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How to begin to lead happier and successful life?

Practically all of us live every day according to a certain scheme, on a template. Thus, it turns out that we live almost mechanically, without thinking of what occurs around, at the moment, often without understanding why and for what purpose we perform this or that operation. We eat, we go to work, we watch TV, we go to bed. During the day we behave in the way, certain, habitual, characteristic of us. Equally we react to the taking place events, we do not even reflect for what, there is to us this or that situation. These are just programs which are in our subconsciousness, created during the time which is already lived by us, dictate us a mentality and respectively our behavior.
If to present our thinking in the circle form, then conscious thinking will make only 3 - 5%, all other part subconsciousness in which there are programs of our actions and reactions to certain events. Doing everything on the automatic machine, living not consciously, shablonno reacting to the environment, we allow circumstances to dictate us our mood, emotions, pleasure or despondency. (fig. 1)
you noticed that often there are identical situations to which we react almost equally. We are irritated, angry, we test anger and all this repeats again and again almost in identical situations, is frequent with the same people, at the same their actions or words concerning us. All this reaction of sample programs of subconsciousness.
Why now the speech only about negative emotions? They make our life not so happy as we want. Further we will understand as it is possible to eliminate these templates and a negative to which they lead.
occurs Further approximately so. Our egoism, does not wish to accept any situation or the person. We consider, someone does not right thing or are sure that our look the most true and therefore everything has to be our way as we want. It is pride. Egoism, pride and greed strive for satisfaction of our requirements that it was mainly good to us, we want everything more for ourselves. Material benefits, entertainments, rest etc. of
Desire, anger, greed, illusion, envy and madness, main enemies of the person.
is So told in the Veda.
All this leads us to sufferings, often we cannot influence a situation and solve it at our desire, we cannot change other person, have everything that we want. Anger which we test owing to discontent, than that, or someone. The anger and aggression destroys us and brings in a result to diseases or injuries.
it is possible to Clean templates from subconsciousness and as a result the emotions destroying us! Quite simply, but it is hard. For this purpose just it is required to trace all taking place events in lives and our reaction to them. Yes, it is work on itself and it demands certain efforts. Just try at first to stop during the conflict, any straining situation, without allowing emotions to capture themselves completely. Emotions do not possible adoption of reasonable decisions, push us to acts on a template and according to repetition of a situation in the future. To each of us, later some time after the conflict, usually, when emotions died away, the optimal solution of a situation comes, there are proper words, but often happens already too late.
If just to stop for a moment, to try to make a pause at least for a minute, will become much easier to make the weighed decision.
Can use the simplest practice of meditation also.
to Sit down directly, to close eyes, to concentrate on a nose tip, will concentrate on the breath. Chrez of 10 breaths and exhalations, you will already feel forces and ability to react more adequately to any event.
From where this ability undertakes, energy which appears after concentration on the present moment gives it.
We spend a lot of energy, without living in the present. We despond when we think that we something good already in the past and regret for it, we live past. Or we become attached to what will be in the future, passionately wishing implementation of our plans.
Let`s say we have 100 energy units, thinking and becoming attached to something from the past, we spend 50% of energy there. Still we look forward to something in the future and we are afraid that it can not occur or simply we feel fear of the unknown of the future. These thoughts take away from us another 60% of energy and it turns out that in the present energy shortage - 10% is formed. Than more we live past or future, that it is heavier to us in the present. (fig. 2)
Than more shortage of energy, subjects a high probability of an illness which quickly returns us in the present. When to a body it is sick, all our thoughts concentrate in the present at once.
For example, offense. The offense takes away from us a lot of energy and forces in the present even if it happened in the past, sometimes long ago. Happens that we already also forgot about it, and it everything exactly takes away our energy, being in subconsciousness, reminding of itself every time in a similar situation or at the mention of the reason of offense or the offender.
Offense is unwillingness of our egoism to accept life, such as it is. And if to understand, then everything that this manifestation of God, through various situations and different people happens dreams, He gives us the chance to correct our character to the best.
That is, any our discontent, this discontent with God.
Is frequent, understanding it, we cease to take offense.
Is also still an easy way to get rid of offenses. Take a sheet of paper and write, the left hand:
- I forgive to
Then, the name of the person who offended you is unimportant when. Try to remember as much as possible situations in which you felt offense on someone. Try to do
so every day, within a month.
the Sure sign of the fact that you forgave is lack of negative emotions, at a mention of the offender.
Paper on which you wrote can be burned.
It concerns the past, but we to become attached as well to the future, dreaming of the better life in the future, wishing the fastest approach of a pleasant event.
- Many people wait all day for the end of the working day, all week of Friday, all year of holiday, all life of happiness
Of course, it does not mean that it is unnecessary to dream and make plans for the future. Simply it is worth becoming attached to dreams and to grieve when plans are not realized.
Dreaming of what that or making plans, write down them on paper and just live today, doing everything possible and depending on you for the embodiment of the purposes. Without forgetting to remember that on everything God`s will. It will allow not to endure especially, in volume cases if that that occurs not as we wanted, despite everything the made efforts. Means so has to be, perhaps, waits for us that that much the best, than we dreamed. Also do not forget
, to think of that your purposes were eco-friendly!
Is healthy, but often happens that we it seems also understand everything, but all exactly, we are angry and we test discontent, behavior someone. In it cases, I suggest to try a good, and, above all effective way, works in such situation. Perhaps, it will seem to you not effective, having applied it in life at once will understand, all ingenious is really simple!
Communicating with the person who usually causes in you any negative emotions, try to focus a look on its feet and mentally bow to the person, in parallel watching that your speech at the same time, was soft and quiet. Without losing advantage, you speak politely and after careful consideration, slowly. Physical bows can also help
, they can be practiced to or after communication with the person when you indoors one.
Bows effectively work, helping to lower arrogance and to control emotions that in soy the turn, positively affects communication.
Practicing the described highest, living here and now, we get rid of the fact that not only disturbs us in life, but also we become not dependent on sample thinking, capable to find a common language with most of people, we can also improve the relations with relatives considerably. Our environment will begin to change gradually the attitude towards us, and we become capable to accept people such as they are. Naturally we become kinder and more unselfish, generally, gradually we develop in ourselves positive traits of character, we become more spiritual!
as a result, our chances to meet and notice the worthy person for creation of a family, strongly increase. Also, it will be much easier for us to harmonize and develop the relations in already developed family.