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AN - 2 and MiG: who whom? Entertaining economy of

as a result of reforming of army two my familiar military fighter pilots were not necessary to the homeland. Pomykavshis some time in search of means of livelihood and themselves - application, they organized flight club: training of pilots - fans, a pokatushka, adrenalinic aerobatics and so on.

In one of Moscow region airfields they rented the space for a change house and the parking for also leased the YAK - 52 and YAK - 18. In several years it was already in some sense the cult place. Guys could extend significantly: bought several flight planes and one jet in property; the constant clients extended to 300 people; instead of an old change house in airfield the full-fledged club building appeared. One more core and favorable business - search and preparation of flight equipment was added. Bright illustration of the fact that it is possible at the same time and to do favorite thing and it is quite good to earn from it.

Once the destiny brought them to St. Petersburg, on some aviaaction. There, flying away the program and having much had enough communication with colleagues from shop, they received the offer to buy AN - 2. In perfect technical condition, from preservation, with at all not developed motor potential. Here only one ambush - documents is not present, and it is impossible to restore them after disorder of DOSAAF. It was possible to buy this happiness one piece with all problems for the symbolical sum - 300 000 rubles.

Very interesting offer, is difficult not to agree. And, as most often at the Russian person happens, - after purchase began to think what with it to do farther. Options set: it is possible to lease the Ministry of Emergency Situations for flight of fire-dangerous territories, it is possible to throw out from it parachutists - fans, it is possible for local air transportation on a route to put, and it is possible and to resell. Million for one and a half - good profitability.

Here only for a start it is necessary to legalize it and to register. In principle, it is simple and not really expensive, but in Moscow. And here in St. Petersburg - in any way. They begin to count options of transportation of the svezhekuplenny plane to Moscow. And it, whatever one may do, - not dimension. Respectively, it is assembly - dismantling, loading - unloading, coordination of a route, special equipment and obligatory maintenance. The price totally for everything - ooh! Significantly more expensively than the cost of the acquisition. The remarkable legislation in the country!

So far guys in St. Petersburg thought what now with all this happiness to do, there was their former colleague who also appeared after service out of work. To settle on the citizen as his Moscow friends, at it it did not turn out, and it worked in some buy - sell - firm in very modest position.

And the sky calls! And it was easily ready to replace the residence with other if only connected with aircraft.

Companions agreed to employ him the pilot - the instructor and even to provide with housing, but the solution of a question was postponed for unknown time for an ustakanivaniye of a problem with svezhepriobretenny AN - 2.

- And give I it to you I will overtake what in vain time to lose? - the pilot who missed the sky straining to be in action was called.
is as?
- And here so. In dark. Nizenko - nizenko. Only on the place accept me.
- Not the question, in our airfield we are fine - we will accept in the best possible way.

Adventure, of course, but agreed. And agreed and to consider a plane stage as the employment moment with payment of the first salary and award.

And here in the early cloudy morning from - under Peter the nonexistent plane takes off and goes towards Moscow. It flies accurately along the highway. For those who do not know, AN - 2 - a legendary biplane, in the people known as the “agriculturial aeroplane“ capable to sit down on an arable land and to fly up from there, to plan with the switched-off motor, to take aboard one and a half tons, to fly without gas station of nearly 1000 km and if necessary to fly very much - very slowly, with a speed about 100-110 km/h.

And still AN - 2 is brought in the Guinness Book of Records, and in spite of the fact that its release is begun in 1947, it continues to be made to this day. However, under other names and markings. Well, unique device.

And here this unique device towards the capital at full radio silence blows. At some moment the pilot is tired of the excessive tension which is required for flight at supersmall heights and rises above, meters on 500, but air on certain and to it the known frequencies attentively listens. But, having risen, becomes visible to the air defense system … Long it is impossible to fly imperceptible at it, it is noticed. Request - is silent. And without options, that nothing to answer-.

From - under Smolensk lift a link of MiG and send for interception it, laconic. Still - the UFO spurs towards Moscow! Either Rust next, or the terrorist, hexogen tied, goes to the Kremlin.

Understanding what can begin to smell fried soon, the pilot “falls“ on former supersmall height and is attached over the road. He on MiG flew, he by heart knows their LTH. MiG arrived to the marked square, scanned it a fighting radar, izborozdit up and down and was removed with anything.

Pobultykhavshis over the road, through some time the pilot - the violator lifts the car above again - to have a rest. And again becomes visible to the air defense system. History repeats itself: MiG, only already from - under the Cuban; falling on supersmall heights over the road; plowing up of a square with negative result; leaving of MiG on base. And already MKAD before a nose ….

Having passed over MKAD to the highway going to the necessary party, legendary AN - 2 changes the direction of flight again and goes already directly to airfield where it is looked forward. Except for utter chaos on air, this part of a route goes rather quietly, and it without problems sits down.

The landed plane is rolled up at once in a repair hangar where smartly create visibility of its long standing and hardest repair. And in time - to airfield with blue flashers there arrive guys from Ooochen serious department. And at once in dispatching office.

- Who half an hour sat down in the last?
- Yes here the magazine, you look. And what happened?
- Not your mind business! Only 3 take-off - landings? Went in the field and give the senior here.


- It that for the plane? - tynut a finger in the standing YAK - 18.
- This without the movement costs a month. The engine under repair at plant.
- And this?
- Landed 20 minutes ago. On training weeds flew, here a mark in the magazine.
- And this?
- At us stored, but did not take off already half a year. You can touch the motor - it is cold.

Thus bypassed all airfield, sticking the nose in all cracks. Including in a hangar where there was a hero of the occasion who, however, interested nobody as already had the appearance which is not meaning a possibility of flight.

- Means, so, - the senior from the responsible persons who arrived Ooochen told. - Let`s consider that you have no relation to an event.

- Yes to what though? What happened?
- To anything, and not your mind business. But that last time! It is clear?
- is clear … to
- Good-bye.
- Good-bye …

As this history was reflected in official documents and reports, it is unknown, but for all characters on it and ended. The aero club successfully works to this day, and the leading pilot - the instructor in it - the pilot of that AN - 2.

But it should be added separately that in this history there is one more aspect. Economic. About which It is necessary to tell separately at least casually. One hour of flight time of one MiG costs about half a million rubles. 2 links one time flew. The plane - responsible was bought for three hundred thousand rubles. Overtook it for 60 thousand … It is very amusing to compare these figures among themselves.