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How more often to smile more often?

“A smile are a curve which straightens everything“, - Diller neatly noticed Filles. “Clever face yet not a sign of mind, Lord. All nonsenses on the earth become with this look. Smile, misters, smile!“ - the baron Myunkhgauzen in Mark Zakharov`s movie advised.

Since the childhood we perfectly know what is a smile. But it not just expression of emotions, this state of mind. Scientists proved that not only people are able to smile. To rats, cats, dogs, primacies, dolphins, and it is even also peculiar to express to some birds the pleasure in a smile.

It is always more pleasant to us to communicate with smiling people, than with sad and gloomy. The smile of the stranger can lighten mood. When you smile to someone, the person will surely smile to you in reply. And the smile of the kid is always genuinely sincere and radiant. Each smile is unique, it transfers all scale of feelings which the person has. Gestures have various values in different cultures, but the smile in all cultures is considered a sign of approval, pleasure and happiness.

Nevertheless, there are insincere smiles - smiles - masks. Such smile is a politeness tribute, does not reflect a true state of mind, but can help with interpersonal communication considerably.

However there is a question how to keep on the face a smile constantly? It is quite possible to achieve it. It is just necessary to follow several rules:

1. In order that will learn to smile constantly, are necessary trainings . Train as often as possible where and when necessary. Houses, at work, in shop, on the street, driving, in front of the mirror - smile everywhere even if you are upset or strongly were tired.

2. Stick stickers - reminders. not to forget about a smile, stick houses and on a workplace stickers with smilies and the inscriptions “Smile!“. Similar leaflets can be placed in a handbag, the daily log or a pocket. Having found a reminder, you will surely smile.

3. by Make life more brightly. Put on bright clothes, use bright things. Buy the bright handle or a notebook, bring brightness in an interior. Use for breakfast bright products - for example, oranges or apples. When all around color, the mood is lightened by itself, and it becomes easier to smile.

4. Surely smile to at a greeting or farewell . Thus you gain the person with whom you communicate. A smile - guarantee of trust. It is not without reason sung in the song: “The river begins with a blue streamlet, and the friendship begins with a smile …“

5. Make your smile infectious. Try to smile so what people around, having seen you, smiled too.

Following these simple rules, it is possible to learn to keep long on a face a smile. But nevertheless without good mood not to manage. It is necessary to learn to be the optimist, to rejoice to any trifles. Do not forget that the smile is an important means of communication. A smile - a way to show to people around that everything goes well that you are glad them to see.

And the main thing - be not afraid to smile. The smile gives you a happy and confident look, attracts people around, and - disarms enemies!