angel tries to save the ward from accident, tries to make everything that the person did not go or did not go at this time.
the Guardian angel just physically cannot revive the dead.
of the Duty of the Guardian angel to give only useful tips though he can tell about last, real and future the ward.
It cannot affect material welfare in any way, but the Guardian angel can protect the person from a robbery if he deserves it.
Guardian angels never deliver criminals because do not believe in their fair punishment.
Guardian angels against the death penalty as it is easy death. The criminal, depending on weight of a crime, has to get the penal during which he of
would realize everything up to the end. Dreams and dreams the Guardian angel gives
to the person. Often he tries to warn it the person about the danger threatening to it.
of People hosts a baptism which symbolizes belief and love for God - to the Father and Jesus Christ. At everyone hosted a baptism on a forehead a sign: God`s
a cross with Jesus Christ`s crucifixion.

22. The EARTH

At a depth of 5 thousand m is the underground world in which there live people.
At a depth of 15 thousand m is “Hell“.
At a depth of 20 thousand m is the heated weight, its t=30000 Fahrenheit. It is “magma“ which warms the globe.
Through millions of years, after emergence of life on Earth, God the Father decided to occupy a vault the people similar to terrestrial people. Color of a body grayish,
growth to 50 cm, have the big force, energy and mind. They can be invisible. For them there are no barriers therefore they freely
get on the Earth`s surface.
Life expectancy of 200 - 500. They are born on love, population replenishments, instead of breed as required
of the dead. The people living in a vault do not know diseases, sufferings, an old age, die young people. In their vault there live 1,5 million people. Very much
are friendly.
Breathe air which gets from the Earth`s surface through crevices in crust, on globe breaks. There fine climatic
conditions, chilly, warmly. Lighting round-the-clock from the generators working at atomic energy. In a vault there are plantations with very
the fruitful earth on which very nutritious vegetable food is grown up. Water arrives from subland sources.
Are available plants at which the equipment for processing of the earth is produced, equipment for research of a subsoil of the earth, aircraft, the weapon,
which is established on aircraft for their protection when they come to the Earth`s surface from a subsoil of the earth, a bottom of the seas and oceans, and other
equipment which is under a secret. There are factories at which the clothes, footwear and all necessary for life and life of people are produced.
Is laboratories in which an earth subsoil is investigated.
Over the Earth`s surface and other planets is many aircraft. It is observed development of a civilization, life of people
on Earth. They very much are interested in a question of the attitude of people towards God - to the Father. People from a vault came to conclusion: “People do not love God - the Father. They seek to exploit
it. On Earth there is a lot of sin“.
People from a vault are very friendly, and people on the earth are very aggressive. Therefore people from a vault are afraid to come into contact with people on the earth.
They are afraid that between them hostility can begin.
the First attempts to come into contact with people will be in 2012. And the final introduction in contact will happen in 2028. They will bring to
on the earth the new civilization. And from now on new origin of the primitive nature will begin.
the People who came from a vault will give help to the Son Bozhyem “*“ in the embodiment of plans of God - the Father in life on the globe - to eradicate
a sin.
a Consultant for eradication of a sin at the Son Bozhyego “*“ will be Lucifer, the beloved son Arkhangela of Arkhistratiga Mikhail and God`s Materi of Maria.
People will die of severe diseases families, settlements, the cities. It will proceed until on the globe remain one
just, loving God - the Father, God`s Mother Maria, Blessed Virgin Mary, all Saints.
People will live one close-knit family, will love each other. On the globe there will be a world and rest. And then God the Father will give to people gift:
life expectancy of 300 - 500, people will not know diseases, sufferings, will die young people. Will make love as well as
now. But will give birth to children on permission of God - the Father, for restoration of population on the globe, instead of the dead.
On the globe will live 3 billion population. Including in Ukraine - 11 million
during the Great Patriotic War people from a vault watched the course of military operations. And when they saw that troops of Red Army
suffer a defeat, recede, they decided to give them help. And troops of the Soviet Army began to win, went to approach. They gave help
until were convinced that troops of the Soviet Army can cope without their help.
In Ukraine, in an earth subsoil, are huge reserves of oil, gas, coal, gold, jewels. But reserves of gas are at a depth of
of 6 - 8 km.
the largest reserves of oil and gas are in Poltava, Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Ivano - Frankovsky, Nikolaev, Donetsk and
Crimean areas.
the largest reserves of high-quality coal - 70 trit. t. - in the Donetsk, Luhansk, Lviv regions.
the largest reserves of gold (5 million t.) and jewels (8 million t.) are in the Donetsk and Kirovohrad regions. When people from a vault bring to
the technologies, oil and gas production will happen without special work. Gas and oil will move on
to pipelines from very dense, strong and durable fabric which does not grow old, without compressors and pumps. Pipelines to deposits of gas and
of oil will be stretched on new technologies which are in a secret now.
Gold will be used only in the technical purposes as usual metal. For jewelry it will not be used.
For jewelry will be used jewels. They will give to people health, to strengthen energy and courage.
People from a vault will help us to introduce the latest
technologies After on the earth peace is restored, people from a vault, having seen love for God - to the Father, will go back to a vault.

23. “HELL“

In “Hell“ it is dark, very hot. People do not work, suffer from serious illnesses. Until the end of the life do not come to the Earth`s surface.
People in “Hell“ constantly pray and ask God - the Father to forgive them sins. In “Hell“ nobody punishes them for sins.
“Hell“ is not prison. There are no supervisors. People move across all territory of “Hell“ freely and live where it is pleasant to them.
keep order faithful servants of Lucifer. Troublemakers are exposed to the death penalty. The Holy Spirit leaves soul and the person stops
the existence.
“Hell“ is an emptiness. There are neither mountains, nor valleys, in difference from an underground kingdom where there live people.
people get To “Hell“ through locks which are at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. “Hell“ is near the Arctic Ocean.
People can leave “Hell“ only at the request of the chief of “Hell“ Lucifer (Satan) before God - the Father.
the Bermuda Triangle is a place where there are very strong undercurrents. From time to time there very strong magnetic storms accumulate. They also attract
to themselves sea and aircrafts.
of the Earthquake, hurricanes, floods, droughts occur at will of our God - the Father:
- earthquakes occur in order that in the terrestrial sphere there was a temperature exchange, otherwise the nature and fauna of a terrestrial
sphere will not develop that will lead to death of all live on the globe;
- hurricanes occur in order that there was a temperature exchange on all globe;
- floods occur where there is the greatest number of sinners;
- droughts is a punishment for sins;
- floodings occur spontaneously;
- eruptions of volcanoes occur spontaneously. The heated weight has no place to disappear. It finds the weak place in crust and there is
an eruption of fiery weight.


All body of the person is protected by an invisible power layer, from one to one and a half micron thick. If the power layer is thinner than one
micron - there occurs the death.
Thickness of a power layer depends on a condition of all human body. In that place where there is a disease of internal body,
destruction of a power layer happens. In process of treatment the power layer is restored.
External factors do not influence thickness of a power layer and cannot destroy it. From the fact that the person is nervous the power layer
does not collapse.
In the Universe is billions of live microorganisms possessing very superior intelligence and ogromnmy force. it is also beloved daughters of darling
of our God - the Father and our beloved God`s Mother Maria: very strong manias of prosecution, very strong damage, very severe diseases.
They punish people for their sins. And where they withfir-trees, against that body the rupture of a power layer also appears. If thickness
of a power layer is less than one micron in the most part of a body - the person will die.
the Most terrible is a state of mind.
the First sign of frustration of a state of mind - insufficient concentration of energy, memory loss, dizziness, melancholy,
irritability, supersensitivity, madness.
When is not enough nervous force, to the person the fear of death which torments a brain creeps. This fear is useless. The death comes independently of
from that, think of it or not. Accept death as need. Throw out this thought from the head. You speak about death vigorously, training yourself to a meeting
with it. Behave so that you could go to death with big satisfaction and without repentance.
Live adequately adequately to die.
Treatment has to influence a body and soul. First of all on soul and spirit because they are primary. Before being engaged in treatment, it is necessary to get
into an illness essence, to understand what is an illness from where it came and what role plays in human life.
At first needs to make the diagnosis, and then to be engaged in treatment.
the Illness is the prevention and works for rescue. Therefore the illness needs to be loved. It appears after body struck
very strong Mania of Prosecution and Damage, and only after that the illness has an effect.

One of basic laws in the Universe - do not do yourself the harm, even in thoughts.
the Main danger is in the person - in misunderstanding of the world, in the wrong behavior which imperceptibly leads to disintegration of the person
from within.
Vnutrennya sincerity is one of health conditions.
the Illness is caused by aggression and is treated by clarification of soul through repentance. The person feeling in himself love will be healthy and happy.
needs to cultivate love to people constantly.
you Get up in the morning and you wish well to all world around: to people, animals, herbs, flowers. Also you speak: “I love myself, I love all people, I
love Space, God, the Universe“. Then the soul will be cleared of aggressions, and you will be healthy. “Let there will pass all illnesses (it is possible to list them).
Let will leave pain, irritation; my biofield, energy of my organism became powerful, dense and reliably protect me from the evil, troubles, information
dirt. I am courageous, healthy, strong“, - everyone can wish himself everything that considers useful.
After a wish close eyes and remember yourself in that state of health and happiness. It needs to be continued every day or every other day.
We forgot simple truth: the spirit, soul and a body - are uniform.
the Highest system of protection of a human body is, first of all, protection of spiritual structures. Without spiritual change not to cure an illness.
Medical devices are the best achievement of modern medicine and completely its requirements - to clean a consequence answer, without thinking
of etiologies.
Devices level layers of karmic structures, exhaust an illness inside, but do not eliminate an illness. the illness which is Tired out inside will destroy by
not some body, but immunity of an organism in general. Having won against a separate illness, the modern medicine
dooms the person to the general slow painful dying.


Nervous cages fill Nervous Force with energy, courage and force. The nervous cage exists one week, then she grows old and
stops carrying out the function. On its place the new nervous cage which carries out the same function is born. Stressful and other situations do not influence a condition of a nervous cage
and do not destroy it.
Nervous force comes to a brain and a brain goes to different bodies: lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas which develop
Vital Force and Vital Force is carried by blood on all organism. Limfosistem`s
, lymph nodes, a spleen produce blood - it is krovotvoryashchy bodies. They are in adverse places, often
are cooled that leads to insufficient hit of blood to various bodies and parts of the body. The person begins to feel pains in bodies and
parts of the body.