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Persecutions on scientists are a rule?

the destiny of G. Galilei who upon the demand of inquisition arrived in February, 1633 to Rome where against it process began Is known in connection with N. Copernicus`s doctrine. He was found guilty of violation of church bans and sentenced to lifelong imprisonment.

On June 22, 1633 it was compelled, being kneeling, to renounce publicly Copernicus`s doctrine. It was offered to it to sign the act of the consent from now on never to approve nothing that could cause suspicions of heresy. Taking into account these expressions of humility and repentance the tribunal replaced imprisonment with house arrest, and Galilei remained 9 years “the prisoner of inquisition“.

Many personal tragedies of scientists already in Soviet period are connected with genetics. Laws of heredity and genetics were opened and developed by A. Veysman, G. Mendel, T. H. Morgan at a turn of the XIX-XX centuries.

Contemporaries did not pay attention to results of work of the prior of the monastery in Brno Gregor Mendel on peas crossing. None of those who listened to Mendel`s report at a meeting of Society of scientists and doctors in 1865 - m managed to solve in any “strange“ quantitative ratios found by Mendel in the analysis of hybrids of peas, fundamental biological laws, and in the person who opened them, the founder of new science - genetics. After 35 years of oblivion Mendel`s work was appreciated: its laws were reopened in 1900 - m, and his name became history of science.

As well as any other science, genetics was and remains the weapon of unfair scientists and politicians. Its such branch as eugenics according to which development of the person completely is defined by his genotype, formed a basis for creation in 1930-1960 - e years of racial theories and programs of sterilization. On the contrary, denial of a role of genes and acceptance of idea about the dominating role of the environment led to the termination of genetic researches in the USSR since the end of 1940 - x to the middle of 1960 - x years.

“Genetics - the selling maid of imperialism“ is a phrase from solid Soviet biological magazines. Many scientists were put in the Soviet prisons and shot, and one of her founders in plant growing academician N. I. Vavilov died in the Saratov prison of hunger in 1943. Now there are environmental and ethical problems in connection with works on creation of “chimeras“ - transgene plants and animals, to “copying“ of animals by change of a cellular kernel in the impregnated ovum, genetic “certification“ of people, etc. In the leading powers of the world the laws setting as the purpose to prevent undesirable consequences of such works are adopted.

Thus, the ruin of modern Russian science expressed in material suffocation at first branch scientifically - research institutes, and now and academic, washing away of the whole generation of young scientists, a rupture of link of times is not new to natural sciences history. I usually amuse myself with thought: “It is good that do not put!“ Though in Russia and from prison do not renounce a bag...

We will address the recent history USSR, namely, list of the repressed members of Academy of Sciences of the USSR - scientific elite of the country. The result speaks for itself: 208 victims of political repression - from them 44 shot or the dead in prisons and the reference . If to consider that at arrest each of them “pulled“ for himself about ten employees, friends and relatives, then total number of victims “for science“ becomes an order of several thousand people .

What here Giordano Bruno as an example. The number of the repressed historians and ethnographers - 52 (17) attracts attention. Thus it is clear, why Russia - the country with unpredictable history .