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On a floor - a red tablet three times a day or what 7 movies will demolish to you a tower?

of What of a sin to conceal - all of us love comedies. They help us to distract from daily vanity, load with optimism. However, today the cinema became something big, than just entertainment. Now it also a way to learn something, to force itself to think, even to open universe secrets - for this purpose and remove arthouse, so-called “other“ cinema. The problem is that many intellectual movies in practice are the jammed plate which clever words retells superficial judgments and outdated axioms which, in general, never and worked. But it is only part of a picture. There is also other cinema which unites itself(himself) an entertaining form of mass cinema and the deep contents capable to inspire the viewer. These are bright movies with an unusual plot which change our idea of the world, open for us eyes on new, surprising things.
For example, “Matrix“ - the movie which by right can be considered as the Gospel of our days or “Fight club“ - a modern Apocalypse. Let`s not come back to these movies, I think, today each baby can quote at least couple of phrases from them. This time we will go further and we learn that else it created world cinema that it is capable to strike and shock us, to show to us opening or to push us in the right direction.

Changing reality.
the Young charming congressman David Norris fights for the political career. Once he meets Elisa and falls in love with her completely. David understands that he is ready to carry out with it all life, but he is roughly stopped. People whom private life of David - representatives of the influential organization calling itself “bureau of adjustment“ does not arrange. They possess supernatural abilities and can influence the course of events. According to their plan of David`s life, the congressman should not have met Elisa and now he should forget about it.
the Movie shot according to the novel of one of the cleverest and fashionable fantasts of the present - Filip Dick is a merge of the most unexpected subject courses and something that you it seems as always knew about life, but could never formulate. Corresponding to the name, it will get into your brains and will resolutely change idea of reality there. “Changing reality“ is a manifesto of a free will. It is the movie about the most mysterious and incomprehensible forces which operate our life and practical guidance on fight against them.

I Love You Phillip Morris
Steve Russell is the ideal family man and the exemplary citizen. Having had an accident and having regained consciousness in hospital, he suddenly realizes that he is a gay. Steve admits it to the wife and the free love goes to the mad amusement park under the name. However, having soon learned that to be a gay - expensive pleasure, Stephen is got involved in swindle, from - behind which gets to prison. There he meets love of all the life - Philipp Morris.
Surprising in Filip Morris - all. Actually, same the comedy about homosexuals where in a leading role two most famous Hollywood actors act. Thus directors of the project spit on all rules - and on tradition to condemn homosexuals, and soplivo to complain about tradition about their misfortunes. In spite of the fact that the movie is executed in a comic shade, “Filip Morris“ is a protest. Not for nothing Steve Russell is shown scandalous scope by the speculator. It is the movie will show to you what to love and live on a need of the heart what to fight for the happiness is an outstanding swindle in our world. And that all presents and living people appear and feel like in it speculators. Irrespective of their sexual orientation.

The peace soldier
Dan Millman is a young gymnast. It has all gentlemen`s set necessary for carefree life: cute appearance, popularity, provided future. But Dan is unfortunate. In one fine evening he meets quite ordinary old man, the owner of auto repair shop. It turns out that the old man possesses much bigger physical abilities, than the outstanding gymnast Dan. Much bigger, than any person.
the Peace soldier is the beautifully trimmed door from the room of fictional values to the real world. If you were tired of infinite race behind success is what you need to look at. Perhaps, it will be unpleasant and inconvenient if you dare to learn in Dan of, but it will be a medical prick. The movie very much reminds Castaneda`s works though action happens today that allows to look absolutely other eyes at modern reality. He will make to you an injection of rest and wisdom, but remember, it is only a temporary measure, the following step - for you.

Diaries of the nymphomaniac
the Shaft - the young free Frenchwoman. Sex for it - the pleasure is not simple. It is poetry, communication with other person, an exchange of energy without words and restrictions. Internal freedom - here that in society is called a nymphomania. Once the Shaft falls in love with Jaime and decides to devote it all itself, having forgotten about other men.
Despite abundance of erotic scenes is a movie not about sex. By means of sexual subject the director speaks about what the person should pass through to accept themselves. He will help you to understand how infinitely silly to divide the world on black and white. And that is absolutely useless to try to change the nature, to conquer the passion, to bend down to become one growth with all. It will show you what means to go with the raised head on an own way. Because your way is the only lover to whom you never have to change.

The beginning
of Kobb - the thief famous in the world of the international espionage as “izvlekatel“ - such as it, are capable to pull out information from subconsciousness of the sleeping people. In the best times of the professional activity of Kobb lost the wife and now blames himself for her death. Besides, he is forbidden to come back home where it is waited by two children. Once Kobb receives an unusual task: this time Dominique has to introduce in a dream idea in consciousness of the influential person. In exchange he will get permission to come back home.
Is unconditional, “Began“ - it is the stylish, intense fighter, with the most modern explosions and special effects what the scene of change of space where Ariadna lifts part of the street up is necessary. However, it is only packing in which “the red tablet“ is hidden. Christopher Nolan - the first who shot the movie which so directly declares a phenomenon of conscious dreams in general and joint dreams, in particular. Of course, a lot of things in the movie are solved quite conditionally and it is impossible to take in all good faith: for example, the snovidenny reality is shown too similar to usual. However, if you are attentive, this cinema can become for you a key to absolutely unique knowledge of the world. Besides, “Beginning“ is a philosophical work how it is necessary to learn to forgive himself.

The bad guy
the bad guy - the mediocre bandit. This is the rough person who is engaged in dirty affairs, he is not familiar with rules of decency. Once he meets the girl from a good family and falls in love with her. She looks at it with contempt. Then the bad guy breaks her life and turns it into the prostitute. It becomes the tragedy for the girl. However, is it unfortunate actually?
the Shrill movie how strongly sometimes one person is capable to change your destiny. That, having fallen in love really, more nothing remains to you how to accept destiny of the beloved. That strong feelings are natural powers, the same elements as fire or water which has no relation to justice. Any attitude towards social and public norms, any relation to an order in general. To water all the same that the middle class thinks of it. To it to spit, it is water. Sooner or later it will wash away your ordered world as a plastic glass from the coast.

Uneasy Anna.
Anna is the young talented girl who studies at art school. There she meets the beloved, Said. Everything goes well while during one dinner Anna does not agree to participate just for fun in a regression session to see the antecedents. After that everything changes. Soon it becomes clear that Anna is capable to remember and earlier embodiments.
Uneasy Anna - here cinema which is urged to screw together completely to you a tower. The director takes the viewer under mice as if the small child and throws him into the sea of the pure revelations mixed with bright imaginations. From this movie you will have a feeling that you very cheerfully and substantially spoke by phone with aliens. Received a lot of interesting information, did not understand a half. But what you will understand - will fill you with pleasure and determination to comprehend this world.