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Forest oil, alligator pear. What we love avocado for?

“Forest oil“ Aztecs called fruits of avocado which history of cultivation begins in the third millennium B.C. The homeland of this exotic evergreen tree - the Central and South America.

The plant belongs to family of laurel and is a valuable fruit crop. Alligatorova a pear as call this fruit in many countries, is grown up in large scales for industrial production today. More than 400 grades, and even such which are already cultivated on the Black Sea coast are removed. On average one tree yields a harvest no more than five years.

Avocados - a plant hygrophilous, and for its cultivation are necessary special conditions: lack of winds, the solar place, well trained soil. To admire it as a houseplant it is possible, having put a stone of a ripe fruit in a pot. Often such ward looks not really beautifully from the decorative point of view as constantly loses the leaflets.

The fruit of avocado can have the pear-shaped, spherical and oval shape. The thin skin wrinkled or smooth, and color varies from light-green to dark.

The pulp of gentle greenish color reminding oil in the center a big stone.

is A lot of advantage!

In avocado it is a lot of useful nutrients. The fruit is rich with potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, sodium. It is a lot of in it vitamins of group B, C, B, PP, pro-vitamin A, E. Posledny is in the lead according to contents and is the beautiful anti-aging defender enriching cages with oxygen.

On it useful properties of this fruit do not come to an end. Its list of good deeds includes not only the rejuvenating effect, but also positive impact on other bodies. Polynonsaturated fatty acids reduce risk warmly - vascular diseases, prevent a heart attack, atherosclerosis and violations of a cholesteric exchange. Avocado improves cogitative activity, memory, attentiveness, helps to cope with stresses. Alligatorova a pear is recommended with the increased arterial pressure.

But there is more to come. The vitamins and mineral substances which are contained in a fruit well influence blood circulation. So. for example, 2 vitamin B participates in formation of blood cells, and potassium interferes with an anemia. Vitamins of groups A and B give to skin elasticity and smartness.

Oil of avocado is added to various cosmetic preparations which improve skin color, give elasticity and youth, stabilize intracellular mechanisms. to eat with

it is given!

the Pulp of a ripe fruit of avocado is actively used by

in cooking. Especially in the raw, so it keeps nutrients with which its nature generously awarded. Its taste reminding nut won admirers around the world long ago. Fruit can be included in salads, sandwiches, sauces, soups, other hot dishes and even desserts and cocktails. There is a mass of simple and refined recipes of dishes with addition of this wonderful gift of the earth.

How to choose avocado? Upon purchase of avocado it is necessary to remember several rules. In - the first, the ripe fruit has to be slightly soft, and in - the second, without spots. But if all - unripe fruit got - it does not matter, it is rather simple to put it in the refrigerator for couple of days.

tar Spoon!

Krom of big abundance of pluses, also minuses, but absolutely small are. Avocado very much kaloriyen - about 223 kcal on 100 grams of a product. With such fruit it will not be possible to postroynet.

Other paradox is that leaves of this plant are very toxic and dangerous both to the person, and to animals. Can cause problems with digestion and an allergy.